Inflatable Dolls VS Lifelike Sex Dolls

Inflatable Dolls VS Lifelike Sex Dolls

If you have lived long enough to see the revolution of sex dolls, you must really appreciate the far we have come. Originally the sailors made up cloth stuffed sex dolls to be able to take care of their sexual gratification on the long voyages out on the cold sea. They were dull, unattractive, and purely meant for masturbation. After them, the classic blown up sex dolls came. It was not any better, as they were just inflated with an open orifice for masturbation. These ones were so dull they could not turn on even the horniest man around.

Luck was on our side, though, as the sex doll industry worked day and night to create a better sex doll. Because soon after, the silicone sex dolls were invented, and they were so much better, complete with lifelike bodies, realistic skin, and vaginas, as well as flexible enough. The sex doll industry struck again with the ever-wonderful TPE sex dolls, a better version of the silicone ladies. They became better as they were softer, more flexible, and had everything realistic.

Characteristics of Inflatable Sex Dolls

This is one of the very first sex doll inventions. The blow-up sex dolls are purely for masturbation and were used long before the evolution of sex dolls. Right now, however, they may be used much less, because of the ancient ways they were made. They were made from the PVC material and were inflated to appear to have the shape of a woman. Those who used them will tell you it is because they had no choice; the blow-up dolls cannot turn on any man right now. It could be because of the invention, but mostly it was their appearance. They are right for you if you are looking to hide it away from prying eyes as they can take up minimal space in their storage mode.

On top of that, the blow-up sex dolls are the cheapest options there is to sex dolls in the market, and as such can be obtained by people looking to spend the least. Beware, though, that they may not be the best in fulfilling all your sexual desires. If you want to have more sexual pleasure and varied experiences, the blow-up sex doll is not for you.

Inflatable Dolls VS Lifelike Sex Dolls

Characteristics of Lifelike Sex Dolls

Silicone Sex Dolls

Silicone sex dolls are the better and improved version of the classic blow-up sex dolls. These are softer, with a skin-like feel, and are more realistic than the dull blow-up dolls. Silicone sex dolls have skeletons, and as such is easy to pose and change around. However, they are a little delicate and require special care and attention. They have to be powdered before sex to avoid chaffing on their skin, and they should be warmed manually with a blanket or towel. The silicone sex dolls have removable facial features to allow the owner to have various looks to one body. The advantage of silicone sex dolls is that they are of a wider variety so you can choose that which appeals to you.

TPE Sex Dolls

The TPE sex dolls are more like silicone sex dolls but are a little softer and more realistic. They are the better version of the silicone sex dolls, with a more practical approach in their making. The TPE sex dolls are smaller and lighter than the silicone sex dolls, but may feel slightly heavy, because of the metal skeletons, but works for them because they are very poseable. Because they are softer than the silicone dolls, they may get dents quickly from excess pressure on them. Their skin is a little delicate and may get stained from colored clothes; you are advised to use only white cloths on them. The sex dolls are easy to warm up, and once they are warmed, they are extra-realistic, and the owners love them more because their vaginas feel more or less like the real vaginas.

What could be next?

With the growth in technology, the sex doll industry is bound to grow and make bigger and better milestones with time. Then, we will have more varieties of sex dolls with more advanced features. With the upcoming artificially intelligent sex dolls, there are bound to be changes and improvements for the best. Sex dolls with artificial intelligence, the ability to hold conversations, self-healing mechanisms, and ultra-realistic features will take the future sex doll industry with a bang and transform it into a more sophisticated production. The sex dolls’ evolution over time has seen the industry grown in all significant ways, but most of all, it has become more expensive by the day. Now, we have sex dolls that cost a fortune; as high as the price of a car or even more, and this keeps getting better with the artificial intelligence approach. The bottom-line, however, is that you have the chance to customize your sex doll to your preferences from a wide variety of effects to choose from. Regardless of the type of sex doll you have, taking care of it is paramount for better service and for your doll to last longer.

Inflatable Dolls VS Lifelike Sex Dolls

Inflatable Dolls VS Lifelike Sex Dolls

The classic blow-up sex cannot in any way be compared with the lifelike sex dolls. The sex doll industry is interestingly the most advanced right now. They are looking to invent sex dolls that are neither made from TPE materials nor silicone materials. They are now exploring ways of making the sex doll more advanced with purely synthetic materials. These will be referred to as ultra-realistic sex dolls. In other words, if for a minute you ever felt that the TPE and silicone are somewhat unreal, you would never feel that way about this one. They will have a look and feel of the real skin, with the subtle line like those on the neck, etc. At this point in time, sex dolls will have come from far, and looking back we remain thankful because the idea of the inflatable sex dolls led to the beautiful idea of the amazing lifelike sex dolls we have now.

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