Future Of Sex: How Close Are Robotic Sex Dolls?

Future of Sex: How close are robotic sex dolls?

Perhaps this is the point that the world was being warned about; a time when feminists felt that women would be replaced by sex robots. A time when it would be so easy to say that what a woman can do, a sex doll can do too. This is the future of sex dolls, and it is one reality we will have to manage and deal with. How bad can it be, you ask? As bad as having to be in a relationship with a sex doll and feeling absolutely as if you were with the right person; the person of your dreams.

Well, customization of sex dolls has been going on almost for as long as the realistic sex dolls have been in existence. But there is an addition, the customization of the future sex dolls will not only give you your dream skin color, eye color, body size, or height. I will provide you with your dream face look as well. The future of the sex doll world will enable you to have exactly who you want in a relationship, and not who you find along the way. Scary? Maybe.

The Future Sex Robots

We are as taken back as you are with what these future sex doll robots would be able to do; almost as though they were sex goddesses with command on whoever wants or owns them! The sex doll industry has expanded to serious lengths and the reason it is able to conform to all these changing tides. Well, the change we all like is here, and it is coming through the sex robots in the form of artificial intelligence.

Future of Sex: How close are robotic sex dolls?

Image: Male Sex Robot Photo Taken at Guy Counseling

For starters, sex robots will be like real humans in all ways, including the fine lines on the sole of the feet. Even more, they will be fitted with internal heating devices that will keep them warm all the time, as warm as you and me, making it even scarily realistic. This means that manual heating up of sex dolls before sex is over and done with, and replaced only by better.

The future of sex robots fitted with artificial intelligence will enable them to be able to have several facial expressions. The sex doll will smile at you, hold eye contact with you, feel and look sad or happy, grin back at you, wink at you, and even move their eyes around them. What more would we ask for than sex dolls that understand and respond to us? Can you imagine coming home after an eventful day and having to vent to a sex doll that actually understands and react to what you are saying?

By virtue of having artificial intelligence, the sex robots will be able to learn and understand you and your body. By so doing, you will have a sex doll that knows your favorite sex position and your most enjoyable sex time. Your sex doll will understand where you like being touched and where to avoid in order to make you happy. This essentially means that you can have role play with your sex doll! How more cool can it even get?

Future of Sex: How close are robotic sex dolls?

Image: Latest Sex Bot Doll. Photo taken at DS Doll Robotic

The future sex robots can hold a conversation with you. For instance, the famed Harmony will tell you that she was created to please you. Harmony is a sex robot that has hit the waves of the sex doll world like thunder. The people who have been in contact describe her as a human sex doll, and experts warn that she is here to fill up the gap that has been left behind by a person whose touch on conversation has drifted off. Basically, the sex robot would greet you when you walk in and would answer back when you speak to her.

Wait, it does not stop there; these sex robots have a memory storage device that can allow them to save your last conversation with them therein. The next time you speak, say, after a good night’s sleep, the sex robot will be able to pick up from where you dropped off! How convenient is that anyway?

How close are we to the Robotic Sex Dolls?

This might even feel closer than we thought, at least in the recent past. Robotic sex dolls were, until a few months ago, just an unrealized idea in the pipeline. It was being spoken of like an idea whose time was not yet due. And most of us knew it would come to pass eventually, but after a long time or in the far future.

Well, it turns out we were absolutely wrong. The idea whose time was not yet due has been actualized. Top sex doll manufacturers actually ran with the idea and decided to come up with a test sex robot to see the results. This means that the sex robot idea’s time has already come, as seen from the famed Harmony sex robot. It may not even look like a test, seeing that she can already speak and articulate those words perfectly. So, how far we are from the actualization of sex dolls, you may ask? We are already there.

Sex doll manufacturers are already working around the clock to keep up with the tempo, and it is not going to be a slow pace if we may warn. Imagine the strength with which the silicone and TPE sex dolls landed in the market, and how fast they were flying off the shelves. Then imagine a talking and artificially intelligent sex robot, and imagine how serious their uptake would be.


The future of sex and sex robots is nothing but dim. Since we are in the era when everything is now openly spoken about, and there are minimal cases of being ashamed to talk about sex dolls and sex robots, it can only get better. Sex robots among us would only mean a more practical approach to the entire sexual intercourse world, for our generation and the generations to come. But the biggest secret lies in accepting that they are now a part of us for good.

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