Buy Sex Dolls Reviews

Cut Out The “Sex Doll” Middleman: A Guide

So you are looking to find the best website to buy a sex doll. We get it. We have tried out almost every major vendor in the US/UK and have found something that in retrospect isn’t surprising at all. With one very expensive exception, they are all reselling dolls from one of three manufacturers in China. We have tracked down these sex doll manufacturers directly and found that they subtly sell their dolls directly via AliExpress, a service very similar to Amazon.

Instead of paying two to three thousand dollars for a high-quality TPE sex doll, you can get literally the exact same-sex doll directly from the manufacturer for as little as USD 500. Don’t believe us? Take a look and compare the pictures to what you find on the big brands online. They literally remove a few logos and rename the doll, all while tripling the price tag. Business is business, but this is just a better way! Enjoy!

Buy Sex Dolls Reviews

Sexy Real Sex Dolls

  • Super Popular
  • Prices Are 50%+ Less Than Competition!
  • Decent 2-4 Week Shipping!
    Their product did take a full month for shipping, as described.
  • Huge Inventory Selection
    Good options, but the other two have more.
  • Maximum TPE & Silicone Quality
  • Great Customer Service
    They responded within 10 hours of our email.
  • Great Return Policy!
    ONLY on Ali Express can you buy a sex doll with the protection for a full refund! (No other companies or vendors offer this level of safety.)

Silicon Wives

  • The #1 Most Popular!
  • Prices Are 65%+ Less Than Competition!
  • Fast 1-2 Week Shipping!
    Their product did take a two weeks for shipping! Great!
  • By far the BIGGEST inventory available!
    Everyone in the US/UK resells their dolls.
  • Maximum TPE & Silicone Quality
  • Great Customer Service
    They responded within 2 hours of our email.
  • Wonderful Return Policy!
    ONLY on Ali Express can you buy a sex doll with the protection for a full refund! (No other companies or vendors offer this level of safety.)

Sexy Sex Doll

  • 2nd Most Popular
  • Prices Are 50%+ Less Than Competition!
  • Decent 2-4 Week Shipping!
    Their product did take a full month for shipping, which is to be expected.
  • 2nd Widest Inventory Selection
    Good options, nonetheless!
  • Maximum TPE & Silicone Quality
  • Wonderful Customer Service
    They responded within 6 hours of our email.
  • Awesome Return Policy!
    ONLY on Ali Express can you buy a sex doll with the protection for a full refund! (No other companies or vendors offer this level of safety.)


Why Buy A Sex Doll From AliExpress?

All sex dolls, except those from “Real Doll,” are all made in a handful of factories in China. Much like the gadgets you find at BestBuy, there are highly specialized factories that create the custom sex dolls in mass for literally every company selling sex dolls across the world. AliExpress is a direct-from-manufacturing platform very similar to Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. It allows customers to buy often expensive objects at a significant discount directly from manufacturers across Asia.

This means you can get the exact same sex doll which sells for over $2,000 USD for around $500-$800 USD.

Not only can you save a huge amount of money, but unlike every US-based vendor, you actually have the AliExpress Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, meaning if you are unhappy with your sex doll, you can return it. This is still an expensive transaction, but knowing you are getting exactly what you are expecting (or your money back) is a great way to sleep at night!

sex dolls reviews

How Realistic Are These Sex Dolls?

Do you see the moving gif-image just above? Yes, that is a real sex doll from AliExpress. Notice how the boobs even have a natural little wiggle to them. The TPE/Silicone material used in these modern creations of technology is remarkably accurate and realistic. Here are some additional pictures, some actually quite famous from viral social networks, that you will have a hard time believing are not real people, but are actually real sex dolls.

sex dolls

real sex doll reviews

How Long Will My Sex Doll Last? Do they expire?

Over a thousand years. Yes, you could throw your sex doll in a jungle, and it will still take thousands of years for the TPE/Silicone sex dolls to degrade and disintegrate back into the earth. The material used to create these sex dolls doesn’t really require much attention at all. However, you might want to clean the orifices you use as frequently as possible. We all know plastic takes thousands of years to dissolve back into the earth, so just imagine how long this newer and more high-tech material will last. It can be awkward, but you could in theory pass down your sex doll to your great-great-great-great grandkids if you so choose.

Why Are The Benefits of Buying a Sex Doll? Read The Reviews!

