Does a Sex Robot Fetish Exist?

An Ultimate Guide to Techno-Sexuality

With the technological advancements encroaching even into the sexual aspect of our lives, everything is possible with robots.

What is Robot Fetishism?

Worldly scholars say that robot fetishism is an extension of agalmatophilia referred to like sex with toys and robots which is abbreviated as ASFR.   People who derive sexual pleasure and arousal from non-humanoid robots or humanoid robots are said to be robot fetish. Robot fetishism is commonly referred to by the initials “ASFR” otherwise known as technosexual.


ASFR is divided into two groups; first, it is simply a desire to have a ready-made android partner which is desired for a combination of two people either for companionship or sex. The android being is completely artificial and constructed to be the main feature of fantasy to fulfill its owner’s wishes.  

Second, it’s a type of fantasy prevalent within the users, called transformation. This involves a human being who has been either unwillingly or is willingly turned into an android. That person can either be one’s partner, oneself, or both. It is the process of transformation through any means that will result in fantasy.

The people in the ASFR community prefer to use the ready-made androids or the transformations. The preference is very strong in some cases, as people can be attracted to one another or they can equally repel each other. There is as much appreciation for the transformation as it is for the built. According to a recent informal survey from ASFR community members found that one third prefer transformation or some combination of both while two-thirds prefer built.

The Fetish Doll

The fetishes that are appreciated by members of the ASFR community are greatly varied. Things like motion, sound, and robotic appearance are mostly important for arousal. A completely lifelike android that appears to be human is desired by other users who prefer it than the others. It is also true for other aspects, such as self-awareness or sentience. The ability of the android to remove parts of its skin or other bodily appendages in order is quite distasteful to others and quite pleasing to some when revealing its circuitry. However, they are further divided between their preferences, those who prefer a mechanical looking robot, and those who prefer the android to appear more human-like.

Humanoid robots and realistic androids currently do not exist in a form readily available to the consumer.  Fetish can only be acted upon in a limited number of ways, done primarily through fantasy, involving either sexual roleplaying or self-stimulation with a partner. ASFR art is, therefore, important as far as the reinforcement of imagination is concerned.

Does a Sex Robot Fetish Exist?

ASFR in Detail

ASFR art content includes but is not limited to manipulated photographs, science fiction movies, music videos, television shows, illustrations, novels, songs, and even television commercials. Such works are sought after by technosexuals since it is economically viable while the androids are not yet available. Real dolls may provide a way to explore this fetish due to things which exist within this technology. Recent developments in artificial intelligence and robotics, such as the EveR-1 or otherwise are being seen as to lead to the highest production of advanced synthetic partners.

Some ASFR members have noted that they do not wish to use synthetic partners and that they prefer human partners to participate in forms of fantasy play.

Today we have the Internet where we see ASFR starting to manifest itself as a cohesive whole. People who have been aroused by all these ASFR concepts will start putting together homepages to watch. They got themselves a FAQ together and eventually where they created a chatroom and all sorts of the message which they share to their friends and fantasies with one another. From it, erotic fiction will start to show up. Photos of women and men are edited by the use of image-editing software, and nowadays, we have people producing videos files and audio play files specifically targeted at technosexuals.

What is Techno Sexuality?

It’s fantasy-based arousal where the robot fetish individual thinks about sexual scenarios involving sexual activity with people dressed in robot costumes or involving the robots. The sexual arousal may be strong, because the more that the person dresses imagines, and sounds like a robot, the more the chances that he will end up acting in a robot-like manner. Those who love the use of fetish call themselves the ‘ASFRians ‘or ‘technosexuals.’  These individuals always imagine removing bits or the body skin and revealing electronic circuitry since they get turned on by everything from the terminator. As much as one might think that a robot is a nice thing, everything is okay only if it is in good condition. Otherwise, if anything goes wrong, it can end up destroying the partner and causing them significant damage.

Robot fetishism sometimes includes another fetish variant where the individuals get sexually excited by imagining themselves turning into a robot. It is a well-known and notable transformation fetish. These are conceptually similar to those people located in the furry fandom who get sexually excited by imagining themselves transforming into an animal hybrid or any animal.  It is also claimed that when transformation or role-playing of the activities is involved, it may be viewed as a form of erotic objectification, which is similar to that of mechanophilia. Mechanophilia is sexual arousal from machines like cars and trucks referred to as mechasexuality. Techno-fetishists comprise of two distinct forms, which are not necessarily mutually exclusive types of techno-sexual fantasy, according to research done by ASFR.

Conclusion: Does Sex Robot Fetish Exist? 

To sum everything up, it is not agreeable that the coupling of human and machines is seen as something which frees us from various forms of oppression like age, race infirmity, and gender. Robot fetishism is instead massive media exploitation and reinforcing of existing gender oppression. These trends reinforce male sexual entitlement, objectification of women, and control behaviors in men. It should be approached from a better angle so that it is treated more as a problem and not otherwise so that the technosexual people realize that it is a choice they have to make and not a right.

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