How To Return Sex Dolls?

How To Return Sex Dolls?

Typical Sex Doll Return Policies

During unfortunate cases where something untoward happens during packaging or shipment, either the shipping company or the supplier is entitled to rectify the situation. Sometimes there are parts that are missing, the product doesn’t work as advertised, or the package might have a factory defect that wasn’t noticed. Other times, the buyer might get the wrong item altogether, or the package doesn’t even show up at their doorstep at all. When that happens, buyers could be given a choice to return their package, either for a refund or for a similar product without the defect that they are complaining about. Most sellers and shipping companies are understanding of situations like that and have systems set in place to right the wrongs; you just have to know how to avail of it if you want a refund.

The first thing you have to note is that shipping companies and sellers usually both have policies for returns. You’ll want to contact the seller first about any possible returns of shipments since they’ll be the ones who will be able to send you a fresh order or a refund of your money. Try to consider your options and work with the seller directly to see if you’d be better off with a replacement or a refund. At times, the seller would be a little too hard to deal with or get a hold of. In these cases, you can turn to the shipping company for help and they’ll either help you get a hold of your seller or figure out how to get you a refund or replacement based on the evidence of the mistake in your order.

Prior to purchasing, the pertinent thing to do is to look over the company policy on shipments, returns, and refunds. Once an order has been placed, allow the seller 2 to 5 weeks before you get your custom-made doll. Of course, shipment times will depend on the customization of your doll, your location, and the volume of orders the company is taking at the time since all dolls are usually custom-made and thoroughly tested before they’re good to ship out; use your discretion when deciding if an order has taken too long to arrive. After shipping it out, companies will usually give you a tracking code, so you’ll know if there are any hang-ups down the line. It’s a good idea to keep track of the updates here as you might need these as evidence for any return requests later on. Also, keep note that most packaging for sex dolls is very discreet, so don’t expect any logos, markings, or labels on the package; this is worth noting because this might be the cause for some mishaps or delays during the shipping.

As for any return requests done to the shipping company, note that these companies usually have a set timeline when you can open a dispute with an unresponsive or uncooperative seller. It usually starts about a week after the shipment was started by the seller and has deadlines that vary on shipping options. For FedEx, TNT, UPS, and DHL, it usually is at 23 days after shipping. Japan Post EMS and SF Express will usually close their window at 27 days after shipping. Hong Kong Post and China Post have one of the longest deadlines at 39 days after shipping. Try to check which shipping option is used for your sex doll and find out what the timeline applies to any possible return requests.

To actually return items to any seller that is willing to accommodate your request, you can simply pay and apply proper postage fees to your order, and you can drop it off at a post office or the office of the shipping company in charge of your package.

How To Return Sex Dolls?

Online Shop Returns

Specific website based sex doll shops also have their own way of handling returns. These websites typically take product quality very seriously, and so every sex doll is inspected and tested out meticulously before it’s packaged and shipped out. But upon the initial receipt of the doll by the buyer, if there turns out to be any damage or unplanned defect on the product, these websites will encourage the buyer to contact them immediately, usually through their website email or a contact number.

If you do intend to return a doll, be thorough about collecting evidence that the product arrived with the defect. Most times, companies will not offer refunds for reasons other than the product arriving with a pre-existing defect or damaged part. Also note that even if the company offers refunds for damaged goods, they won’t be able to help too much with customs fees for countries outside of the company’s country of origin.

AliExpress Returns

A lot of companies will avail of the services of AliExpress to ship their products. As such, it might be pertinent to go through the typical process of returning products shipped through AliExpress.

To contact a seller on AliExpress, log into your account and hover your cursor over your account name in the upper-right corner of the website. Click on My Orders to access your AliExpress orders. From here, access the order that you’re having a problem with and locate the Contact Now button near the Seller tab. If you don’t see the button, try hovering your cursor over the seller name or clicking the seller’s name to access their seller page where you’ll find the Contact Now button.

You can click on the Message box to send a message to the seller. You can also choose to upload a photo to help give them some visual context to the dispute you’re trying to settle.

To open a dispute with a seller without having to contact them, you can choose to find the order that has an issue, and you can click Open Dispute right beside it. Fill out the form and indicate what the problem was and how you want to resolve the problem. Be sure to provide pictures as visual evidence of the reason for you wanting a refund.

This process usually ends with you and the seller negotiating, but if it escalates, go back to the order in question, click Disputes, and then click Escalate Dispute to let the AliExpress Dispute Team handle the issue.

The need to return something as valuable as a sex doll almost never happens, but when you find yourself being one of the unlucky guys who have to deal with such a situation, always remember to have a cool head and a reasonably calm demeanor when handling things. The sellers and shipping team are on your side for the most part and want to solve your issue just as much as you do.

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