How To Buy Sex Dolls On Amazon

How to Buy Sex Dolls on Amazon
How to Buy Sex Dolls on Amazon

We should never underestimate the power of convenience and availability. So gone are the days when we would go to the store in person to get our needs before the world advanced technologically. Today, right about everything we need is available online by just a click of a button, and it does not end there; it is delivered right to you! All this is thanks to online vendors and shops like the famous Amazon.

How to Buy Sex Dolls on Amazon

IMAGE: Sex Dolls on Amazon. Taken on July 30, 2019

Amazon is an online sales Company-based in America, originally named Cadabra, which is owned by the renowned Jeff Bezos. Established in 1994, Amazon was named after the biggest river in the entire world, Amazon, beginning off as a book store. The company has since grown and expanded to be one of the biggest and most preferred online stores in the entire world. Today, Amazon conveniently stocks every household goods you might need and not just the original books.


Since the world made a significant shift to online shopping, so much has been added to the items that can be bought and sold online. And thanks to the technology, we can now buy and sell our sex dolls on Amazon, just like we would on any other online shop. Amazon has teamed up with numerous sex doll manufacturers and vendors to bring you exclusive service right to your doorsteps, seeing that many people still consider this a very private aspect of their lives.

How to Buy Sex Dolls on Amazon

Image: Sex Doll sold by Azisen. Photo taken from Amazon.

So, having decided that you want to buy your next sex doll on Amazon, how do you go about it? How is the shopping experience on Amazon? What are the differences shopping on Amazon and shopping directly from your manufacturer or sex doll vendor? What steps should you follow to buy successfully from Amazon? These among other questions should be answered before you go on to peruse through the available sex doll on Amazon.


Like any other online sex doll vendor, Amazon has its user manuals and guidelines to ensure you get the best out of your experience with them. So, how do you about this?

You have to be of legal age to be able to buy sex dolls from Amazon, seeing that it is a sensitive topic, and children could easily get swayed off their morals when exposed to such explicit content.

How to Buy Sex Dolls on Amazon

Image: Photo taken from chocolate.fx

Step One

You need to have an account with Amazon, preferably your account; do not use another person’s account. Many people already have accounts with Amazon, seeing that it is one of the biggest online vendors across the globe and at some point we have bought things there. If you do not have an account, you can open one in the easiest and quickest procedure provided for you. All you need to provide are your names and email address. The process takes less than a minute to complete!

Step Two

Look for the product or goods you want to buy; in this case, a sex doll. Type the title’ sex doll’ or ‘love doll’ in the search bar on the top of the page, and you will be redirected to all the available sex dolls on Amazon. Peruse through all the available sex dolls on the website to find what you are looking for.

N/B: Amazon has the widest ever sex doll collection. Perusing through the website, you will find sex toys like vibrators and dildos, masturbators like torso-only toys, blow-up dolls, and even stuffed loved dolls, as well as realistic and ultra-realistic sex dolls like the silicone and TPE sex dolls that are trending today. The latest additions include the robotic sex dolls with almost human-like features. 

How to Buy Sex Dolls on Amazon

Image: Screenshot of Storage for Sex Doll. Photo taken on July 30, 2019

Step Three

It is only so that you buy sex doll accessories alongside your sex doll, and these too are available on Amazon. Accessories sold on this platform range from the wig and hair collections to the clothing options for your sex doll. Choose from a wide variety of colors and designs to suit your needs. Also choose from an extensive selection of hair shampoos and oils for your sex doll, as well as sex lubes to use during your intimate moments with your love doll. Do not forget to purchase the storage kit for your sex doll.

Step Four

Add your sex doll to the ‘cart’ and proceed to do the same with all the other selected accessories. Once done, proceed to provide your address details. This is basically where your sex doll will be sent, and as such, it is vital to ensure you give the correct physical address.

Step Five

The last step in buying a sex doll from Amazon is the checkout stage, where you provide your details and payment info to pay for the goods. The payment methods are flexible enough to accommodate all buyers, and you should contact Amazon if you are facing any challenges at this point.


How to Buy Sex Dolls on Amazon

Image: Sex Doll sold by Aininyo. Photo taken from Amazon

Amazon offers you a spot with convenience and accessibility locked therein. Take advantage of their daily offers and promotions as well as their coupons and discounts on landing the best prices. Once you open up the link with the sex doll you want to purchase, ensure to check whether it is eligible to be sent or shipped to your country first, then proceed. Note that, your privacy is critical, and will be well taken care of with Amazon, as is your personal and payment information.

N/B: Remember to check through all the features of your sex doll before proceeding to checkout. One of the biggest challenges is that, on Amazon, you only get to buy the sex doll as you see it with no option to customize it as you desire. Once you receive your sex doll, it is vital to check for any defects before rushing it to use. If any, do get in touch with Amazon and seek help in fixing it or have them replace the sex doll for you if it is beyond repair. 

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