Who Buys Sex Dolls?

Who Buys Sex Dolls?

Most of us, from where we are seated, tend to think that sex dolls are owned by creepy weirdos who look more like crazy than sane out there. The thought of a sex doll hidden under the bed in a scary little box only fits in with insane or crazy people, right? At least, that is what we think. It will surprise you that a larger percentage of sex doll purchasers are sane, straight, and very decent persons. If you saw them walking in the street, they will be the very last people you can imagine going home to pull a sex doll from under the bed and turning it over straight up.

This misguided conception was set straight by some manufacturers of these sex dolls. So much water has gone under the bridge since the invention of sex dolls, and one such aspect is the mysterious people behind the purchase of sex dolls. So, who buys the sex dolls?

Well, for starters, most of these sex doll buyers have a deep connection with the human body. They are so fascinated by just the appearance of a human body, that they would go to whatever extent just to have one or several to themselves. So, by the time a buyer reaches out to spend that hefty cheque, it is not just an obsession, it is a deep fascination and desire for the human body.

The People Behind The Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are not only purchased by single people, but the married and couples are also out to get their hands on these sex dolls for various reasons.

The first batch is for those who have broken up with their partners and are not yet ready to move on into the next relationship. Usually, this batch of sex doll buyers is only after using the sex dolls for sex and companionship as they get used to the fact that they have broken up with their partners.

Some couples purchase sex dolls to be able to enhance their sex life. They use sex dolls for experimentation, practice, and other sexual adventures. This usually happens when their sex life has gradually become routine, dull, and boring. Sex dolls have been known to bring back the sparkle in sexual relationships as it involves fun and experiment.

Then there are the young adults who want to have a sex doll to get ready for a relationship. Being a virgin is tricky, it can cost you a potential partner, Such purchasers usually want to use these sex dolls to learn the basics in sexually pleasing a woman, so that when they eventually have her, they can make love to her expertly without having to appear clumsy and confused like other first-timers.

Have you stopped to think about men with weird sexual cravings and fantasies? Think about those that want some weird sexual styles, those that want the crazy multiple-styles kind of sex, those that crave for acrobatic sex and almost never-ending episodes. A real woman would most likely get tired of all that craze and begin to feel like a machine or otherwise. Such a partner would opt for a sex doll and by so doing, have all their wild fantasies but remain faithful.

Consider men that are into rough, abusive, and hurtful sex. Consider those who like to hurt women in the process of having sex. Consider men that have the urge for discriminative and very submissive women. Think of it from a perspective of they would not like to hurt a woman, and they opt to purchase a sex doll to do all of that too. Since sex dolls can take it all; the rough and all, and remain unhurt (since they feel nothing after all) they are the best option.

Who Buys Sex Dolls?

So, Who Buys Sex Dolls?

Some men are natural pedophiles and will approach a manufacturer requesting childlike sex dolls that are customized to their pleasure. This is wrong, but such purchasers still exist. In some countries, if you are caught with a childlike sex doll, you are incriminated. Manufacturers should also turn such people into the authorities, although some are compromised into going ahead with the same.

Some purchasers also approach manufacturers with requests for sex dolls that look alike with a given person. This usually is in cases where the perpetrators are obsessed with a certain ex or celebrity personnel. In such cases, the manufacturers must have copyright permissions; otherwise, it will be considered criminal and definitely creepy.

The women are never left out in scenes like these. They also head out there in search of sexual satisfaction in all ways. They will order for their dream penis-sized vibrators to gratify them. If their partners are not well endowed down there, for example, instead of cheating with men that have good-sized penises, how about buy the penis and use it together, then? A better option, most definitely.

Then there are the real weirdos now. Some people crave sex with shemales, for example. They will want to purchase sex dolls with detachable penises for that kind of pleasure. Some people want sex dolls depicting older looking women, crazy butts, extra-large boobs, and other extreme desires on various body parts. Other people would approach manufacturers with desires like vaginas with vampire-like teeth, vaginas placed in funny body locations like behind the knee, or on the ankle, and such like. All these sorts of weird stuff still represent the buyers of the sex dolls across the world.

Who Buys Sex Dolls?


There we have it, the sex doll owners and buyers’ world is full of all kinds of things; good and bad, sane and abnormal. But that is just it; the desire of the perfect human body, and the desire for good sex and companionship. So, the next time you think your creepy-looking and the weird neighbor next door could be hiding a sex doll under his bed, stop for a minute and look the other side for that smartly dresses, neat, and attractive young man, that could be owning a sex doll, well beyond your imagination.

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