How to Care For Your TPE Sex Doll

How to Care For Your TPE Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are such a sensitive thing and may require sensitive care as well. Think of it as an investment where you are depositing your $2,000. You want your money to grow, multiply, and serve you well. Basically, the way you care for the doll will reflect the service that will give you in the long run. The sex dolls may be made from strong and durable material, but that alone does not guarantee you that it will last longer and give you the service you deserve. The TPE sex dolls, for example, are made from extra soft material, and their porous nature makes them susceptible to break down soon enough without proper care. Here is the experts’ advice on the best way to take care of your sex doll.

Treat the doll with care

The sex doll has no spirit, and has no soul too; that is agreeable. The silicone sex dolls are made from slightly tougher material compared with the TPE sex dolls. That is why they do not budge under pressure and maintain their shape from when you buy it until you dispose of it. As for the TPE sex dolls, their material is less tough but extra soft. Under pressure, the TPE sex doll will budge and make dents on its surface. You might want to think twice if you are going to exert too much pressure on your TPE sex doll.

Do not bathe your TPE sex doll in hot tub water

Unlike the silicone sex dolls that are highly resistant to heat, the TPE sex doll is vulnerable when exposed to high temperatures. At 40°C or more, the sex doll will start to lose its consistency and even melt out. You do not want to buy an amazing and beautiful sex doll at $1,500 and the waste it away within a few minutes. You can use lukewarm water, or even mildly warm water to clean your TPE sex doll.

Do not dress your TPE sex doll in colored clothing or dyed clothes

TPE sex dolls are porous and retain humidity. As such, they are vulnerable to dye and color. The loose colored clothes, when they stick to the surface of the sex doll, they will leave colors and stain the doll. If that happened accidentally, you are provided for a cleansing cream on the purchase, which you can use to clean it back to normal.

TPE sex dolls are prone to grow mold over time

This is because they are porous and retain humidity. On cleaning or bathing her, ensure to dry her up in all the areas including all openings. Leave no water at all, because if it sits there for a few hours, the sex doll will begin to develop mold. At the point your sex doll is developing mold; it is already on its way to start depreciating. A manual is usually provided for on purchase, and it has the basic instructions on caring for your doll after cleaning.

Keep your TPE sex doll powdered up

This is not only after bathing her; it includes all the time you are not having sex with her. More especially, after bathing, you need to ensure you powder her all over. Use baby powder as it is soft and caring. The powder will absorb the excess water and moisture and keep your sex doll dry and less susceptible to mold growth. 

When you are not having sex with your doll, keep her aired

The TPE can trap moisture because it is soft and fine. As such, keep her open when you are not using her. By keeping her open, you want to keep all the openings aired including the vagina. If it has a permanent vagina, talk to your manufacturer and ask for the best ways to keep it aired. The pussy is notorious for retaining water and moisture and later developing mold. If you come into contact with it in the condition, you expose yourself to infections.

Do not wash her with just any soap

This includes soap, detergent, and other things like shampoo. If you buy from a substandard dealer, you may get substandard soaps that are not safe to use on your doll. Talk to your seller and get the best products to use on your sex doll. Remember, TPE is sensitive to harsh chemicals unlike silicone, and these may be present in bad soaps and shampoos. If you can, google for the best products from TPE sex doll official websites available online for more info.


Store your TPE sex doll in dry and cool areas at home or otherwise. Avoid areas that attract moisture and wet air. Avoid direct sunlight from coming into contact with your sex doll; if it is too hot, it may loosen the consistency and even make it melt. On top of that, avoid keeping your sex doll in extremely low and freezing temperatures. 

Use water-based lubricants only

TPE material is sensitive to harsh chemicals as mentioned earlier. As such, lubricants made from petroleum and silicone compounds are not the best for your doll, as they tend to cause extensive damage to your sex doll. They can cause the pussy and the skin around it to wear out or tear. Experts advise that you use a condom for ease of cleaning unless you are crazy about the real skin feel, of course. 

How To Care For Your TPE Sex Doll?

The sex doll manufacturers have done enough to produce your sex doll using the best materials that are tough and long-lasting. It is now up to you to keep your end of the bargain. Taking good care of your sex doll’s hygiene should be easy and as good as taking care of yourself. Her hygiene is directly equivalent to yours. If you let hers deteriorate, she is bringing you down with her. Invest in proper care and service for your sex doll so that you can get the maximum benefits. The wrong thing to do is assume that since she has no feelings, she cannot get dirty as well.

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