Latest Sex Dolls News Recap

Latest Sex Dolls News Recap
Latest Sex Dolls News Recap

As the world adjusts to the extremely dynamic booming business of the sex doll industry, more is yet to come out as evident from the trending news related to sex dolls. Many people who already purchased their sex dolls are taking to the internet to drop stories and images that can only be described as intriguing. But seeing that the sex doll industry has come from too far, the trending news can only keep changing every other day. 

Otherwise known as love dolls, the sexy sex dolls in the market now were initially meant for sex and masturbation. They have since expanded boundaries and are now useful in many other ways. As the news keeps trending, more and more information about sex dolls keeps coming clean. Interestingly, this is a forum from which we can get more info and any changes in the sex doll world.


Latest Sex Dolls News Recap

Image: AI Sex Doll Robot Samantha. Photo taken from Daily Express

News about robotic sex dolls is not about to die off any time soon. The story is not as new and groundbreaking, but the world remains in awe with the extent that technology can stretch to. So, now, sex dolls can be able to maintain eye contact as well as have some facial expressions. On top of this, sex dolls can have premade conversations and retain the memory of these conversations. That is not enough; sex robots are now being programmed to moan during sex to heighten the pleasure of the moment. This is all good, but it will begin to get scary when the sex robots are built with artificial wombs and artificial brains to give them a capacity like that of the woman. At this point, we shall know that the sex doll world is unstoppable, and the position of women in men’s lives will be almost permanently compromised.


This is not an obsession really; it is a deep longing to be with a particular celebrity you are crushing on, but since you cannot be, you have a sex doll made to look exactly like them. The recent news has exposed reactions to Lady Gaga and the like having sex dolls made in their image. The exact body size of the doll, boobs size, butt size, skin color, eye color, and hair color, as well as the height of the doll feature an exact image of the personality being copied. And now, it gets even better. Recent news reports a man who was so heartbroken by his separation with his woman, and then he approached the sex doll manufacturers asking them to make a sex doll with the same looks as hers! It does not look like he will move on any time soon, though.

Latest Sex Dolls News Recap

Image: Amber Hawk Swanson Sex Doll. Photo taken from Chicago Reader


Latest Sex Dolls News Recap

Image: Samantha, AI Robot with Sensors on her breasts and genitals. Photo taken from The Sun

In the recent past, news has been made by brothels that now operate with sex dolls and not the regular human sex workers. Demonstrations were carried out by human rights activists to dampen these moves in vain. Some sex dolls were, however, closed down as a result of the people’s demonstrations. The majority were left pushing on with the business. But as if that was not enough, the brothels have now introduced the sex robots into the business, with all their artificial intelligence! The news report that one particular such brothel that was announced to launch soon is fully booked in advance even before it is open for business! Now, that is a serious thing. It is almost as if it is not a secret anymore; commercial sex workers have lost business to plastic sex goddesses who they cannot even compete with as it is.


Latest Sex Dolls News Recap

Image: Sex Doll themed golf course. Photo taken from Daily Star UK

Now, if you thought things were going south, you need to stop and hear some more. A woman did a wedding with a zombie sex doll and had their pictures all over the social media platforms. The craziest part is, they have been reported to have consummated their marriage, and now they want kids! So, how much more craze are we still going to take in? Let us wait for more disturbing news from the same.

Meanwhile, a golf course has been built up and labeled adults-only. The reason is simple; the golf course features the House of Holes and depicts blow-up sex dolls. The crazy part is this; we know children also go into golf courses, was it even the best idea to build a sex doll themed golf course? It is all news, and we may not have much but to listen and follow.


Latest Sex Dolls News Recap

Image: Japanese man Ozaki took Sex Doll Mayu on a date. Photo taken from NY Post

The world will soon face a severe population crisis as women outnumber the men available for partnerships. The ratio that keeps growing by the day is a result of the fact that men now prefer virtual partners to real partners. Maybe it is because of the drama and unending fights with the real woman and the submissiveness and ever-loving nature of the sex dolls. Experts are still researching to deduce the exact reason for this turn. This means that soon, every man out there will be taken; and not by another woman, but by a sex doll. Essentially, women will lack partners because of sex dolls. Well, this was the initial outcry by feminists and human rights activists, and it seems it was true after all. 

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