Amazon Criticized Over Child Sex Dolls

Amazon Criticized Over Child Sex Dolls

The sex doll is certainly a topic where people have strong opinions on. For those who are unaware, sex dolls are toys that are designed to help with masturbation. They are made to look as close as possible to a real human and come with some excellent features. There is a vast selection of sex dolls you can choose from. People associate sex dolls with the inflatable models of yesteryear.  These designs are still available now, and there’s nothing wrong with them, but they are seriously lacking in detail and finesse that it’s not really a good idea to buy one nowadays.

The modern design of the sex doll, on the other hand, is nothing short of amazing. They are made with either silicone or TPE; these materials were chosen because they closely mimic human skin, and are for the most part, pretty easy to maintain. The skin made from these materials is super lifelike to the touch, you’d have to feel it to fully appreciate how accurate it feels, especially the TPE variant. The structure of the dolls is also very good as they now have reached a point where the proportions are finally right.

This is very important because as we all know, the human body is unique in its design, especially the female figure.  One small mistake in proportion everything falls apart. They have internal skeletons made of metal which enables them to hold some poses for time. This is probably one of the best enhancements in design over the past few years as previous designs couldn’t even hold basic positions. You can just imagine how this feature can benefit its users in the bedroom, the only thing that can limit one’s enjoyment is his own imagination.

Newer evolutions in the sex doll market now allow users to fully customize their dolls. Parts of the dolls such as the hair can be changed to suit the user’s taste. What this does is it gives users the power to create the doll of their dreams, it also provides longevity to the dolls as users can easily change their look if they so desire.

Amazon Criticized Over Child Sex Dolls.

A Versatile Product

Sex doll manufacturers are now offering sex dolls of varying designs and sizes. Over the years, a lot of unique designs have popped up and are now starting to cover most customer demands. Back then it was unheard of to have a male, shemale, and even younger model options, but now you can be sure that there are buyers of these dolls from all parts of the world. People just have different tastes when it comes to sex, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, we believe that this is great because we as a society are becoming more and more aware that everyone is different and our definitions of beauty may vary in big ways.

The Controversy

Probably one of the most controversial designs available right now is the child sex doll. Most critics say that it is not moral to have a child as an option for sex-related toys. We can agree that it is striking at first but let’s look at this objectively. These dolls are toys at their very core and should only be treated as such. Like mentioned above, the sex doll industry has covered a lot of preferences over the years; it is not a surprise that this segment eventually got covered.

We don’t really agree with the naming of the doll if we have to be honest. This design is historically patterned after the Loli craze in countries like Japan. Loli means that the design is “young looking,” it is not literally meant to be a child. A quick look at the designs and it’s easy to tell that these so-called “child” dolls are not meant to mimic kids at all, they are designed to look more like women who happen to have slimmer features.  

The topic of ethics has always been a discussion in the sex doll industry. This is not the first time that critics have attacked the likeness of sex dolls to real people. Back in the day, there was a debate on whether using these dolls can affect one’s tendency to commit things like rape. While it’s understandable because of the doll’s resemblance to real people, the argument does not have evidence to support it.

Amazon Criticized Over Child Sex Dolls.

Amazon And The Sex Doll

Earlier this year, Amazon was forced to pull out sex dolls from their product offerings because there were numerous complaints coming from charities all over the world. The charities mentioned that selling child looking dolls are morally unacceptable and may contribute to the spread of pedophilia. Again there’s no significant proof to support these complaints, but the backlash was enough for Amazon to pull the plug on the dolls.

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world, and it’s super important for them to maintain their good reputation. We believe pulling out is the best decision for Amazon as of this time because it is clear that the mainstream market is not ready for products like the sex doll.

The Sex Doll In Today’s World

The sex doll is merely a way to help people improve their sex lives. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less.  It is not a training tool for things such as rape, pedophilia, and harassment. It is judgemental to say that these directly contribute to these crimes just because the dolls look similar to people. By that logic, other forms of entertainment like movies, TV shows and the like should also be banned; they actually show themes that are more suggestive than a sex doll ever will. We still believe that the sex doll is beneficial to all for as long as it is used responsibly.

Sex dolls are made with great care and provide a lot of benefits to users around the world. Let us be reminded that the point of having a sex doll is to enjoy sex in private without harming another human being. That has been the case ever since, and it still is the mantra today.

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