Sex Doll Wigs Guide: Your Sex Doll’s Perfect Wig

SEX DOLL WIGS GUIDE_Your Sex Doll’s Perfect Wig
SEX DOLL WIGS GUIDE_Your Sex Doll’s Perfect Wig

Sex dolls are not left behind when it comes to beauty and makeup, stretching to their hair. Initially, every sex doll you buy will arrive with its wig. As time goes by, however, you may find the need to have to buy more and more wigs for your sex doll. Wigs are beautiful, and they help to enhance the beauty of your sex doll; the more you have, the more varying your sex doll looks.

Sex Doll Wigs Guide: Your Sex Doll’s Perfect Wig

Image: Sex Doll Wig Collection. Photo taken from AliExpress

Wigs come in different colors, lengths, and volumes. The wig you buy for your sex doll depends on your personal preference and the skin color of your sex doll. Some people will go out of their way to give their sex dolls the best treats for that varying look, but you will need to realize that the wigs come with a bigger demand for cleaning and maintaining them before you even get to use them on your sex doll.

Sex Doll Wigs Guide: Your Sex Doll’s Perfect Wig

Image: Sex Doll Wig. Photo was taken from AliExpress

It is important to note that wig maintenance depends largely on the material of the wig; human hair wigs are handled differently from synthetic wigs because of their genetic makeup and fiber differences. Read on to know more about sex doll wigs and tips to make them work for you.

Where Should You Buy Sex Doll Wigs?

Notice here that the wigs used in the sex dolls are the same wigs used by women. Therefore, buying a wig for your sex doll will not be too hard. You only need to ensure you are certain of the size. Apart from your local store, sex doll wigs are also available online at the web vendors like Amazon and AliExpress and the likes. They should be as easy to find as would any product or good. One last spot where you can buy your sex doll’s wig is at the warehouse. Here, you will not only get the recommended colors and types, but you will also land a wide variety to choose from. So, go on, you have no excuse to stop pimping your sex doll as soon as she is behind closed doors with you.

Cleaning/Washing Sex Doll Wigs

This is perhaps the most important part of sex doll wigs maintenance. The cleaner the wig, the easier it will be for you to bond with your sex doll. If the hair is smelly or even untidy, it will drive people away from you even in real life. So, cleaning the sex doll wigs is the first spot in ensuring its longevity.

You need a warm basin of water, enough to immerse the wig in completely, a hairbrush, shampoo, and a towel. Your first step will be to set your basin of lukewarm water that can also be done at the sink. That done, add a little bit of shampoo into the water and swoosh it lightly to later up. Next, you will need to submerge your wig in the soapy water fully, but without squeezing or pressing it in any way. Squeezing it may generate some tangle that will prove problematic later. Leave the wig to soak up for a few minutes.

Remove the wig from the soapy water and rinse it in warm, running water that is clean to remove all the soap and lather. Ensure all the shampoo is rinsed out before squeezing out the wig lightly to get rid of the extra water.  Use your towel to wrap up the wig and pat dry the remaining water.

Hang out your wig in a cool shade away from direct sunlight for a couple of minutes to dry up. Once done, take it down and brush it gently to remove all tangles before oiling it and storing it away.

Tips on Brushing a Sex Doll Wig at Home

Occasionally, you will need to brush out your sex doll’s wig without having to wash it necessarily. In such a case, remove the wig from the sex doll’s head to avoid puncturing the skin. Use a spritz bottle to spray some warm water on the wig to wet it a bit. Work the tangles with your fingers before using your brush to brush gently from tips to roots. Do not pull too hard as shedding will be too much; a little shedding is inevitable. Hang out your wig to dry for a few minutes before oiling it with recommended oils and storing it away.

How to Wear Your Sex Doll Wig Securely 

Many people think it is as easy as throwing it on the head, and the wig is good to go; wrong, very wrong. There are three ways you can choose from as far as this is concerned.

Method One

The easiest way to put on a wig is to slip it on to the head like you would a cap naturally. The elastic sides will hold it in place along the edge of your head. It is not a secure option, but it can work for that quick dress-up.

Method Two

This one is more secure and firm. You first need to wear a wig cap. Slowly, slide the wig on top of the wig cap and adjust on all sides. Then, use bobby pins to hold the wig and the wig cap together along the edge on select areas.

Method Three

Almost like the second method but better and firmer. Instead of using the bobby pins, use a Velcro strap to hold the wig and the wig cap together in place. Easy to wear and easy to take off!

N/B: You are advised to avoid using dark-colored wigs on your sex dolls to avoid discoloring their skin. Also, adhesives and wig glues may pose harm to the skin of your sex doll, reducing its life span considerably. The last tip is to avoid using extra tight elastic straps to hold the wig in place because they tend to leave dents and marks if they are worn for too long. Just choose a good fitting wig size for your doll, brush it well, and keep it clean always; that is the key to a well-kept sex doll wig.

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