To indulge yourself in your darkest temptations without causing harm to any woman of course! Most people with sex dolls use them daily, simply as an amazingly affordable and surreal way to accomplish a major subconscious biological need: orgasms.

Enduring the pain and financial cost of a real relationship is an exhaustive cause, and the sex doll revolution is the response to this situation. In fact, feminists are already publicizing the “threat” that these sex dolls represent to their worldview. Despite their outrage, there are a lot of couples looking to add “spice” to their sex lives simply by adding a new plastic partner.

For the first time in history, the technology and progress of the world have embarked on a new realm: sex technology.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Sex Dolls?

We posit that the best overall place to buy sex dolls are from AliExpress, presuming you use the specific vendors that have already established a good reputation for themselves. We have reviewed and placed direct links to their stores above. Every other website, even Amazon, does not offer a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee as AliExpress does.

The price of the sex dolls found in these stores, when compared to any other source found in the United Kingdom and especially the United States, is one-quarter of the price. It is quite easy to find the same sex doll selling for $2,000 for around $500.

The quality of the sex dolls is not only just as good as the products found on American websites; they are often just being repackaged and resold for their own profits. Sometimes they get their supplier, who is the AliExpress store, to white-label the boxes so they can deliver directly to their customers’ door! It isn’t illegal, but it certainly isn’t worth adding $1,500 on to the price tag.

sex dolls reviews

Love Doll Reviews: Love Dolls vs. Sex Dolls

What is the difference between love dolls and sex dolls? Well, this is at the bottom of this page for a reason. We have no idea what the difference is nor the original first instance of the use of the very word. What we theorize is that the term “Love Doll” was created to help companies squirm their marketing department dollars into more mainstream media outlets to get a wider set of eyeballs on their new products. We can’t blame them for trying, but it appears that it failed miserably, as anyone who looks into the product market known as “Love Dolls” you will quickly find out that they are simply just Sex Dolls for that very purpose: sex.

Love Dolls are Sex Dolls with censored bars on their “private parts.” Go figure!

Buy Sex Doll FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Buying Sex Dolls

Yes, you really can buy sex dolls. It’s extremely easy, it’s well known, and millions of people have bought sex dolls. To buy sex dolls simply:
  1. Choose a company or vendor, ideally a highly reputable one.
  2. Choose the exact sex doll you want, from a few blonde to brunette.
  3. Place your order.
  4. Wait. This may take a few days to a few weeks to deliver.
  5. Finish receiving your sex dolls.
  6. Congrats! You bought sex dolls.
Yes, these sex doll reviews are all real. These are based off our expert's first-hand encounter with each of these business and their respective products. We also crowd-sourced reviews for each company found from around the internet.
The pictures on our website are not models or real humans at all. They are all real sex dolls, love dolls, or sex robots - depending on your terminology.
That depends on the company. Some companies can have it shipped to your house within a few days, others can take an entire month.
It depends on the company. Some will already have a large inventory in your country, some will do expedited shipping directly from the manufacturer. It will depend on your choice of company and level of customization, for the most part. If you want something completely unique and customized, you should expect to wait a full month for delivery. If you choose a pre-designed sex doll, it might arrive much faster.
For the unlimited sex! Seriously, it is a lot cheaper than wining and dining with today's "wamen", and certainly cheaper than making a tragic mistake with your local THOTs and ending up on child support. There are obviously other mental and physical benefits that are more awkward to discuss but are very real nonetheless. Having a silent companion that will never cheat and never disrespect you goes a long way.
No. It is one of the fastest growing industries propelling technology and entertainment to the future. Sure, there are some scammy companies out there that are either stealing your money or selling misleadingly accurate products. Our job is to make sure you never fall for these guys and instead opt for one of the many good providers out there for the most affordable yet enjoyable sex doll experiences.
Yes, buying sex dolls is legal. Some countries already have "sex doll brothels" that you can enjoy. Outside of these brothers, all over the world you can find people and businesses legally buying sex dolls. If you know you live in a country, city, county, or state that has a long history of ridiculous, freedom-restrictive laws for all things of a sexual nature, it might be a good idea to do further research. Long story short, it's perfectly legal to buy and sell all sorts of sex dolls. We all don't get to live in America, so if your country isn't as free - then you may want to refer to a local source of information to make sure you can legally purchase a sex doll with safety.