How To Store My Sex Doll?

How To Store My Sex Doll?

Ever since the invention of sex dolls, so much technology has come in and what we now have are no longer the blow-up sex dolls or the dull masturbatory cloth dolls. What we have now is a clear indication that technology does work wonders. The silicone and TPE sex dolls are always referred to as realistic sex dolls because of their striking resemblance to a human woman. People who have bought them have also confirmed that they are as good as a real woman in bed.

While a section of society has already accepted their presence among us, there is still the larger section that is still battling with social acceptance and approval of their use of sex dolls. This is one of the reasons people still need to hide their sex dolls from the public eye within the home. Spouses may not approve of the same by their partners, and friends may think of such people as crazy or weirdos. So, let us talk about that one point of thought you have in mind from the ordering stage to the receiving of your sex doll; its storage.

How To Store My Sex Doll?

Storing Your Sex Doll

Since your sex life is private life, until your spouse or family is aware of the presence of a sex doll in the home, you might have to keep it safely hidden away until you can be alone to use it again. Not that it is terrible to display it out in the open, but to protect yourself from the heartache that comes with losing your spouse because she found out you are having sex with another ‘’woman.”

Sex Doll Hanging Racks

Consider this the best storage option for your sex doll because it is made right where the sex dolls are made; in the manufacturer warehouses. This then means they understand the best way for you to store your doll without causing it any harm or defects. You hang it in a suspended upright posture with no contact on any surface. This needs a separate room for you because it will still be out suspended in the open and anyone can see it.

How To Store My Sex Doll?

The Closet Bar Suspension

This one, made specifically for the storage of your sex doll, will have you detaching the head, and using a hook to suspend your sex doll in the air away from other surfaces. In the same way, you will also suspend the head safely to wait for the next time to attach it back and use your sex doll. This one is a lot better than the hanging racks because you can also put the same inside your wardrobe and surround it with clothes such that it remains hidden from the public. You just need to ensure it does not rest on a hard surface, or colored clothing to avoid dents and colorings on the soft body.

Sex Doll Head Stand

This is a very effective way of storing your sex doll, but it would not be in a bid to hide it away. Because you will detach the head, plant it on the headstand and put it on a flat area or surface like the table, and let it be. It is actually creepier to walk into a room and find a realistic head on a headstand on the table. So, for storage, it is alright, but it is not meant to hide it away. If it comes with the rest of the closet kit, you can put the headstand inside the wardrobe too, to be with the torso safely.

How To Store My Sex Doll?

Sex Doll Cotton Muslin Dust Bags

This is probably the most appropriate way to store your sex doll. The muslin bags are made from one hundred percent cotton materials. This means you do not expect your sex doll to come out of storage with dents and defects. Made with the same hands that make the sex dolls, the manufacturer understands that you need to ensure the durability of your sex doll by protecting it from dust, excess light, high humidity, and other things that might contaminate it. Just slide in your sex doll into the bag, and store away appropriately. This is even better because it is all covered up, so you do not expect any surprising embarrassments.

Under the Bed

Sometimes all the above options may not work, in which case you should consider hiding away your sex doll under the bed. It is a private place, and rarely will you find someone looking things up under the bed as they would in the closets. You can go a step higher and get an appropriate box or suitcase where you can put your sex doll into after wrapping her up in the cotton muslin bags. It would help more if you stuck other clothes up next to the doll to give a different impression for stray eyes. Once you get a properly fitting box, you can also consider keeping the box away in a separate room that people rarely go into. Alternatively, use the overhead closet section because it is too high and away from reach, to put your box safely. All this while, ensure your sex doll is securely wrapped in the muslin bags, so that dust and damage do not come close.

How To Store My Sex Doll?

Meanwhile, as you struggle with how to keep your sex doll, consider informing the people around you about the doll, just to prepare them psychologically. Because having sex with a sex doll is not weird; what becomes funny is when you start to take out your sex doll for dinner and movie dates in public places. It is okay when she remains in the privacy of your home, for now. Do not forget to lock up your sex doll storage box with a padlock. You may never know when someone decides to check out the under-bed. Also, do not forget to lock up the closets, wardrobes, and other rooms that you may have chosen to store your sex doll. This will ensure your privacy is up and running before you finally gather the courage and tell your loved ones of the amazing secret.

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