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Where Is The World’s Largest Sex Doll Factory?

Where Is The World’s Largest Sex Doll Factory?

Where is the World’s Largest Sex Doll Factory?

Stunning Discovery Of Huge Numbers Of Realistic Sex Dolls in China

Every other day, more and more sex dolls are produced in China in the tune of more than three thousand dolls each month. The most realistic interpretation is that the demand for these sex ‘partners’ and ‘companions’ keeps rising with each passing day. Research shows that there are more men than women and most of them are single and deprived sexually.

As such, they turn to these realistic dolls for all their manly needs like sex and companionship. The largest sex doll factories recently started to model realistic dolls that look like women at a glance. The sex dolls can blink their eyes, move their eyes to actions around them, move to music beats, and even talk back when spoken to! At this rate, the sexbots are about to become the ‘women’ here as opposed to humans!

WMDOLL Factory In Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, China

This is probably the largest factory manufacturing sex dolls in the world. A tour inside the warehouse sees shelved thousands and thousands of sex dolls ready for collection or shipping. The company reports rising exports in sex bots shipped both locally and internationally every month.

Two thousand sex dolls are produced by WMDOLL every month, with about two hundred and sixty different faces. This translates to a cool twenty-four thousand pieces every year, indicating the ever-rising demand of these amazing silicon companions. Two hundred full-time workers are employed in this massive company, and this will keep changing soon to offer workforce for the rising demand of this precious commodity.

WMDOLL lately manufactures sex dolls with robotic features like natural limb movements, eye rolling, and even finger-pointing. Plans are underway to incorporate smart devices in the sex dolls that can allow you to sync the bots with your phone and also operate them using Wi-Fi. Their prices range anything between $400 and $4,000 depending on the level of sophistication

. Where is the World’s Largest Sex Doll Factory?

Exdoll Factory In China: Numbers Don’t Lie

Exdoll is another one of the largest sex doll factories in China. It makes up to four hundred customized pieces of sexbots every month. Sounds crazy right? Wait, it gets better than that; the closest competition makes about five hundred sex dolls in a year. Exdoll currently has one hundred and twenty-four employees and seeks to expand its walls to incorporate more employees to tackle the ever-rising need for sex dolls in the world.

In a country of approximately 1.4 billion people, with 33.6 million more men than women, the gender balance is severely challenged. This explains why the bots are practically flying off the shelves. This is bound to rise further with the advanced technology that will see the sex dolls provide more than just sex. Plans are underway to design sexbots that can also perform house chores! The realistic sex dolls will cost you an average $4,000 (modern and smart types), but you can get other types of these for as low as $400 (mostly the non-modern ones).

Features Of The Realistic Sex Dolls

The sex dolls are even more appealing and attractive in their new features including:

• Realistic and human-like. One cannot readily discern the robot from a human at a glance. Complete with feminine looks and make-up done on faces, the dolls appear so real, head to toe. The sexbots have silicon skin done so well that touching it feels fleshy, like touching a real woman. The hair on their heads and pubic areas and nicely done fingernails and tips, the dolls’ physical features are breathtaking.

• Superior customization. Specific client needs are applied to each doll made. This includes hair color, skin color, breast size, butt size, body size, lip structure, height, and even facial features. All you need to do is walk up to a vendor and describe your ideal sex doll, and you get it as desired. If you love it tall, dark, medium sized boobs, massive ass, small waist, body size ten, and et cetera, it is taken care of.

• Deep internal structure and specifications. Go for a flexible sex doll that will enable you to enjoy sex in all possible positions. Also, the structure of the vagina is specially specified according to your likeness; deep, moderately shallow, large, small, or reasonably tight among other options.

• Distinct facial features. Currently, sex dolls can be created to look like a given person or celebrity. If you have always had sexual fantasies with specific celebs and superstars, Exdoll now makes your dreams come true by designing you a bot that has a striking resemblance to your dream girl; you will be having sex with your ‘crush.’

• Human activities. Get a sex doll that can talk back at you, wave, wink at you, lick you, and kiss you back. It gets even more practical with plans underway to open brothels with sex dolls instead of real women!

• Fetish desires. These sex doll companies intend to make sex dolls with extreme features like three boobs to satisfy the clients with weird fetishes and fantasies.

Where is the World’s Largest Sex Doll Factory?

The Sex Doll Industry In China In A Nutshell

China sex doll industry is booming with business. It produces the most significant number of sex dolls in the entire world totaling to 80% of the whole world’s exports. Half of the manufactured sex dolls are shipped to America as shown by research with the main clientele between the age of thirty and forty-five.

It is okay to say there is no close rival in competition currently across the globe. More than one million employees also suggest quite a vast industry in China’s economy, considering the numbers keep growing with each passing day. Also, only a large enterprise can generate high annual revenue. This is evident with the net worth of the sex doll industry in China, which has reported $6.6Billion so far!


It looks like the sex doll industry is not turning back any time soon, as the demand for the sexbots keeps rising by the day. What’s more, the only thing that is about to change is the sophistication added to the dolls to make their human-like features even more incontestable. As China and the world wait for more women to be born, the sex doll industry thrives, meanwhile.

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