The Pros and Cons of Buying Sex Dolls on AliExpress

The Pros and Cons of Buying Sex Dolls on AliExpress

Online shopping is not only convenient, but it is also the best way to go. That is if you want to keep your private life in check from all the prying eyes of the public. More so, when it involves such delicate goods like the sex dolls. Even if the concept is widely approved across the globe by now, some people still like to keep it on a personal level and not attract attention. Imagine dragging a full body size sex doll up your drive with all your neighbors watching; you end up looking off completely. For this reason, very many people turn to the safety of anonymity behind the online purchases on vendors like AliExpress.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Sex Dolls on AliExpress

Image: Sex Dolls on Ali Express. Screenshot was taken on August 16, 2019

AliExpress is an online vendor that has numerous third-party traders selling and buying goods under the umbrella of Alibaba. It is one of the most famed online vendors due to the experience and expertise it has earned over the years it has been in business. It is one of the most preferred online vendors across the globe. However, like any other establishment, AliExpress has its ups and downs. You may want to look them up first before transacting with them to ensure you are up to it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Sex Dolls on AliExpress 

As mentioned, AliExpress has it’s up and downs in its transactions. By which you need to read about so that you can make a conscious decision to go ahead with the purchase.

Advantages of buying a Sex Doll on AliExpress

There are many advantages of shopping on AliExpress as can be attested by the past clients who leave reviews online.

Competitive Prices

AliExpress has the most competitive prices there can be among all the online sex doll vendors. However, this depends mainly on the sex doll you are buying. AliExpress also stocks second-hand sex dolls which can be as cheap as half the price at the warehouses with just as good conditions. Some might be a little more priced than the others. Especially if they are new or directly sourced from the manufacturers.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Sex Dolls on AliExpress

Image: AliExpress pricing for Dolls. The Screenshot was taken on August 16, 2019

Convenience and Accessibility

AliExpress is convenient and easily accessible. Shopping for your sex doll from the comfort of your home is not only convenient and comfortable, but it is also better when the process is easy and flexible for you. This is AliExpress, putting clients’ convenience first.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Sex Dolls on AliExpress

Image: About Products on AliExpress. Screenshot was taken on August 16, 2019

Safety and Privacy

The primary goal of shopping from home is the protection of your privacy from nosy neighbors and the prying eye of the public, especially if you are buying a sex doll. At AliExpress, you are protected and covered in all ways; your personal information, your financial details, and the confidentiality of the goods you buy.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Sex Dolls on AliExpress

Image: Satisfied Costumer Reviews on the Sex Doll’s Discreet and secure packaging

Escrow Protection

This is perhaps the best advantage of shopping at AliExpress. Having the surety that you will not lose your money whatsoever is the feeling everyone would want with their vendors. Escrow protection on AliExpress ensures your money is held tight until you receive your sex doll and confirm that it is as it should be. This is in order for you to not receive substandard goods or goods you did not bargain for. This is one factor that has since restored confidence, accountability, and sobriety in shopping at AliExpress.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Sex Dolls on AliExpress

Image: Escrow and AliExpress. Photo was taken from techpocket.

Disadvantages of buying a Sex Doll on AliExpress

Like any other thing, AliExpress also has its downfalls. They might be disadvantages, but you will always find a way of working around them, seeing that online shopping cannot happen in a day, for instance.

Delayed Delivery

The Pros and Cons of Buying Sex Dolls on AliExpress

Image: Limitations on Delivery. Screenshot was taken on August 16, 2019

This is one of the setbacks you will find yourself in when transacting with AliExpress. Delivery depends on the location. If you are lucky to have a seller within your location, it will take a few days for your delivery. But for those who are far out, deliveries from AliExpress take as long as two months! This is quite extreme, as mentioned.

No Customization

Customization on AliExpress may prove harder than anticipated. This is because, unless you land a mass vendor, you are stuck with the exact sex doll you see on the website; you cannot change a thing. For people with a deep desire for customized sex doll options, this proves tricky.   

Quality Compromise

This is a prevalent issue with online products. On receiving your sex doll, it might be of lower quality than was described on the website, or even weaker general outlook. Images can be exaggerated to lure customers to a seller, but thanks to escrow services, this is gradually being curbed.

Non-flexible Returns and Refund Policies

As is typical of online transactions, and especially those of sensitive goods like sex dolls, returns and refunds may prove to be an uphill task. They need to be addressed before purchasing.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Sex Dolls on AliExpress

Image: Refund or Replacement Workflow. Screenshot was taken on August 16, 2019

So that both seller and buyer are covered and protected from any loss. If you receive a wrong sex doll after waiting for thirty days, you might have to wait for thirty more to receive a replacement. That may sound like a long time, but it gets worse when your payment has been processed. And then you cannot receive the product replacement for the refund because of a few hitches here and there.

Hidden Fees and Charges

This is another disadvantage of online shopping. A sex doll is expensive on its own already. On top of that, imagine learning that you still need to part with large amounts of money in the name of taxes, shipping fees, and handling costs. By the time you are finished, you may have parted with almost double the price of the sex doll.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Sex Dolls on AliExpress

Image: A Reddit User Lamenting about AliExpress Hidden Charges. Screenshot was taken on August 16, 2019

All in All 

Shopping on AliExpress is just like buying in any other online shop. But it might be a lot better than other vendors since it has the experience and the stock. If there is an extreme problem, you may consider giving AliExpress a call to iron out things with them. In a nutshell, shopping on online shops like AliExpress comes with its fair share of challenges, but it pays when the good is way over the bad.

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