Nigerian Comedian Shuga Shaa Plans to Marry a Sex Doll

Nigerian comedian Shuga Shaa plans to marry a sex doll
Nigerian comedian Shuga Shaa plans to marry a sex doll

Sex dolls have been in the market for a long time now. The continuous innovations and technological advancements have resulted in silicone and TPE sex dolls which are as real as human girls and also feel as much. In countries with a significant difference in the ratio of males to females, these sex dolls have come in handy for the single and sexually adventurous men. They are being used to cure loneliness and at the same time, offer great sexual experiences to the users. In China, for instance, the production of sex dolls in a month exceeds two thousand and may keep growing. This means that the demand is going up by the day. It is no wonder, then to hear that a sex doll brothel has been opened up with sex dolls offering sex to clients. It is even more interesting to learn that men develop virtual relationships with their dolls. Such is the case with one Nigerian celebrity, Shuga Shaa

The Famous Nigerian Comedian

Benjamin Nwachukwu otherwise famously known as Shuga Shaa to his fans is a comedian and actor who has drawn attention to himself and his sex doll, Tonto Shaa. He and Tonto have been in a relationship for some time now. He has gradually fallen in love with her and now declares his intentions to marry her publicly.

Nigerian comedian Shuga Shaa plans to marry a sex doll

Image: Benjamin Nwachukwu & his sex doll Tonto Shaa. Photo was taken from Shuga Shaa

Shuga Shaa is not nuts; neither is he crazy. What he is going through is relatable by many men. With advanced technologies, soon sex dolls will be able to perform more humanly functions and chores. They will be able to talk, have emotional expressions, maintain eye contact, and even produce body warmth. When it gets there, every man will have an interest in purchasing a sex doll.

The first reason for the significant step by Shuga is the fact that Tonto gives him all the sexual satisfaction he needs. With a sex doll, you can have as much sex as you want, whenever you want, and in any position you choose. This freedom is not a luxury for many men in relationships owing to many daily happenings.


Sex dolls are not alive, as much as they may feel like real humans. This means they cannot harbor feelings at all. They cannot get tired, hungry, angry, or jealous as most women do. Shuga is right, and he wants to avoid all drama related to women because Tonto is not alive.

He has publicly declared his intentions to wed Tonto. Maybe he will walk down the aisle with her, or have her carried down the aisle, that we do not know. What we know is Shuga is treating her like a real person — dressing her in the best outfits, shoes, adorning her with beautiful jewelry, having her manicure and makeup done superbly, and on top of it all, buying Tonto her car. He will hire a driver for her, maybe. What could make him go all that while when there are beautiful women all around him? Love, maybe.

People are calling him a psychopath and a madman, but he may just be a careful man in love who wants to avoid the hardest things to deal with in life, like heartbreaks. Or he may be experimenting on the whole sex doll issue. One thing is clear, though, Shuga is not alone I this. He may have come out clean leaving more people like him behind the scenes. He is just brave enough because any person in his position would be scared of judgments from friends and family.

Nigerian comedian Shuga Shaa plans to marry a sex doll

Image: Shuga Shaa’s statement to his critics. The Screenshot was taken from standard media

Sugar has openly protected Tonto from ridicule and judgment. He argues that nobody should look at her or treat her differently from an ordinary woman because she was made by human hands. She needs to be treated normally, and as the lady, she is by everyone around him. This is what Shuga tells the people he encounters on his and Tonto’s numerous escapades around the city to the movies, salons, and shopping malls.

So how do friends and family take the whole thing? What matters most to Shuga is that his mother approves of his relationship and marriage intentions with Tonto. He says his mother has known about them for some time now and has no problem. It is so great to have people that support you in the most serious situations. It is okay to think that it does not matter what everyone else thinks if his mother is by his side. But then, we wonder how the two women will relate, and if Shuga’s mother would not want to have a real daughter-in-law or grandchildren at least.

Shuga’s Reasons for Marrying Tonto

She has no spirit. Tonto is just a sex doll, and marrying her will only make life more interesting since she has no life in her. She does not even appreciate the expensive treats he gives her!

She has no drama. Since she cannot have feelings and emotional attachments, Tonto is not in any position to get sad, erratic, or even jealous. Here, Shuga has protected himself from all the drama that comes with real women.

She will give him no heartbreak. At some point, the marriage ends, and people fall out of love. Shuga is safe from all this because he and Tonto are stuck together forever, or at least until she wears out or becomes defective. She will not leave him for anyone since she cannot feel loved, but he can leave her for another and still feel nothing.

Nigerian comedian Shuga Shaa plans to marry a sex doll

Image: Shuga Shaa statement from The Net.

He has sexual satisfaction. Shuga will have sex anytime he wants and wherever he wants. He will have sex in any position he likes and fulfill all his sexual fantasies and fetishes, most of which he would not have done with a human girl.

Nigerian Comedian Shuga Shaa Plans to Marry a Sex Doll

Advanced technology has led the world to this. More cases are expected to erupt, especially since Shuga has set the pace. This is nothing to be ashamed of and is a huge problem solver. The world should quit judging people like Shuga and join hands in ending the life of being single and lonely. If you are like Shuga, come out and face the world boldly without shame or fear.

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