How To Choose The Right Sex Doll?

How To Choose The Right Sex Doll?

You are probably reading this because of 2 reasons:

–  You’ve read about sex dolls and wanted to know more, and

– You are planning to buy a sex doll for yourself.

Good for you either way! The popularity of sex dolls have steadily grown over the years; it is an excellent tool for improving the sexual well-being of people over the world. All of us have sexual desires, and it can be satisfied in some different ways, the sex doll, in our opinion, is one of the best methods to satisfy that desire and so much more.

Most people, including the media, usually describe sex dolls as cheap, inflatable dolls that are made of flimsy material. While that may have been true in the past,  a quick search online can easily dismiss that it is still the same case today. The dolls of today are incredibly stunning.

How To Choose The Right Sex Doll?

Recent developments in sex dolls have been nothing short of amazing, modern sex dolls made with high-grade materials. The look and feel of the dolls themselves are starting to look more and more lifelike with each iteration. It is now common to have dolls that are fully articulated and can mimic poses that are limited only by the customer’s imagination. Do you want a doll that looks like a seductress in bed? Well, you can do that with very little trouble!

The accessories that come with the dolls have also made dramatic leaps in improvement. Different parts can now be mixed and matched, and most websites offer different clothes to keep things fresh. This is good because buying a sex doll, especially premium ones, are costly. This idea of total customization is the way to go and will keep your doll looking good every time. There are also specific designs for people who favor dolls of different ethnicities, ages, or gender. Every discerning preference is now practically covered, and that’s good news.

How To Choose The Right Sex Doll?

Sex Doll Types

This list classifies the dolls based on the material that they’re made of, appearance, and general specifications. Some categories may overlap, but that’s generally the case when classifying products of slightly varying differences.

– TPE & Silicone Sex Dolls

These sex dolls are generally known for their lifelike textures and realistic design. Both TPE and Silicone dolls have variations that have metal frameworks in them, the purpose of this is to make the dolls sturdy enough to do different poses. The articulation of the dolls is designed in such a way that it allows them to move by how a real human should move — impressive stuff.

The TPE sex doll is considered to be more flexible than its silicone counterpart. These dolls focus more on the softness of the skin and can feel incredibly realistic when exposed to warmer temperatures. TPE dolls are generally smaller in stature. Extra precaution should be practiced when using TPE dolls; these dolls are prone to attracting smudges when exposed to dye, it is best to use whiter clothes to prevent this from happening.

Silicone sex dolls are more expensive because of their durability. Silicone dolls are easier to clean and can withstand harsher temperatures. It is resistant to staining which makes it a lot more flexible to accessorize.

Regardless if you choose TPE or silicone, these dolls are guaranteed to be built tough and can last for years if treated with great care. Both have their pros and cons so always take that in mind when buying dolls like these.

How To Choose The Right Sex Doll?

– Stuffed Sex Dolls

One thing that differentiates Stuffed dolls from the others on this list is the emphasis on imagination. They do not place realism as their top priority, rather they look more like comic characters than anything else, meaning that some designs can be more stylized than others. Most dolls of this kind do not have metal frameworks inside, at least the ones being sold in the US that is. They are lighter in weight because of this fact, which can be a good thing for some people. The Stuffed sex doll is a good option for those who lean more towards style than realism.

– Blow-Up Dolls

The designs of the blow-up dolls have stayed pretty much the same over the years. There are some benefits to the minimalistic design though; these dolls can be stored practically anywhere in the house, the price is also a lot lower especially when compared to the other variants. Because it is not made of silicone or TPE, it does not have the ability to do different poses. They are built using PVC plastic.

Sex Dolls And The Issue Of Price

The sex doll industry caters to people of all tastes and budgets. Higher priced models come with better features like stronger metal skeletons, super-accurate body designs (especially in the breast and vagina region), and higher-grade materials. The top of the line sex dolls ranges from around $3,000 and up. If you are looking for the best of the best and money is not a concern, then this is the best way to go.

Mid-range dolls are a lot less robust in features but are still very capable in my opinion. Probably the biggest difference between these and the higher-priced models is the thickness of the metal skeleton. The ones in the mid-range are considerably thinner and will lose its stiffness much faster.

The materials in this range are ok for the most part, although you can see some blemishes when examined carefully. The silicone used in dolls of this range tends to slowly leak after a couple of years. TPEs dolls are good but are not as realistic as the ones made out of silicone. All in all, mid-range sex dolls are good for about a year or 2 of regular use, so it’s still a solid deal all things considered.

How To Choose The Right Sex Doll?


These dolls range from around $500 to almost $3000. The biggest difference that you can see is the stature of these dolls – they are very small compared to the higher-priced models. This is good though for people who are not yet decided to buy full-sized dolls. Entry-level dolls are the perfect starting point for those who just want to have a taste of what sex dolls can truly offer.

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