New Sex Dolls Brothel in Barcelona

New Sex Dolls Brothel in Barcelona
New Sex Dolls Brothel in Barcelona

Sex doll brothels are no longer a new phenomenon in today’s world. It has become increasingly normal to own a sex doll at home alone or with your spouse, and it couldn’t get even better with sex doll brothels. Human rights activists have come out to strongly oppose the move to legalize sex doll brothels because they are frustrating the hustle of sex workers in vain. They continue to thrive and attract more clientele compared to human sex workers.

You may wonder why the sex doll brothels are thriving when they are even more costly than human sex workers.  Well, we know that one hour of sex with a sex doll in a sex doll brothel will cost you approximately $127. These can be adjusted according to your liking and as per the weight of your pockets, though. So, why are sex doll brothels getting the bigger catch?

Sex Doll Brothel in Barcelona

Erotic sessions of sex with sex dolls are now available and open to the public in Barcelona.  In a somewhat positive approach to the idea, clients of this new brothel keep doubling with each passing day as the management of the sex doll brothel keeps up in managing the extremely long reservation queues.

New Sex Dolls Brothel in Barcelona

Image: Katy Doll. Photo taken from LumiDolls

The sex dolls are four in number, and they come as beautiful and large-breasted as they do. The sex dolls are as follows. Kati is a beautiful blond girl, Lili is an Asian sex goddess, Leiza is the dark-skinned melanin queen, and Aki features the stunningly attractive anime model in blue ponytails. The four are now that talk of the town as clients pile up their reservations for hours of erotic sex with one or more of the sex dolls.

Why Choose a Sex Doll Brothel Over Other Options?

Well, this may sound so simple, but it remains the truth. Sex dolls in the homes have not been so well received even with the fame and popularity they have gained over the years. Some people are either shy or too conservative to imagine a sex doll in their home. So, what else could be their next big move apart from the glorious sex doll brothels! At the brothel, you can be with a sex doll without fear of being caught or found out if you are afraid to get one home, and that is a welcome thing for most people.

New Sex Dolls Brothel in Barcelona

Image: LumiDolls Promise in their Barcelona Brothel

Secondly, sex dolls can be quite expensive. A sexy and attractive sex doll of superior quality can cost you as high as $22,000 or more. If you look at the figure and imagine the few times you are going to lay with her, the sex doll becomes a little pricey for you. The next big option is getting to be with your desired sex doll anytime you wish to, for so much less. This is yet another factor that pushes people into those sex doll brothels.

New Sex Dolls Brothel in Barcelona

Image: Emma Premium Sex Doll Price at the Barcelona Hotel

Sex dolls are realistic, and they feel as good as a real woman could feel. Considering you are going to have her for one full hour uninterruptedly for as much as you wish, it becomes a better option as compared to the sex workers. Usually, sex workers charge per the length of time you have sex with them, but you might end up coming out unsatisfied, contrary to your plan.

New Sex Dolls Brothel in Barcelona

Image: Realistic Raya Sex Doll. Photo taken from Lumi Doll

Sex brothels give you unlimited sexual exploration with their sex dolls. With all the flexibility that comes with the sex dolls, you can have as much sex as you want, in all the weird and creepy positions you want to, for as long as you wish. Human sex workers may not be able to give you your favorite pose or positions, and they may tire faster and leave you high and dry. Sex dolls, on the other hand, will ensure you walk out satisfied at heart and deep in your groins too.

Are Sex Dolls Better? 

According to many owners of sex dolls, their manufacturers, and those who have tested them out, sex dolls prove to be better in more ways than we can imagine. The best part of it all is that they do not tire, and they remain submissive always. If you wanted to fuck a sex doll right now, she would never object; she will be lying there and looking at you invitingly with her beautiful doll eyes. Even if you wanted to have multiple sex rounds with a sex doll, she is always will to receive you and make you cum. On the other hand, your woman may not always be ready for your sexual advances. And when she is, she may not always give you the much sex you desire; she will tire fast or develop a headache, etc.

New Sex Dolls Brothel in Barcelona

Image: Miriam Sex Doll. Photo taken from LumiDoll

Sex dolls are safe to use, even without protection. As much as sex doll brothels insist on using condoms, they are always cleaned well after use to be readied for the next client. It is quite rare to contract any infections of Sexually Transmitted Diseases from a sex doll because of this. And seeing that they are all-plastic, they cannot make the best host for these infection-causing agents. The human body can house the disease, though, as it is transmitted by blood and body fluids.

Let us say you want to have sex for the first time. It can be embarrassing, you know, especially if you are having sex with an already experienced partner. To save yourself the embarrassing issue of not knowing where exactly the vaginal orifice is and how to insert your dick, try the sex doll brothels. The sex dolls are a perfect way to learn how to have sex before meeting with your partner. 


Thee sex doll brothel in Barcelona is not the first, and it will not be last, definitely. Seeing that it is only filled with female sex dolls, the men and people aligned to women sexually can go on having the sex of their lives for now. We hope that they will soon put up some male sex dolls in there for women and other interested parties.

New Sex Dolls Brothel in Barcelona

Image: A typical room in Barcelona Sex Doll Brothel. Image taken from LumiDoll

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