Where Is North America’s First Sex Doll Brothel?

Where Is North America's First Sex Doll Brothel?

Sex dolls have been known to bring men so much happiness, and this is set to get even better with sex doll brothel businesses looming. In North America’s Toronto area, the locals are not satisfied with the hype lifestyle, and the vibrant nightlife; they are about to get more than they bargained for; a real sex doll brothel, with the real beautiful silicone women. Sex work is not a rare thing across the world, but sex doll brothels are a new venture that is looming, and judging from reactions, it is going to take root fast, sending home the devoted sex workers in most states. What do the locals think about this whole thing? And what are the repercussions of the business? What does it mean to the Toronto area in general?

Aura Dolls


Aura dolls is a sex doll brothel set to open in the Toronto area of North America. The establishment comes to you amid mixed reaction from the people and local authorities around. The primary goal of Aura Dolls is to bring a new level of excitement into your sex life, by providing you with extensive sexual experience in ways that cannot be compared with your partner’s; wild and limitless. They want to ensure that all your sexual fantasies and fetishes are attended to accordingly. They also intend to make you have sex without fear or shame of being judged or embarrassed by anything. Aura Dolls is going to give any man out there their ultimate sexual experiences.

Where Is North America's First Sex Doll Brothel?

What You Will Get at Aura Dolls?

One of nature’s basic life needs that is always taken for granted is sexual satisfaction. That is what Aura Dolls is focusing on more than anything else; ensuring you get that perfect orgasm as much as you can take. Afterward, you can enjoy the benefits that come with multiple orgasms.

They are endless. First, the relief you feel after releasing all the pressure and tension through your orgasm cannot be compared to any other incident case. It is like you release all the negativity and remain fresh, energetic, and rejuvenated for the next course.

Your general mood is boosted after a great sexual encounter with the silicone ladies at Aura Dolls. You experience a bout of happiness untold, and your thoughts are clear and concise. Let us just say; you will come out looking better than you did when you went in.

Orgasms are a sure way to boost your immune system as well as engage your metabolic rate. You sweat out profusely, releasing all toxins eating your inside, thereby cleansing your skin to release this glow that is evident everywhere you go. Your heart’s increased rate will increase your metabolic rate as well as blood circulation to give you more and more energy.

Sex is also a way to counter stress and depression. The more the orgasms you have, the more the negative energy is released, leaving you clean and open-minded.

Aura Dolls Operations

This ultimate sex brothel promises you a whole new world. Their sex dolls will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized beforehand, to protect you from any harm or infections. Also, Aura Dolls will recommend the use of condoms always, since your health and safety come first to them. They have employed highly trained and skilled staff to ensure the dolls are always in a perfect state of cleanliness.

You will be assured of the most comfortable experience at Aura Dolls, without being in a position to jeopardize your privacy and confidentiality. Rest assured of non-snitch and non-intrusive staff or cameras, and different entries and exits for your privacy’s sake.

You will be able to select from a range of offers with the silicone sex dolls. If you want to have a single-sex doll all to yourself for a half an hour, you will enjoy unlimited, uninterrupted, and exhaustive sex for only CAD $80! You can do all you want, all your styles, and all your fantasies as much as you want.

You can also choose to have two sex dolls for four hours, all to yourself. Imagine all the passion throws, the threesomes, the adventures, all to you, uninterrupted for four hours! What is more, you get to choose the sex dolls you want. Unlimited orgasm episodes, whichever way you want them for four hours with two sex dolls for only CAD $960!

Where Is North America's First Sex Doll Brothel?

What People Are Saying

Of course, the reactions are different and vary from person to person, and group to group. First, the authorities say they would not hesitate to close down the premises if they realize they are condoning a compromise on humanity. If it poses health and a general risk to all parties involved, it risks being shut down. But remember that adult entertainment is already legal in Toronto.

Individual views range from acceptance with people thinking it is an excellent venture for them as it would stop men from cheating on their spouses with real women, to others thinking it is a valid venture for men without sexual partners. Some negative approaches argue that the business will send home to the sex workers in the area, who also need to run their gig because men will definitely choose the dolls over the women because with the dolls they will have an ‘unlimited’ experience. Of course, others remain indifferent and do not really care whether or not Aura Dolls comes around.

Where Is North America’s First Sex Doll Brothel?

If all goes on as planned and Aura Dolls open their doors up for business, it would mean so much for the people of Toronto. Not to forget that Toronto already has a vibrant lifestyle and an even more vibrant film industry as well as the entertainment industry. This would thus create an even bustling lifestyle in the area if it is received well and takes off smoothly. As much as the sex workers risk losing their jobs, the idea is intriguing, and for now, all we can do is wait and get the reviews after it has begun operations, and also see and watch the differences that will come around with the onset of the business.

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