Are Sex Robots Dangerous?

Are Sex Robots Dangerous?

Sex robots have taken the world by storm. They have penetrated our midst and taken root that is almost impossible to uproot. What traditionally appeared like a big joke about to end has now become part of us with no signs of going away anytime soon. Sex dolls and robots have become deeply appreciated, and gradually people are coming out to the open to confess of their relationships with sex dolls, some even planning to marry the dolls and other treating them as fellow human beings. The question is posed, are sex robots dangerous? Depending on what angle you are looking at I from, the sex robots can either be dangerous or not at all.

The Bright Side of Sex Robots

Most of the manufacturing companies of the sex dolls are based in China, with only a few in the US. This essentially means most of the sex robots are in China. Looking closely at the population ratio in China, the number of men is almost three million more than that of women. With China as an example, let us assess the significance of sex dolls.

Loneliness cover. Sex dolls have been helpful to lonely men. Most of the orders in the manufacturing warehouses are placed by young bachelors who are single. Single because almost every other woman is already taken, and there are no available women for them. Such men opt to order for their sexbots because they also have sexual needs and desires. These sex robots will take away the loneliness experienced by having no sexual partner, as well as satisfy their sexual needs.

For learning. Sex robots come in handy when you want to be with a woman finally, but you do not know how to go about it. Since the sex dolls do not have any life in them, trial and error are okay because you cannot hurt them. The reverse is true; if you do not know your way around her, she would not know, so you will not be laughed at and ridiculed for being a virgin. Use the sex robot to learn as much as possible about sex so that by the time you are with a real woman, you do not get lost for what to do.

Fantasies and fetishes. Most men have a world of sexual fantasies they wish to accomplish. Most men have sexual styles they would like to explore, but their significant others may not be able to serve them that. They are left watching them in movies or even experiencing them in their dreams. You cannot imagine what would happen if such a man gets access to a sex doll. They would dive in and take advantage of their lifelessness and turn them from all sides and have sex with them in all the ways in their wildest dreams. In such a way, their sexual fantasies and fetishes are covered, and everyone is happy.

For sexually violent men. Some men prefer violent sexual experience as opposed to normal sexual ways. Extremely rough sex can hurt the woman specifically. What if such a man wanted to have sex but did not want to hurt a woman? The best option for him would be to have sex with a sex doll because they do not feel any pain; neither do they get hurt. He would take out all his wild sexual violence on the robot, and in the end, he is happy, and no one is hurt.

Are Sex Robots Dangerous?

The Flip Side of Sex Robots

It is not all rosy and good with sex robots. Everything has both a good side and a bad side, and that includes the sex robots. So, what are the extremes when it comes to sex robots? Read on.

Cultural erosion. Initially, sex is meant to be had between people. Real man and woman are supposed to be engaging in sex and not man and robot or woman and robot. Once a man gets addicted to sex with sex dolls, it gets difficult to engage in straight sex with a woman since the experience begins to feel a lot different. You know, some of these sex dolls can be softer and better than a real woman. That is the point where a man has so many difficulties adjusting to his real self, and by then it is bad because he cannot enjoy real sex anymore.

Bible teaching contradiction. In the beginning, God created a man and a woman to keep each other company, procreate, and fill the earth. Sex was not meant between man and robot or vice versa. By having sex with a sex robot, you do not only break the Bible teaching of companionship, but you also break the rule of having children to fill the earth, since sex dolls cannot get pregnant for you and have children.

Alienation of women. Some sex doll manufacturing companies are coming up with pipelines where they will manufacture sex robots that can not only have sex and keep men company, but also have bodies that can heat to keep men warm, perform household chores, have memory, and have facial expressions responses. At this point, we will simply nod our heads and realize the space of women in men’s lives will no longer be in existence. Why would a man need a woman with all the drama while he can have it all with a sex robot and stay happy? Precisely the point.

In Conclusion: Are Sex Robots Dangerous?

Sex robots are dangerous since, within no time, they can erode all humanity, culture, and normality and replace them with plastic life and plastic satisfaction. They should not be used in entirety to cure loneliness and provide sexual gratification. The sex robots should be used briefly when maybe the woman is unwell, and it is necessary to have sex, before resuming the normal life. At the same time, they have their importance in the life of people, especially with the learning aspect. Either way, if you look at the whole issue critically, sex robots are both safe and dangerous to man. It is for the man to choose wisely.

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