Top 10 Sex Doll Trends

Top 10 Sex Doll Trends
Top 10 Sex Doll Trends

Sex dolls are trending and for all the right reasons. Since their creation as blow-up dolls, they have evolved that they are now on the rise to fame with the advanced technology incorporated in their manufacture. Currently, the sex doll manufacturers are making sex dolls that are realistic and as close in looks as possible with the real woman. They are being made from materials that feel and look as real as real can be. Mostly, they have lost the plastic look and unreal appearances. But it does not end there; the sex doll manufacturers are working around the clock to come up with bigger and better milestones in the sex doll appearances and behaviors.

Heated Up Sex Dolls

As much as the sex dolls being produced feel so real, there is a flip side. The materials used in making sex dolls are either silicone or TPE. Both being plastic materials, they are always cold and only become warm when close to a heated place. This has been one of the areas to work on for most manufacturers and is now closing up with the anticipated self-heating sex doll. An electric plug extending from the neck area will see most sex dolls warm-up before the owners have sex with them. This warmth, in addition to the real feel of the doll’s skin, and the realistic vagina, will complete the sex doll experience. What is more, there are anticipated sex dolls with built-in batteries that will heat the sex doll and hold as much of the heat as possible for a long time.

Top 10 Sex Dolls Trends

Image: Heated Sex Doll at Alibaba

Artificial Intelligence Dolls

Imagine being the owner of a smart sex doll, and having to manipulate it into whatever you want it to do or say. Such is the next big thing in the sex doll industry, with sex doll being expected to hold conversations and have memories. If you had a conversation with your sex doll, she would be able to remember and start from where you dropped off. A sex doll with a memory can be able to remember your name and hold conversations you want her to. For instance, she can talk ‘dirty’ with you in bed to make the experience even better. Not only that, artificially intelligent dolls can master your body well and store the information to use later when you are having sex with her. She can mourn when you are having sex, and she makes sex feel better and more realistic.


Image: AI Sex Doll. Image is taken from The Sun

Celebrity Sex Dolls

This one is going to get the world dying with anticipation. Imagine you walking into a sex doll store and bumping into Nikki Minaj with all her beautiful curves or Miley Cirrus with all her naughty looks. Amazing. Yes? It is already underway, and some sex dolls have been created to look like celebrities we already know. You know how celebrities are outspoken and iconic. You also know how sometimes if you crush on a given celebrity, it will remain just that. As a celebrity crush, you have no chance of getting him or her. Now, stop and think of a sex doll made to resemble, feel like, and look exactly like your dream celebrity, gorgeous, right? Expect the sex doll industry to go wild soon with sex dolls made from the image of your favorite celebrity crush. This is going to be significant as it will be both male and female, and we all are going to be having sex with celebrities!

Top 10 Sex Dolls Trends


Image: Realistic Sex Doll. Photo taken from Sex Dolls

Built-in Touch Sensors

So, now your sex doll has artificial intelligence and looks like your dream crush celebrity. What if she or he can respond to your touch? The sex doll manufacturers are looking to embed an artificial nervous system in sex dolls so that they can feel and react to your touch. This will not only make you have better sex with your doll; it will make you go home early every day. This is because it is like having a real woman at home. She will be designed to give you sex, warmth, companionship, and the partner you so desire.

Top 10 Sex Dolls Trends


Image: Sex Doll with Sensor. Photo was taken from Mpasho

More Realistic Than Realistic

The sex doll industry is interestingly the most advanced right now. They are looking to invent sex dolls that are neither made from TPE materials nor silicone materials. They are currently exploring ways of making the sex doll more advanced with purely synthetic materials. These will be referred to as ultra-realistic sex dolls. In other words, if for a minute you ever felt that the TPE and silicone are somewhat unreal, you would never feel that way about this one. They will have a look and feel of the real skin, with the subtle line like those on the neck, etc.

Top 10 Sex Dolls Trends

Image: Realistic Sex Doll. The photo was taken from 6YE Doll

There Is More

Rumor has it that the sex doll industry is planning to venture further than the Artificial intelligence docket. They will also extend further into the creation of sex dolls that can run some errands and do a few house chores. At this point, I think having a real partner will be significantly compromised and hanging on the thread. Many people will prefer sex dolls that are ultra-realistic, warm, conversational, and at the same time able to do some things. This will be like the perfect partner, and there may be no turning back.

Top 10 Sex Doll Trends

Sex dolls keep getting better by the day, and as the sex doll manufacturers aim higher and higher in technological advancement, it is time to get only the best. The sex doll trends will keep changing and getting better and better and will keep revolutionizing until we may be able to get a real human! The most important thing is to allow both men and women to enjoy the great sex doll luxury, and sex doll manufacturers have to think fast about producing sex dolls for women as well. The same way the uptake of sex dolls for men has been high, maybe it will be even better for women. So for now, sit back, and wait in anticipation for this great innovation in artificial intelligence.

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