What Are Some Of The Celebrity Sex Dolls?

What Are Some Of The Celebrity Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls are here to transform the sexual experience forever. Lately, the production of sex dolls has almost tripled due to the rising demand. What’s more, the production of realistic TPE and silicone sex dolls have brought a huge difference in the game. Some companies in China are set on making sex dolls that are as real as possible in the sense that they can have facial expressions, and can generate body heat to warm up their partners.

Advanced technology will soon see to the production of celebrity-like sex dolls. This means that the companies will be able to use 3D expertise to produce sex dolls that look like the celebrities we know. This emerged after a company managed to make a sex doll that looked so much like a well-known lady celebrity. This became an eye-opener as more companies seek to come up with more ways to manufacture such as dolls.

Celebrity realistic dolls are on everybody’s lips. We are guessing the main reason is you will finally be able to get intimate with your celebrity crush and have her only to yourself. This also includes your dream sex partner and anyone you have dreams and fantasies with. If you have a liking for Justin Bieber for example, providing his pictures and body shape images will get you closer to your dream. So, who are some of the celebrities whose sex dolls we should expect to show up soon?

Scarlett Johansson

What Are Some Of The Celebrity Sex Dolls

The beautiful Black Widow star, Scarlett Johansson, has already been featured in the sex doll world. This is after a sex doll manufacturing company produced a sex doll looking precisely like her a few months ago. Her looks came astonishingly close including her hairdo, her body contours, and her postures. The producer has since gained a lot of popularity and maybe making more sex dolls like those soon, of course with legal rights and permissions.

Angelina Jolie

What Are Some Of The Celebrity Sex Dolls?

Imagine having to own a sex doll that looks and feels exactly like Angelina Jolie? Are you having sex with a virtual her all the time you have to? Imagine fulfilling all your sexual fantasies with her? Taking pictures with her and sharing with friends and family? That would not only make you famous; it would also make all your dreams come true. Well, this is about to become a reality with the ever-advancing technology in the sex doll manufacturing industry.  

Lady Gaga

What Are Some Of The Celebrity Sex Dolls.

If there is a celebrity who is vocal on the matter about sex in her songs, it has to be Lady Gaga. She has continually won many people’s hearts with her sense of fashion and openness in her lyrics. It comes as no shock then that she is an idol to many people. Lady Gaga is slowly plunging into the sex doll world albeit on a different lane.

GAGADOLL is a technique that has been used by manufacturers to input a musical device in the doll such that if you put your ear on her body, her music automatically plays out loud. This means you will need to be hugging her or sleeping with your head on her practically all the time. GAGADOLL may only be intended for the musical aspect, but that does not stop naughty people from prying further. This is more tempting with the fact that the doll comes complete with all the parts that can prompt sexual intercourse, and worse, with Lady Gaga’s hairdo, and dress code.

From the projections, it would not be long until the idea of making a sex doll out of Lady Gaga pops up strong in the manufacturer’s firms. For now, GAGADOLL is only for rental, and on top of that, it comes with clear instructions for its users not to have sex with her. We are anticipating the next move after the cuddly musical one, but meanwhile, let her music play!

Miley Cyrus

What Are Some Of The Celebrity Sex Dolls

Her songs are captivating and pleasant to listen to. Her videos are intriguing and inviting to the eye. Men find her sexy and appealing from the online comments. Miley Cyrus is naughty and tempting to many men, and this makes her most men’s wish list. The appearance of a sex doll image online holding a guitar with a quote ‘Finally Miley!’ may have triggered these imaginations in people’s heads.

To get her as your sex doll, you will need to send several images of her portraying her figure and posture. The manufacturer then will use 3D imaging techniques together with the ever-advancing technology to create a sex doll of Miley for you. This will require a lot of permissions and copyright terms.

Justin Bieber

What Are Some Of The Celebrity Sex Dolls?

The way all girls go crazy just by the mention of his name sells it off. His songs have rocked our world for years now, and he might be on every playlist out there. Justin Bieber could sell as a sex doll, and we can bet on that. Imagine going home to Justin Bieber every day and having endless sex with him? It can only be a dream comes true. We are hoping it comes to pass soon so that women also have reason to smile and fulfill their sexual fantasies and fetishes.

An attempt to create a sex doll in the perfect image of Justin Bieber flopped after it came out looking different in all possible aspects. But as it was a trial, there will be a second-time test, and hopefully this time it comes outright. Incorporating advanced technology into the sex doll industry will provide a breakthrough we all need.

What Are Some Of The Celebrity Sex Dolls?

Celebrity sex dolls are a fascinating idea should it come to pass. As we wait for it to materialize, you can take up the sex dolls already in the market for now. The nice thing is that we will both gain from this significant step, since the celebrities will make money from their images being used, and the consumers will also have the pleasure of having their celebrity sex dolls. As at now, it remains a dream and an idea in the minds of the consumers and the manufacturers, we can only wait.

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