Artist Photographs Sex Dolls | Exploring Human Emotions

Artist Photographs Sex Dolls | Exploring Human Emotions

If there is a way of unleashing the best in human emotions, it can never get better than photography. Photography is an art of communication between the photographer and the audience partaking of the pictures. In essence, the photographer communicates a lot of info to his or her audience through his or her power shots. Most such artists pursue this venture for most of their lives because of the attachment it brings between them and the art of photography.

Now, imagine if an artist who prides in taking beautiful power shots of sex dolls. It may sound intriguing, but at some point, these sex dolls may make you read a lot of human connection within them. This is because each pose comes with its communication aspect, every minute of it bringing the audience closer to an unimaginable human connection with the sex doll. Now, you can agree with me that it takes a lot of patience and commitment to take to sex dolls’ photography.

June Korea and Eva: Powerful Connection

June Korea is an influential photography artist who has taken the media by the awe with his emotion-inspired photo shoots with his sex doll, Eva. According to June, he has experienced a ton of loneliness over time for many years, and he decided to venture into photography to try to explain his deep-seated emotions through the lens. He has, in many shots, depicted a perfect picture of happiness, sadness, loneliness, and many other emotions together with Eva.

His project is named Still Lives and has brought up a sense of loneliness, and a strong want to belong as depicted by Eva, his companion, and beloved sex doll. A look through his albums, you will not only notice the unique gift Korea has with his camera; you will also begin to perceive Eva through a mental and emotional aspect, as you would with human beings.

Korea has severally been quoted to attach his shots to the meaning of life emotionally. He says that as a human, it is impossible to live forever, but as for the sex dolls, they will live forever. It is this thought that inspired Kore to give life and meaningful emotions to sex dolls through his shots and his sex doll, Eva.

In the past, Korea was a fan of taking shots of sex dolls that were thrown away and abandoned, and such scenarios to bring out the perfect image of loneliness and rejection. However, he thought better to use a realistic sex doll to bring the human touch to it. That is when he went online and ordered for a sex doll which he customized to fit what he had in mind about his photography project.

On receiving his sex doll, he named her Eva there and then. The name has its meaning as well, and according to Korea, he intended for it to be closer in meaning to ‘forever’ to mean eternity. In essence, he meant to say that sex dolls are going to live forever, even with the trapped emotions and loneliness lurking behind their bodies.

Eva and Korea have taken pictures everywhere, doing everything humanly possible. He has put together a photo album essay where he has different pictures of them both having nature walks, having a meal together, end even going shopping! In all his pictures, Korea has featured greatly the negative emotions being faced by the sex doll, including loneliness, vulnerability, disappointment, and pensiveness.  

Emotions Behind The Pictures

Is essence, Eva’s pictures are a direct reflection of the life of Korea, or so he says. Throughout his life, all his experiences have been mostly negative, as can be gathered from his album. He confesses that some of the scenes are his memories of things and experiences in his life. One cannot help but feel the emotional tinge just by looking at the photos. Korea will leave his audience, anticipating the next picture because they are unique and full of attachment.

He says that to him, he considers it a lifelong project, and as at now, he is doing it purely without anything else in mind. But when he spoke to reporters, he could not hide the sad reality that he is anticipating some challenges to crop up along the way. For instance, he melancholically noted that he would get older by the passing day while Eva will forever remain young and pretty as she is.

Even so, he does not plan to stop his venture anytime soon. He says that as far as now, the photos are like a mirror, depicting the perfect reflection of him and his life in general.  He also states that it is up to him to decide how the story ends, ultimately, and has not yet figured that out and that for now, he will carry on with his hobby of taking photographs with Eva.

As expected from most of his images, Korea explains that he hopes his story to be read through the photos. He expects that his story will bring out the feelings of estrangement, loneliness, relationship challenges, and alienation from the world. Other emotions that follow could be added in his future photos with Eva, but he is not sure whether it will be death, a breakup, or even a happy ending.

The Art of Photography in a Nutshell

So many emotions are attached to the photos of Korea and Eva. At some point along looking at his pictures, you will get captivated by the strong emotional sense depicted in the photographs, and you will feel Eva’s sadness somehow. Is this not a perfect way to tell a story? Artists are unique people, taking us through the story of life with power shots and pulling us into feeling the process with him. One day, when he is gone, the world will sadly miss him, but we will still read his life story to its end. Sadly enough, Eva will not be aware of it all; still stuck up behind the loneliness and unfeeling nature of a sex doll.

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