How to Get Rid Of Your Sex Doll?

How to Get Rid Of Your Sex Doll?

When you first buy your sex dolls and toys, it is all great and pleasurable. But just like anything you have purchased before in your home, the sex dolls do not last forever. They are made from highly durable material, true, but with time, over continued use, they do not remain as new as they initially were. And a time comes when you have to part ways for many reasons. Sex dolls are not tiny like the vibrators and dildos that you can throw in the rubbish bins as if nothing happened; they are big and huge for any rubbish bins out there, because they are almost the size of the average woman. So, it is time to start thinking of ways to dispose of her if you no longer want to use her.

Reasons for Disposing of Sex Dolls

There are many reasons as to why sex dolls can be disposed of. The reasons are linked up with the same reasons why they were bought in the first place.

First, the doll may have become old from years and years of use. TPE and silicone material may be long-lasting, but they are certainly not age proof. When used over the years, they may develop dents and wear that may not easily be fixed. In such cases, it is time to let your plastic girlfriend go.

Next, the reason you bought your sex doll may be way past, and you now have to dispose of her. If you got a sex doll because you were single and there were no girls, and then you get a girlfriend and want to settle down with her, you have to let the doll go and go real.

What if you had the sex doll because you were experimenting on various styles and sex positions and you no longer want to feel the same? It is time to dispose of the doll and go back to having proper sex with your partner.

These, among many other reasons, personal or otherwise, could be why you no longer want your sex doll in your possession anymore. So, the next big thing; how do you get rid of the sex doll?

How to Get Rid Of Your Sex Doll?

Ways of Disposing Sex Dolls

How you dispose of your sex doll depends entirely on its condition at the time. More often than not, most sex dolls do not get all that old and disgusting, anyway.

Sell It Out

If your sex doll is still in excellent condition, you can consider selling it out to another user. There are ready markets available for already used sex dolls that can fetch you some good cash. You can search online for someone who is looking for one, reach out to them, and strike a deal. Now, it is of vital importance to note that the sex dolls should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before being sold out. This is because they can be harmful especially in transmitting infections from user to user. For instances, sex dolls made from TPE are highly porous, and as such should be handled with care before selling to another person. That is why sex dolls are sold only to people you know and trust well.

Dump In The Garbage Site

Now, this is rare, but it happens. This specifically applies to old sex dolls that cannot be bought by new owners. It also refers to sex dolls that are too defective to be repaired. Initially, the better you take care of your sex doll, the more chances are that she will last long enough to give you all the sex you need. But if you go bathing her in hot water and she is made of TPE, or you are too rough on her, or even you store her in unfavorable ways. At this point, she will wear out faster than you thought, and soon you will have to dispose of her to get a new one. If you choose to dispose of her this way, please note that you have to disassemble her into smaller pieces, wrap her up in opaque garbage bags, before dumping her in the trucks. It will be easier for you to carry her like that as opposed to moving a fully grown woman into the truck.

Recycle Her Up

Sex dolls are made from tough material that is hard to process, and very complicated procedures are put in place to ensure the materials are tough and long-lasting. This is not something you want to throw away like leftover foods, considering it cost you as much as your car did. The best option is to consider selling it back to manufactures for recycling. People are specializing in the recycling of the dolls, willing to pay you well for it. It will be cleaned up, crushed, melted, and re-built into anything made of TPE or silicone. It can also be made into a fresh new doll for someone else to buy. Search online for companies and factories that buy off weary or old sex dolls and sell to them that dumping it in the garbage hill.

How to Get Rid Of Your Sex Doll?

How to Get Rid Of Your Sex Doll?

Proper disposing of your used sex dolls is vital in the health of all those involved. If you are selling it off, make sure it is in its cleanest state so that you do not transmit illnesses and infections. It is even more if you decide to dump it in the garbage point. Remember, garbage is handled by people and be sensitive. Wrap it up properly and use opaque bags to prevent uncomfortable situations. There is more, some people have been known to dump off the sex dolls in very awful ways, including throwing them into the trenches and water bodies.

Think of the effect of the sex dolls and all they have in them about the water used by people and aquatic animals; it is insensitive. As in the case of the fisherman who found a dildo in a fish he caught, be responsible and dispose of the sex toys in mature and informed ways.

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    • Looking to sell my love doll. It’s in great condition and is stored in its original packaging. Are you interested or know someone who is? Lmk

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