The Truth About Sex Doll Industry

The Truth About Sex Doll Industry

The sex doll industry is booming with businesses trying to satisfy the massive inflow of sex doll orders. It is for the same reason that we now have numerous sex doll vendors and middlemen online, all purporting to sell the same sex dolls in quality and make. But how much information do we have about the sex doll industry? We need more detailed information about this industry so that we are in apposition to make informed choices while we engage in transactions with the vendors and manufacturers.

Most details about the sex doll companies, from their location, price tags, shipping logistics, and materials may appear open to you, but in reality, most of the information is concealed. This could be a great benefit in business to the vendors and may be a disadvantage to the unknowing buyer.

The Truth About Sex Doll Industry

Vendor Location

If you have done a transaction online, you know that in most cases the vendor may be in your country. Such are the conditions with the sex doll companies; some may be within your state while others may not. It is important to do extensive research on the location of the website you are buying from so that you are thoroughly informed of their customs. If it is an international website, someone has to take care of the paperwork and customs, and this can be hectic. Most vendors know their way around the customs, and you are in a better position if they handle the same for you.

Most of the manufacturing companies are based in China except for a few in the US. But the vendors are found in the US and the UK mostly. Beware that the vendors usually are middlemen, brokering the purchase for clients. What happens is that once you order your sex doll, they will reach out to the manufacturer in China and place your order. After it is ready, they will provide your location and the sex doll will be shipped directly from the manufacturer to you even without them having handled the doll.

The Truth About Sex Doll Industry

Detailed Delivery Options

For any purchase of a sex doll, you will need to look deeply at the delivery options you have. Since most of the manufacturers are based in China, chances are they will ship your doll via Alibaba. You need to understand that there may be language barriers between you and the Chinese. If they make a small mistake from their side due to misunderstanding, your paperwork will be messed up and getting past the customs will be hectic for you. It is necessary that you counter check everything before finalizing the deal.

Some vendors on Alibaba are genuine and trustworthy, but you need to be aware of some dishonest ones who will deliver counterfeit goods to you. Now, we all know that sex dolls are not cheap, and it is not fair that you incur the huge expenses only to receive a fake doll or something that you did not bargain for.

Customs, Taxes, and Import Duty

Strive to purchase from a website that has clear policies on its import duty policies. This is because some vendors may be after the money really and not give you the best service. As mentioned earlier, some of these sellers will take you through a hasty paperwork process only to mess you up at the customs. Ensure essential details like the contact information is duly filled so that it is smooth on delivery.

It is important to purchase from trusted websites because most of them have a way of getting past customs easily. Such vendors will clearly state that they will take care of the taxes and custom duty fees and you will not be required to chip in. They may also clearly state that the total price of the sex doll includes the import duty and taxes hence a lesser burden for you.

The Truth About Sex Doll Industry

Privacy and Confidentiality

The sex industry knows only too well that client privacy is vital. Shop around for companies that are discreet in their packaging and transactions before purchase. You have a right to your privacy, and the packaging and labeling of your doll should not expose you to those sneaky stares from the parties involved in transporting your doll. Most companies will pack your doll in plain brown boxes that are unmarked and unlabeled or just indicated as ‘gift’ to avoid too much exposure.

Sex Dolls To All Countries?

A company will indicate that they do shipping to all major countries in the world. But how true is this? Beware that the vendor may only be out there for the money and will go ahead and process your order even if your country has strict laws against sex dolls. Most Muslim countries do not accept sex dolls past their customs offices alongside the UAE countries, Thailand, India, Vietnam, and the Maldives. 

Note that some countries also do not allow for small-sized and child-looking sex dolls as it is viewed as a form of sexual abuse. If you want a sex doll, it is good if you go for one that looks mature as opposed to the very young ones. In this case, you will also be prosecuted.

The Truth About Sex Doll Industry

Legit Online Reviews  

You will realize that most of the sex doll companies have websites where they have displayed reviews which are mostly positive. This may be a move to drive crowds to themselves and may not be accurate as they may be done by the owners of the website. Third party reviews are more trustworthy in this case.

Some of the websites pay hefty prices to be featured with positive reviews and compromise the truth on sites like Doll Forum, and the reviews may not be fully trusted. If you are not satisfied or convinced about a particular website, you can reach out to individuals who have bought from them for more advice. So much information may be hidden from you in this sex doll industry, and the most you can do is exercise due diligence before purchase.

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