Top Tips for the Realistic Sex Dolls

Top Tips for the Realistic Sex Dolls

Realistic dolls come with so much more, and as such, a desire so much more care and maintenance to be able to remain in desirable conditions for longer. Most of the time, your manufacturer will guide you around the same, but there is usually more to caring for your sex doll than cleaning and powdering it. Realistic sex dolls have features on themselves that demand for superior maintenance, especially on their skin and posture. That said, what then, is the best way to care for realistic sex dolls? And what are the experts’ tips on the same? We gathered more information on the same to let you make an informed choice in the way you handle your sex doll.

The Unpacking Stage

Be informed that unpacking a realistic sex doll cannot just be done anyhow. The sex dolls tend to be a little more fragile than usual and may sustain some damage if unpacking is not done carefully. When opening the box, do not use a sharp object as it could easily pierce through and damage the skin of the sex doll. Use a blunt object, open the box carefully, and try not to rip open the box hastily.

Assembling the Sex Doll

It may sound easy, but assembling your sex doll technically needs you to go through an operational manual so that you do not miss a single step. Manual guides are provided by the sex doll manufacturer together with the doll. In case of any misunderstanding, instead of forcing things up, it is noble to contact the manufacturer for advice.

Using the Sex Doll

You are advised to use your sex doll as you would any valuable thing you possess. For instance, knowing that the sex doll is just plastic and rubber does not mean you should misuse it by rough treatment and harsh usage in any way. If you are the rough type, you may as well prepare to go down the purchase road again soon because your sex doll will not last as long as it was intended to.

Cleaning your Sex Doll

Part of the tender love and care for your sex doll involves the cleaning part. Cleaning your sex doll depends on so many factors. First, consider the water temperature you are using. While silicone sex dolls are heat resistant and can stand high temperatures, their TPE counterparts will have their consistency compromised as they are not heat resistant.

Cleaning your sex doll usually begins with a wash in warm water using the recommended soaps and detergents. Then, rinse off the soapy water and dry up your sex doll with recommended towel materials. Once done, you have to powder up your sex dolls using the recommended powder, so as to aid in maximum absorption of moisture and dampness. If not done properly, this can result in your sex doll developing molds in the folded areas like armpits and behind the knees, and of course, this will lead to its wearing out much faster. 

Storing the Sex Doll

Storage of the sex doll is tantamount to its durability. Sex dolls should be stored in a cool and dry place away from moisture and direct sunlight. Usually, most people prefer using their boxes for storage, but there are other ways of storing sex dolls. One such way is using the storage kit provided by the manufacturer, and using cotton wrappers also provided by the manufacturer. In most cases, remember that the sex doll head should be detached from the body and stored differently. The sex dolls should be stored in upright postures to avoid the formation of dents on their surface.

Other Useful Tips

For TPE sex dolls, do not dress them up in colored clothes. It is advisable to use plain white ones because the material is highly porous and tends to retain color and dye from the clothes. Store your sex doll in a smooth place because if too much pressure is exerted on one place, it will form wrinkles and warps and damage the smooth look.

Only use water-based sex lubes on your doll. They are the safest and most non-reactive to the tender skin of the sex dolls. They are also gentle on you and will not cause itchiness or any form of discomfort.

Has your sex doll heated before use? This will make your sexual encounter as much as possible realistic as well as make the vagina feel like that of a human woman. You can use any of the heating methods but more preferably go for an external heating device.

Some people like to perfume their sex dolls. Well, it is quite understandable to want your girl to have your favorite cologne, but you have to ensure that the perfume you use on your doll is alcohol-free, to prevent the reaction on the skin of your sex doll and subsequent wearing off.

The hair shampoos and soaps that you use on your sex doll also have to be friendly to the tender skin. It is recommended that you obtain the same from your manufacturer for the best results. 

Top Tips for the Realistic Sex Doll Sex

The best tips on how to care for and maintain your realistic sex doll’s amazing look are always with the manufacturer. They are the best people in a position to advice you accordingly. There are also some forums created online by most online sex doll vendors, that act as a spot where you can read reviews and pieces of advice as dropped by sex doll owners and other experienced people in the same sector.

Some of these sex dolls cost as much as your car, if not more. This alone is enough reason why we should treat them as an investment and care for them accordingly. If we maltreat or misuse the sex dolls, the service we get from them will also be compromised, not forgetting that they will wear out faster and we will have lost the hard-earned cash we put into them.

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