How Good Is a Sex Doll?

How Good Is a Sex Doll?

According to readers and discussions on social media, sex with dolls is not the same as making love to a woman.  You cannot compare a real woman with a sex doll because a doll will never cuddle, demand position change, and kiss you back. Worst of all a sex doll can never utter any words it’s just a statue with which you will use your hands to balance. Many men get to have a sexual encounter with what looks like a beautiful woman. All they need is for them to feel satisfied in terms of fulfilling a fantasy. It’s believed that making love to a sex doll is a unique and fun experience.

How Good Are Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls in the house keep one company; men use it so as not to feel lonely. When you see it inside the house, it calms you, and you can get busy. If you are single and all the women around you have someone or taken, you need not feel lonely. You purchase a high-end silicone sex doll that fulfills your heart desires. As said earlier, a sex doll gives good satisfaction and it will make you not go to search for dates that will fail or even disappoint you. This will encourage you always to do what you love doing best at the level of your comfort. Make your sex doll your true friend even if it doesn’t talk to you hence you will adapt and live with it forever.

With Sex dolls, you don’t have to worry about pregnancy and STD’s causing aids. With sex dolls, you don’t need to use protection like condoms you; you use it the way it is. The doll does not feel any pain either, so you don’t have to apply any lube (even though it is highly recommended). It’s also your choice to decide on what sex position you want to be in during sex. You don’t have to feel odd because it has no bodily functions. There is no need for foreplays and warm-ups; you can penetrate it when you feel like it. Its vagina always stays tight and won’t loosen up quickly. You will also not complain during ejaculation whether it was fast or slowly.

On the overall, sex dolls do not come with other flaws too like age, rape accusations, paternity issues, divorce, and infidelity issues. The only disadvantage of using a sex doll is that it does not speak, can’t kiss, and perform hand jobs and fellatio. Apart from this, they’re the perfect thing to have in possession. They can also be slightly expensive, but if you consider it as an investment, you will treat it well when using it.

A sex doll is useful to a husband whose wife is an entire workaholic and has no time to have sex. Since the husband needs to feel satisfied, he will end up using the sex doll to fulfill his desires. Sex dolls play a significant role as a single person as they become very beneficial tools to him. A sex toy also acts as a heart companion. As you know, two people sleep better than one in a bed. When you have a sex doll beside you, you that you will not feel lonely. The sex doll becomes your best listener and a dear friend.

Sex dolls are as beneficial to married couples as much as they are useful to the singles’ club. They use sex dolls to enhance their sex lives through activities as role plays. You can use a sex doll to demonstrate to your wife your sexual desires and fantasies that you may want her to help you fulfill. Take the experience a notch higher and have a threesome with your wife too!

What Does Sex With A Sex Doll Feel like?

Many people are embarrassed about asking this question, but it’s a fantastic experience which some men do prefer. A good sex doll that fulfills your fantasies is a bit expensive, but there are others that are affordable too and can make you feel good. You can pay less if you’re just after the body but remember cheaper models and inflatable dolls offer little pleasure, and you’re often better off using a sex toy like a Fleshlight instead.

What Does Kissing And Touching A Sex Doll Feel?

Silicone sex dolls and Modern TPE sex dolls are made to feel ‘just like the real thing.’ They’re ordinarily soft to the touch and very realistic. Their features appear to be molded from that of a human being hence they look like real people. Due to this feature, they often enhance to suit one’s needs. You can get the dolls in different shapes, colors, and heights to suit your needs.

How Good Is a Sex Doll?

What Is Oral Sex With A Doll Like?

Some sex dolls are designed to offer you the best oral sex using a little bit of heat and lube; they can feel just like a human mouth. Depending on the sex doll you have, and its purpose oral sex is satisfying.  A love doll cannot simulate the suction of a real person, but they can at least make you feel good, and they generally perform vaginal and anal sex.

What Does Vaginal Sex With A Sex Doll Feel Like?

The Vagina is the most exciting part of a sex doll during sex. One cannot tell the difference because the sex doll cannot talk, so you judge by your positions. You can have sex in multiple positions as much as you want, wherever you want, and whenever you want.

How Good Is a Sex Doll?

How About Anal Sex?

Since it is hard for someone to ask for anal sex on the first night, that’s why you need to have a sex doll if you will not mind using it. It requires one to have the heart to ask such questions though.


First, you warm up the sex doll by use of a blanket or a virginal warmer which you charge via USB. TPE dolls and Silicone dolls retain their heat for some time, and when ready you can do as you please.

How To Clean A Sex Doll?

It’s always advised to always clean the sex doll with water-based lube after every use. You can also use the sex toy renewal powder or cornstarch in cleaning the sex doll. It will prolong its life and prevent it from wear and tear from occurring naturally. You should use the manual you got on purchase for the different ways to clean different sex dolls.

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