How To Travel With My Sex Doll?

How To Travel With My Sex Doll?

Sex dolls and toys have inevitably become a part of our lives. A former very sensitive topic of discussion has now become an easy one to talk about. Sex doll owners have come out to declare their love for their sex dolls publicly and even flaunted them in public settings. Sex dolls have become so popular that there are sex doll brothels that are legitimately in operation and have been accepted among people. For the ladies, using sex toys like vibrators and dildos is not a new thing; it was in place even before the men were washed off their feet by the silicone and TPE sex dolls.

The problem is that these sex dolls have become intertwined in our lives so much that sometimes we choose them over our partners, or use them alongside our partners. One such time is when we are away on vacation and holidays. We want to tag along with them so that the fun never stops. How exactly should you go about traveling with your sex doll? Here are the dos and don’ts regarding traveling with your sex doll.

Factors That Determine How To Travel With You Sex Doll

There are many types of sex dolls available in the market, and all of them are handled differently depending on several factors.

The size of your toy will determine how to pack it for traveling. Very small toys like small dildos and Kegel balls, for example, can be thrown into your handbag as opposed to putting them into the large travel bags.

The mode of operation for your sex toy will determine how to pack it. It is operated by battery or by electricity. Battery operated toys are handled differently from chargeable toys because of their reactions.

Extremely large sex dolls like those of humans like height and size should be transported entirely differently preferably in their crates.

The country or state you are traveling to is another huge factor to consider. Some countries like those in the United Arab Emirates and other Muslim countries do not accept sex dolls of any form past their borders. Here, you might have to reconsider some things.

How To Travel With My Sex Doll?

How To Travel With My Sex Doll?

The first step to take before traveling with your sex doll is to run a research on the country or state you will be traveling to. Online platforms now allow you to type in any queries you may have about what to carry or not to carry on your vacation. Some countries with strict sexuality laws may prohibit you from having your sex doll on the trip.

If the country you are traveling to permits the use of sex dolls, it is now time to pack it up. It is essential to choose smaller sizes of sex toys as the large ones can be quite hectic to pack. Opt for smaller sex toys like small dildos or Kegel balls for example. Smaller sex toys allow for secure packing in the inner bag pockets away from prying eyes.

You will need to remove the batteries from your vibrators while on that trip. One, because it will save you the embarrassment when they start vibrating suddenly out of nowhere, and two, because you do not want to startle your fellow travelers and the checkpoint staff when they think it is a bomb about to go off.

It will also save your battery for future use. Since sex toys are a private part of your life, keep it that way to avoid unnecessary attention. The batteries can be packed away in small plastic bags and sealed off safely. At this point, you may want to choose to travel with sex toys with locks, so that you do not have to worry if it will go off any minute.

Any Other Great Tips?

Another great tip to use in traveling with your sex doll is to put it in a clean, clear bag, and then lay in on top of your clothes. This will help the staff at the checkpoint to understand what it is without having to touch it everywhere. It is even hygienic for you to have only your hands all over your doll, not everyone’s.

It is essential to remain calm and own your sex doll. Bear in mind that it is not a crime to have one and that everyone around you probably has one. If you go acting suspicious and all guilty, you will probably get apprehended for nothing. If the checking staff open your bags and find it there, stand up for your sex toy and accept it; it will only make you appear confident and courageous, nothing less.

Having packed your sex doll, do not forget your lube and cleaner. You will need to clean it, and some lube to go along with in your wild fantasies. Some laws state that you should not carry more than 3oz of lube on you; stick with that to be safe.

So, what happens if you are traveling with your large sex doll? Do you know the one that is realistic and human-like? Some people have gone to the extent of booking a seat for their sex dolls. Well, you could try that. But the most appropriate way to go about it is to get a crate, set her comfortably in there, and allow her to travel with you safely. This will prevent her from any harm of excessive tugging. Remember, for the realistic sex dolls; it is still controversial if you can go everywhere in the world with her, let alone be seen carrying her around in public, in some places.

How To Travel With My Sex Doll?


The attachment between you and your sex doll may have grown a little stronger than usual, and you never want to leave it behind no matter what. Not to worry, these tips above will give you a clear guideline on what to do or not do regarding the sex dolls. Get on that flight, go on vacation, enjoy yourself, and have fun with your sex doll. You do not have to worry about anything.

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