How To Clean And Maintain A Sex Doll?

How To Clean And Maintain A Sex Doll?

You have purchased your first sex doll, and Sex Dolls Reviews Team cannot tell you enough how important it is to clean your sex doll. Let’s answer the most important question – How To Clean And Maintain A Sex Doll?

Our Professional Advice

When you first get your beautiful love doll, make sure that you will store it at a dry and cool place. Try to avoid temperatures below zero and direct sunlight. Sometimes dolls come in a special case that you can use to hide it when not in use.

Be mentally prepared that if you are getting a sex doll, you will have to clean it each time after use. Your hygiene and your love doll’s hygiene are both super important. Imagine having sex with a woman that never washed?

It is also important which doll you have purchased – TPE or Silicone. We discuss the differences between the two materials here. Pretty much what is important to know is that TPE is more porous that it requires a much thorough wash. If you do not wash your doll properly, it might become dangerous for your health. It may even develop mold.

How To Clean And Maintain A Sex Doll?

How To Clean And Maintain A Sex Doll?

Take time cleaning your love doll with warm water and special shampoos, that some sex dolls stores sell. You will need to clean vaginal, oral and anal cavities, as well as breasts, and just everything, that has been used during intercourse.

Wash the love doll’s wig separately after some time. You can use just a regular shampoo and conditioner. Use gentle baby soap to ensure her makeup stays on. Let the doll air dry, or just pat her with a soft towel after the warm bath and do not use the blow dryer on her.

It is also widely recommended that you use some baby powder to ensure TPE doll’s skin softness. It can be purchased anywhere, including sex dolls stores. 

You would want your beautiful doll to last you a lifetime, and do not cause you any health risks? Just keep in mind how important it is to keep her clean, well-maintained, and she will, indeed, last you a lifetime!

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