Is The Sex Doll Shipping Discreet?

Is The Sex Doll Shipping Discreet

Sex doll ownership still remains a moderately sensitive topic of discussion. But while some people can openly be seen driving around, or sitting down together with their sex dolls in public, there are other people who prefer to have their sex dolls tucked away in the privacy of their bedroom. Some people really get affected by judgmental comments on them while others really do not give a damn. Such is the case with the shipment of sex dolls.

While some people do not mind if they are exposed, for some people it will cause them the greatest discomfort. Regardless of what cluster you fall in, we all want a little privacy when we buy such and any other goods online. How then, can you ensure that your privacy is protected? What roles do you and your dealer have to play to ensure that your privacy is not breached?

Types of Discreteness

People tend to think discreteness only involves personal privacy breaches. Yes, the most common privacy is when you intended for your product shipment to be known only to you and your dealer, only to find it has leaked and become a public affair. For instance, you are going to pick your sex doll from the courier’s offices and one officer shouts ‘’ the sex doll guy is here! Bring his sex doll!’’ So, your eyes widen up and you begin to wonder if the box is labeled as ‘’sex doll’’ only to find that your dealer packaged it in a way that easily gave it away.

Another way sex doll manufacturers are supposed to be discreet is by keeping your financial and personal details securely tucked away. We know everyone is thinking of owning a sex doll, true, but we also know that the internet never forgets. One time, while on the web, what will you do if you found your full names on a publication with a list of people who own sex dolls? It is so wrong, especially when the public has a whole different opinion about you. It is, to say the least, a very embarrassing situation.

Is The Sex Doll Shipping Discreet?

How Companies Should Be Discreet?

The very first thing a company should do is to protect your personal information. Your full names, your address, and your contacts should be held with the discreteness they deserve. Most sex doll vendors actually do this but may not be using the best technological measures. If a hacker can access their database, all their clients risk exposure. Sex doll vendors need to invest in security software as their business depends on privacy and confidentiality.

Secondly, your financial information should be treated with the seriousness it deserves. We all agree that our finances are a great part of us we need to keep private. But the modes of payment you use when paying for your sex doll often always results in some form of exposure to the public. It is not only exposing, it becomes risky when a hacker knows you are able to buy a $4500 worth of a sex doll and want to come for you to get some of your money, if not all.

Sex doll companies also need to use trusted shipping services. Some of the most trusted courier services include UPS, DHL, FedEx, among others. Sex doll companies should vet the courier companies and even sign privacy and confidentiality agreements with them before engaging in business. Some of these people get curious and may attempt to uncover what is in there, thereby breaching your privacy.

Is The Sex Doll Shipping Discreet?

Perhaps the whole discreteness measures lie in the way your sex doll should be packaged. Most companies may know already, but the best way to package your sex doll discreetly is to use plain package boxes as much as possible. Most sex doll vendors use plain, brown boxes for packing. The boxes are unmarked and unlabeled to minimize curiosity as much as possible. Some companies may label the box as ‘’ mannequin’’ so as to reduce the curiosity levels with the customs people. But such is the human soul, always searching for things in places they should not in the first place; curiosity killed the cat they say.

There is one instance of a privacy breach, though, that should be considered inevitable. In some countries, the customs officers might have to open up your sex doll packaging for obvious reasons. They want to confirm that the good being ferried are legit and that they comply with the set laws and regulations. As we know, some malicious people may ferry unwanted goods across borders in ways that may attract minimal attention. When the customs people have to open up your sex doll package, in most cases it will have to be scaled back. You will only notice it when you come to pick your ‘package’ and you are getting those side glances from all the staff.

On top of all this, you can set up your pick up point to suit your privacy. You have an option to pick your sex doll at the couriers’ offices or have it delivered to your doorstep. While this really does depend on you, ensure your safety by picking it up from a neutral point so that both the courier staff and bystanders do not have an idea of where you live or what you are carrying. Some people may hide behind the delivery and go tell on what you own and people come to your home to rob you of your property if they think you are rich enough to own an expensive sex doll.  Ensure you collect your dolls from a place that is not all that exposing, preferable, not your home address.

Is The Sex Doll Shipping Discreet?


Now, since privacy starts with you, you will ensure that all your trading and deals are closed off with authentic sex doll vendors. You will have protected yourself over by buying from the right people, to begin with. It is essential to google out the best sex doll vendors and read all the reviews you can get before indulging. Either way, ensure your privacy comes first and that your confidentiality is respected.

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