Are Sex Dolls Heavy?

Are Sex Dolls Heavy

With all the pressure around you of everyone owning a sex doll, you might have given it thought already. You first have to go online, look around at the doll of your dreams, and decide on one for a start. But there is more; there is a lot more than you cannot tell about a sex doll from its image online. While the skin color, eye color, and hair color are definite, other things will not be. You can also determine the size of your doll’s hips, her butt size, her boobs’ size, and her height from the image. You may not, however, determine her weight just from looking at her. It may be stated therein that she weighs about thirty kilograms, but you may overlook it and imagine you would carry her away. In reality, she might be a lot heavier than you thought in real life. So, the question is posed; how do you manage your sex doll’s weight?

Managing the Weight of your Sex Doll

First up, the best way to manage your doll’s weight is by practicing beforehand. Most sex dolls arrive around two weeks after placing the order. This is enough time for you to practice lifting weights that are similar to hers in weight. The best things to use in practice are dumbbells. They will help to keep you fit while at the same time you get ready for your sex doll.

Another way to manage the weight of your sex doll is just waiting for it to arrive and try carrying her around until you get used to it. Experts will warn that as you try to carry her, you have to ensure that most of the weight is managed by your feet and not your back. With time, her weight will become a norm and you will be able to move her around with more ease than before.

The best option usually is to opt for a lighter sex doll. While it may appear that you are running away from the problem instead of solving it, the avid sex doll owners and users have said that it is the best option out so far. What you do is going for a lighter sex doll for the first buy. Then keep increasing the weight of the subsequent sex doll buys in such a way that you do not even feel the difference building up. How then, do you go about choosing the weight of your sex doll?

Choosing the Appropriate Sex Doll Weight

In most cases, the sex doll weight goes hand in hand with the sex doll height and size. Proportionally speaking, the smaller the sex doll, the lighter it will weigh. Usually, the smallest sex dolls are basically masturbators and may not offer you anything more. The ones that offer you more than just masturbation; sex and companionship, are larger and heavier, almost as a real woman would be.

Are Sex Dolls Heavy?

Small (Mini) Sex Dolls

These sex dolls are still small, but they are slightly big in size, measuring up to 100cm and weighing up to twelve kilograms. They are also more advanced and can offer you more than just vaginal sex. Also, they can do anal and oral sex as well. They appear more like a woman, but much smaller in size than a real woman. If you want a light sex doll that can gratify most of your sexual cravings, your best bid is with these small sex dolls.

Medium Sex Dolls

Here, sex dolls begin to appear realistic and feel heavier as well. They measure up to four feet and one inch long, and weigh up to twenty kilograms. Here, as much as you can lift it with ease, it might feel heavy if you are not used to it. For those who do not want the extremely heavy or extremely light, go for these medium dolls.

Slightly Larger (Medium) Sex Dolls

These ones are slightly larger than the former, measuring up to 140cm and weighing up to 23kg. They feel a lot heavier but make you feel like you are with a woman. Keeping them away may not be so easy as they are quite visible, but they provide more than just sex; they may give you companionship in addition to the sex. For the strong and powerful men, go for these ones.

Are Sex Dolls Heavy

Big Size (Full Size) Sex Dolls

These sex dolls measure up to five feet and four inches long, and weigh up to 30kg! They may be quite hard to lift for some people, but strong men can manage. They appear like real women and make you feel that you have a companion at home. These ones cannot be hidden away. Find a white sheet to lay them on to avoid the stains. They are the most realistic of all sex dolls, and it is easy to dress them up as they can use regular women’s clothes and wigs.

Are Sex Dolls Heavy?

The weight of sex dolls may feel a lot more because of the heaviness of silicone and TPE materials. But with practice and regular use, somehow it becomes easier as you go by. The key here is, to begin with, a smaller doll and proceed to the large dolls gradually.

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