Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Realistic Sex Doll


Realistic sex dolls are increasingly rising in demand. They have been in circulation for a long time now, albeit privately. But now, people are continually coming out into the open to declare their ownership of the realistic sex dolls, with some even marrying them and treating them just as they would a woman. They are dressed up and taken out and even bought for presents and material things. Realistic dolls have become a part of our day to day lives, so to say. And as the demand keeps going up, they will eventually be accepted and appreciated by all of us. But then, why do you need to buy a realistic sex doll?

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Realistic Sex Doll

Image: Realistic Sex Doll. Photo taken from Silicon Wives


This is one of the many reasons why men are buying realistic sex dolls. In some countries, the number of women is so minimal. What happens is that those around are either children or are already taken by another. This leaves many men of marriage or relationship age single and still searching. At the age of being in a relationship, sex becomes essential in a man’s day to day life and almost becomes a basic need. So, with all the women around unavailable, what is the next big step? The realistic sex dolls, of course. They are realistic, and as real as real can be. They look, feel, touch, and pose like your dream woman, and you have no choice, and you have to get her because you have to have sex. The realistic sex dolls have saved men in countries like China, by enabling them to carry on with their sex life in a time when no partners abound.


For the young men out there, it is not comfortable being with a woman for the first time. It is not easy having no sexual experience when the time comes for you to have sex, with your woman looking up to you to take around it. The embarrassment that comes with not knowing what to do with her, or where to touch and where not to, is so immense that you may decide just to let it be. Not to worry though, the realistic sex dolls are here for you, and they will get you the experience you badly need. Realistic sex dolls have no feelings as they are essentially just plastic models. They are the best for you to practice with and learn with, before having the real experience finally. Get yourself a realistic sex doll and save yourself the embarrassment. 


If you are not single and it is not your first time, then you are married or in a relationship. But even in that setting, men have weird dreams and fantasies that they wish to indulge in with their women. But seeing that the women may be too busy, tired, or even unable to offer that, the best bid is to get yourself a realistic sex doll which can enable you to achieve those fantasies. If it is a sex style you desire, and she is not able to do it, a sex doll will do it without any problem.


What if you have rough and violent sexual tendencies but do not want to hurt women? The realistic sex doll, having no spirit, cannot feel anything, good or bad. If you get yourself one such doll, you can hurt it in all the ways possible while still fulfilling your sexual desire, as opposed to hurting a real person.


Think about having to cheat on your woman with another woman. It is not only disrespectful; it is hurtful and heartbreaking. Get the better option of having sex with a doll; it will not break her heart as much as a real woman would.


Realistic sex dolls are of different body sizes, body shapes, colors, and heights. You will be spoilt for choice as you pick your plastic girlfriend. What is more, you can have as many as you want to.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Realistic Sex Doll

Image: Customized Sex Doll. Photo taken from Silicon Wives


Your wife or girlfriend may come just as she is. But your sex doll will come as you want it to. Sex doll manufacturers have provided for you to be able to select your sex doll as you want it put into consideration all the features you want in your dream woman.


Some people get bored of regular sex with their partners and want to add a sparkle to their romance. The best way to go about it is to buy a realistic sex doll and have sex with it together with your partner for a whole new sexual experience.


Sex dolls are fun to be with, those who have been there knowing this. The side of sex dolls you do not know is that you can accessorize her into anything you want. Dress her up sexily and pose her in waiting for you. But more, buy her some detachable penis so that you feel her shemale side, or let your woman ride her!


As mentioned before, realistic sex dolls are only realistic, but they do not have a human spirit or soul. They are plastic. So if you are a man and are afraid of dramas and nagging from women, this is your call. Sex dolls will only provide you with sex, when and as you want it, without complaining or being tired. They will also not jealous if you have another girlfriend, hell, they wouldn’t even notice it!


Gone are the days when having a sex doll was considered an embarrassment. Today, it is almost a luxury, considering it costs as high as a car would. Taking into consideration all the reasons you have to own a sex doll, go for it. At some point, it will become normal to move around with her, take her out, and even go swimming with her, without getting those stolen glances from bystanders and onlookers.

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