How to Buy a Used Sex Doll & Do You Really Need To?

How to Buy a Used Sex Doll & Do You Really Need To?

For several reasons unknown to many, it becomes necessary to buy a used sex doll once in a while. Many people opt to go for the brand new sex dolls straight out of the factory for many other reasons but the top of them being the fact that new sex dolls are free of issues that affect the cleanliness and sanitation of the sex doll. Well, used sex dolls could be compromised in many ways, and especially on the sanitation part, but what if it is inevitable that you have to go that direction? What are the best strategies in buying used sex dolls? We gathered some expert advice on the same to be able to help you make an informed decision.

Advantages of Buying a Used Sex Doll

Used sex dolls have varying advantages, and believe it or not, some of these advantages outdo the disadvantages. The first tip is to look out for sex dolls that are already bought but not used by their owners. Once in a while, a client buys a sex doll and for one reason or another, does not use it. These are the best bid to go for because their cleanliness and sanitation have not been compromised at all.

Secondly, used sex dolls have the upper hand because they are cheaper than the new sex dolls. Imagine getting a full sex doll in good condition, but for half the price stated at the factory? We also agree that it could not get any better than that.

Steps to Take to Make Sure You Buy a Good Used Sex Doll

The first step towards landing a used sex doll that is in good condition is to source for one from a legitimate website. In a world where everyone wants to make money in all possible ways, you cannot miss a conman out there posing as an authorized vendor only to sell you a counterfeit sex doll or a sex doll that is substandard and too compromised to be used again. Good vendors are available online and can be obtained by checking out reviews from past clients. For instance, on, you will find a column for buying and selling of already used sex dolls.

The next step is to peruse through all the listed sex dolls for sale. Ensure to take a closer look at the sex dolls from all angles to be able to tell if there are defects of any sort. Most importantly, ensure that the seller has posted close up shots of the vagina, anus, and mouth so that you are able to assess the exact condition of the sex doll.

Once you locate the website, you have to peruse through the website to find a legitimate seller. Again, this is possible through reviews from the people that have transacted with the seller. Check out the profile and ensure it is valid and operational before trying anything. Having located your seller, it is time to reach out to them and express your interest in their sex doll. You might need to ask again the reason as to why they are selling their sex doll, as well as how old the sex doll is. You may reach them via direct messaging within the platform, or obtain their contact information for the finer details.

Remember to make agreements with the seller up front. Consider cases where the sex doll might arrive looking different from the one posted on the website. Also, consider cases where the sex doll might become defective while on transport. Do not forget to organize for the shipping logistics and agree with the seller on the shipping costs. And finally, remember to take enough measures to protect yourself from any kind of losses.

Check out and confirm that the payment method accepted by the seller is agreeable to you. This should not be a worry, however, because in most cases the methods used are PayPal and bank transfers. You could organize with the seller to use the payment method that appeals to you the most, though. In some cases, cash payments are acceptable, especially where the buyer and seller are in close proximity.

Cleaning Your Used Sex Doll

Do not stop even for a moment to think that you can use a second-hand sex doll without having to clean it first. You might not be too sure about the condition it is in even if the seller claims to have cleaned it thoroughly.

  • Using warm water and recommended cleansers, begin with cleaning the skin all over, careful not to miss even one spot.
  • Next, clean up the orifices thoroughly using warm water and recommended detergents. You may also opt to use a luffa on a stick in cases where the vagina is fixed.
  • Lastly, ensure to sterilize the sex doll to cancel out any chances of more germs. If it is heat resistant, you may use heat to sterilize it, and UV light for the otherwise cases.

That done, dry up your sex doll and powder it up; you are good to use it without fear of any form of infection.

Do You Really Need to Buy a Used Sex Doll?

Agreeably, sometimes buying a used sex doll is inevitable. Why would someone go out of their way to buy a used sex doll instead of a brand new one anyway? Used sex dolls are cheaper, as mentioned earlier, and considering some of them are in superior conditions, it is worth a shot.

What if you are not planning to use the sex doll for sex? What if the intended use is for other activities like photography and tutorials? In such cases, it may be a lot more affordable to go for used sex dolls.

Whether it is for the subsidized price or the alternative uses, buying a used sex doll can always be justified. But the rule of the club is if you can afford a brand new sex doll, then go for it and leave out the option of the second-hand deals.

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