How to Remove TPE Sex Doll Stains: A Detailed Guide

How to Remove TPE Sex Doll Stains: A Detailed Guide

TPE sex dolls are rocking the market with their awe, and this emanates from their ultra-realistic soft skin that feels so much like the human skin. The softness of their skin cannot be compared even to their closest counterparts; the silicone sex dolls. Taking care of the TPE sex dolls may prove to be a little bit of an uphill task or even harder if you do not have an idea of what you are dealing with.

TPE sex dolls are the latest sex dolls’ trends that are made from a material referred to as Thermo-Plastic Elastomer. The TPE material is a fusion of polymers, in this case, plastic and rubber. The result is a soft feel and smooth look that tends to feature more flexibility than their counterparts.

The sex dolls are quite costly, and such an investment should be taken care of well. However, accidents are inevitable and in such an instance, we have provided for you below, a guideline to ensure you take care of the stains on your love doll and ensure she looks as perfect as she did when you first had her.

What Makes TPE Sex Dolls Different?

The thermoplastic nature of the material used in making the TPE sex dolls means that the sex dolls come out with pores on their skin surface. It is this porous nature that makes the difference; all other sex dolls are not as porous. The TPE sex dolls cannot remain damp or wet for long as the moisture will sip into their skin, and after a few days, they will start to form mold. Part of the care for the TPE sex dolls entails that you have to keep them dry at all times.

Secondly, TPE sex dolls catch and hold stains fast and easily. This is especially applicable to dyes from clothes and wigs. Colored clothes tend to fade as they shed some color when they are still new. If you have your sex doll put on this clothing, for instance, the dye will stain the skin of your sex doll, whether it is permanent or temporary. The same thing applies to wigs. As much as the hair is an essential part of the look, TPE sex dolls cannot rock dark colors for wigs unless their skin is dark. The dye from the wig will stain the scalp area, and the next time you take of the wig, the damage will already be done. 

You cannot dress your TPE sex doll in clothing that is too tight, neither can you dress her up in a cloth that has a very tight waistband. As soft as their skin is, if these clothes are left n for too long, your sex doll will develop dents in the areas affected, and she may not look as good as she did when she first came into your house. 

Your blankets and covers, as well as the general beddings, must be white or light-colored if you own a TPE sex doll. Since most of the intimacy happens in the bed, she is bound to pick stains from your beddings if they are colored. The same applies to any are you use for sex; carpet, couch, etc. ensure the surfaces are done in white or light colors.

We understand that you need your sex doll to look stunning all the time. And we also know that the more colorful she is, the more attractive she becomes. But we insist on being better safe than sorry. As such, we recommend that you dress your sex doll in light-colored clothes with a fitting that is not too tight. Sometimes the aftermath of these mistakes is not easy to turn back from, and gradually, this reduces the lifespan of your sex doll.

A Step by Step Guide to Removing Stains on Your TPE Sex Doll

Stains and discolorations on the skin of your TPE sex doll can occur from anything, but the main ones are as stated above. But occasionally there could be accidents from spills and pours that could be unavoidable. Here is a manual guide on the step by step removal of those stains and discolorations.

You will need

  • A can of Klean Strip (a famous odorless Painter’s Solvent)
  • Cotton wool or cotton swabs
  • A clean white towel as a working surface

The first step is to set up a workspace covered in clean white towels or sheets. Remember the secret lies in using light colors always, and there is no possible way you can be removing a stain on a colored surface.

Next, put some of the Klean Strip odorless painter’s solvent on the cotton wool or swap. Ensure the amount is ample for a deep effect.

Then use the cotton wool or swab to apply the solvent on the stain. The applied amount depends on the size of the stain.

Having done that, let the solvent rest in for about ten seconds. The timeline may increase to sixty seconds if the stain is very deep.

Finally, use clean cotton wool of swab to wipe off the solvent from the skin of your sex doll. The stain should come off as you wipe away the solvent. If the stain persists, repeat the procedure until you are satisfied with the result. And if it becomes stubborn, consider involving your manufacturer for further help.

Prevention is better than cure

The amount of money you spent on buying your sex doll cannot be compared to the energy and maintenance fee you will incur if you do not take care of your sex doll properly. By the time you are finished, you will have spent crazy amounts of money for something that should have been taken care of in the first instant. Stick to the user manual given to you by your manufacturer and adhere to the guidelines and your sex doll should give you the service you need. Remember that the durability of your sex doll depends entirely on the care and maintenance you give her. Proper and gentle use, excellent cleaning and powdering, recommended dressing and storage, and occasional maintenance will go a long way.


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