What Are The New Technology Sex Dolls?

What are the new technology sex dolls?

Technology is the only unstoppable aspect of this fast-growing society. It applies to everything, the vibrant sex doll industry notwithstanding. Sex dolls have been with us for the longest time, but have continued to advance with every passing year. Today, we can proudly say that the industry is going places. This is because of the steps the industry has taken into embracing technology and incorporating it into their sex dolls.

What are the new technology sex dolls?

Image: Blow up Sex Doll. The photo was taken from Simply Pleasure

Initially, sex dolls used to be very unattractive, in either cloth stuff or blow up plastics. Simply put, they were so flat that they could not even attract the horniest person out there. After a while, the industry took a step higher and came up with the TPE and silicone sex dolls, which are still prevalent today. These were a lot better, created to intrigue and seduce anyone who looked at them. The technology applied to these sex dolls is superior, at the very least.

Because of the new technology, sex dolls are now being made to look and feel as realistic as real partners would, complete with all the features of the perfect partner. New technology keeps advancing and stretches even towards the other aspects of sex dolls; sex toys and masturbators.

Characteristics of New Technology Sex Dolls

As mentioned earlier, the old-age sex dolls are now over and done with. Enter the era of realistic and simply stunning sexy sex dolls equipped with features that can be termed as mind-blowing.

First, their physical appearance is ultra-realistic at best. One looks at the sex dolls, and you think you are looking at a real person. Their skin is made to feel and look exactly like that of a real person; soft to the touch and complete with the pores, hairs, freckles, the folds, etc.

What are the new technology sex dolls?

Image: UltraRealistic Sex Doll. The photo was taken from Reuters

Secondly, the other features like eyes, nails, pubic hairs, and the like have been put in place. We can assure you that lying there; you would easily pass the sex dolls as humans. The features are made to pass as real, complete in all the usual human colors for eye, hair, skin, nails, etc.

The new technology has ensured that the sex dolls primary function remains sex. This can then be paired up with companionship and other things as the owners choose. And for the sex to be as realistic as possible, the sex dolls have been made to do exactly what any other human could do in the bedroom. This could be vaginal, oral, and anal sex, among others. The specific orifices have been made with advanced technology to feel and look like the real thing; the vagina, the anus, and the mouth.

Advanced Technology

More than just the silicone and TPE sex dolls, the new technology keeps arising every other day. Today, it has resulted in something bigger and better than the silicone and TPE sex dolls; robot sex dolls. At first, it might sound weird, but it is actually already happening. Sex doll industries are now producing robot sex dolls in large numbers owing to the rising demand. You might wonder why the demand is rising; the robot sex dolls are not just any other sex dolls. They are super close to being the real person. Some of their features are listed below.

  • Artificial intelligence. The sex dolls are now fitted with artificial intelligence. We all know how much artificial intelligence has become part of the new advance technology today, but we would know better than to think it was only in gadgets and electronics.
  • Artificial memory. Your new technology sex doll will be fitted with artificial memory in a bid to help him or her recall things and store some information for future use. For instance, if you had a conversation with your sex doll before leaving for the office, he or she will be able to pick up from where you left it later, thanks to this memory. Your sex doll also will have a memory of you in general. He or she has been programmed to learn your body, your favorite sex position, your best weakest sex spots, what you like or do not like while having sex, etc. You will feel like he or she knows what to do and when to.
  • Body warmth and heat. New technology has advanced so much that now the robot sex dolls are fitted with eating devices as opposed to manually heating them before sex. Their body temperature now feels like that of a real person!
  • Communication. Your new technology sex doll has been programmed to communicate with you in many ways. The most pronounced one is a facial expression and eye contact. Your sex doll is now able to make certain facial expressions in response to you. Some of the facial expressions your sex doll will be able to make include but are not limited to winking, grinning, smiling, sad faces, smirk, etc. Also, your sex doll can now maintain eye contact with you when you are having a conversation, thanks to the new sex doll technology and robot sex dolls.

The Impact of New Technology in Sex Dolls

The impact of the new technology in sex dolls is not unique to us and has instead been accepted as a global change. For instance, there is a warning from human rights activists that sex dolls will eventually replace humans. The reason is these sex dolls are so convenient, submissive, and are very inexpensive to maintain. As such most people might choose them over human partners. According to experts, there are more female sex dolls than male sex dolls, and men are the most affected by this presumption. They feel that they may get to the point of losing the connection with women totally and begin to prefer sex dolls.

One thing is clear, though, that technology keeps advancing with each passing day. We might not know what is in store for us in the future about sex dolls and technology, but we know that more change is coming. The best thing to do is to accept these sex goddesses as part and parcel of us and embrace them for the best.

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