What Are Sex Dolls?

What Are Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls are instruments made for pleasuring people sexually. They can be made in the form of the whole body, or just a body part as long as it is helpful in masturbation. Sex dolls may also be in the form of an instrument that mimics the appearance of a sex organ, for example, a vibrator or dildo. Primarily, the sex dolls are meant to bring out the best in their users by allowing them to have their desired sexual experience. Most sex dolls have detachable body parts that you can remove, clean, and put back for future use. Examples are the female sex dolls with removable vaginas and those with detachable penises.

The Types of Sex Dolls

Sex doll differs from each other mostly on the type of materials used in making them. Over time, however, they have evolved and become better each day. Some of the common sex dolls are as follows.

Stuffed clothe sex dolls

Sex dolls were originally made from old clothes and rags pieces to mimic the appearance of a woman. The vagina and other orifices were made differently from other softer material for ease of masturbation. These sex dolls were created by the Dutch sailors to be used at sea on their long sailing experiences. When they began to sell them out to the Japanese, they opened up the sex doll business. The cloth sex dolls were not attractive, and could never turn anyone on because they looked far different from the real thing. As such, they were used purely for masturbation.

Classic blow-up sex dolls

These sex dolls were meant to be an improvement of the stuffed clothe sex dolls. These ones were made of blown-up plastic bags. A classic illustration would be the image of a woman made from the soft rubber and plastics used to make toy balls and floaters. The outcome was not as interesting as anticipated, because the sex dolls were too ugly to look at, people could joke that they could never turn on even a high schoolboy. But at least they were better than the stuffed sex dolls before them.

Silicone sex dolls

The silicone sex dolls came in fast enough to cover the gap left by the dull classic blow-up sex dolls. These ones were bigger and better and we’re very close in resemblance to the real woman. Silicone sex dolls are still sold even today and have many qualities that are attractive to their potential buyers. For the silicone dolls, the skin is soft, but not as stretchy, and the doll has realistic vagina, anus, and mouth for oral sex. Sex with a silicone sex doll feels really like you were having sex with a woman. As compared to their two predecessors, the silicone sex dolls are extremely priced and valuable. This is because they are made from materials that are expensive to manufacture.

What Are Sex Dolls?

TPE Sex Dolls

Right after the silicone sex dolls were launched, the TPE sex dolls hit the market. They are made from super-soft materials that are as realistic as reality can be. The skin feels real and soft like that of a real woman. The body is soft and bumpy as well, and these sex dolls are not as stiff as their immediate predecessors; they are flexible and can have you achieving on those sex positions without a problem. What is more, they are so soft that the boobs and butt more rhythmically with each thrust during sex. These are considered the ultimate sex dolls but are still sold alongside the silicone sex dolls to vary the experience.

Artificially intelligent sex dolls

This is deemed the best thing ever in the evolution of sex dolls. Even if it is still in the pipeline, early trials have shown what it will be like. These sex dolls will be able to have a memory, facial expression, and even respond to your touches. They will be able to look at you and even talk back at you to hold a conversation. They will be like a typical woman because there are plans underway to make them able to carry out some chores. The artificially intelligent sex dolls will enable the manufacturers to make them in the images of popular celebrities to attract more clients.

Vibrators and dildos

Women also have a chance to indulge in their sexual fantasies as well. The vibrators and dildos mimic the penis and come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. They can be handled freely or connected to a socket. They work to please the sexual organs of the women so that it feels like they were having sex with a real man.

Uses Of Sex Dolls

Sex dolls have more uses than we can imagine, but the predominant one is for sexual pleasure. First, they are used for sexual explorations. If, for example, you want to discover the feeling of multiple sex positions and your woman cannot make it, the sex dolls come in handy. You can do anything to them and it would not hurt them. Secondly, men who have had no previous experience with a woman prefer to use them so as to gain some knowledge. Also, if you have a fetish for rough sex, the sex dolls would help because they would not get hurt. Or, if you were single and already sexually active with no woman around, the sex dolls will fit in and take the place of the woman to give you all the sex you want.

What Are Sex Dolls?

From the very first type of sex dolls that were dull and unattractive, to the current attractive sex dolls in the market, and stretching to the future of artificially intelligent sex dolls, clearly, they have come a long way. Constant improvement of the existing sex dolls will eventually see the world having a typical sex doll that is as real as reality can be. The use of these sex dolls will also keep changing as we accommodate more and more sex dolls among ourselves.

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