Sex Doll Safety and Coronavirus

Sex Doll Safety and Coronavirus

Whether it’s a customized or a pre-existing sex doll, everyone is starting to embrace the presence and benefits of sex dolls to address natural sexual urges. Many people find the use of sex dolls as the most harmless and safest way of ‘release.’ For this reason, the sex doll industry has started to boom in the past years and continued to progress up to this date. However, it still can’t be denied that the menace of COVID- 19, the newly-discovered coronavirus that killed thousands of lives, has affected this business due to the rumors that viral transmission between China-made sex dolls and human is possible. To clear it out, this transmission is not possible and just nearly part of senseless human imagination. 

In a quick overview, COVID- 19, formerly known as 2019 Novel Coronavirus (NCoV), is a virus strain that belongs to a huge family of coronavirus. Similar to other viral respiratory infections that manifested years ago like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV), COVID- 19 has also resulted in numerous cases of death, primarily in mainland China, the known origin of the virus. According to medical experts, this viral disease commonly progresses from a simple sore throat, cold, and cough until respiratory complications propagate and lead the patient to death.

With raging fear of getting in contact with this disease, people start to practice various preventive measures such as hand washing, avoidance of crowded places, and even disregarding the use of any products that originate from any of the Chinese territories. 

Due to the non-sense and medically-denied speculations about the transmission and nature of COVID- 19, many people come to assume that any materials from China, including plastic creations like sex dolls, will contribute to the unrestrained spread of the virus. But medical authorities categorically invalidate this claim because, according to them, COVID- 19 can only be transferred through respiratory droplets released when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Not to mention, sex dolls would never have such kinds of discharges because of the fact that they are not real humans who have lungs and other respiratory organs. Therefore, you can still continue ordering sex dolls from China and have a good night’s sleep with them without harming yourself. All the wonderful benefits that these sex dolls can bring remain intact and accessible amidst the threat of the virus. Much clearer now? 

Sex Doll Safety and Coronavirus


Reasons Why Sex Dolls are Safe From COVID- 19 Contamination

As mentioned above, sex dolls assembled, made, and delivered from China will never be a courier of COVID- 19. Not convinced yet? Here are the main reasons why sex dolls are safe from contamination of the said virus: 

  • COVID- 19 and other viruses are extremely vulnerable to the extent that they cannot survive life outside the human host. Normally, they can only live for about 24 hours on a hard surface. With this, the virus will not survive the entire delivery duration that takes more than a couple of weeks. 
  • Sterilization of the machines and raw materials is a top priority in the production process of these sex dolls. Once the figure has been molded and formed, it will be sprayed with anti-septic chemicals to kill bacteria, viruses, and microbes. Furthermore, the after-product is sealed securely in a plastic bag to prevent any kind of contamination.  
  • The UK government highly acknowledges the safety of its citizens from this virus. Hence, overseas packages are strictly undergoing a series of sanitary examinations before the courier receives the parcel for delivery. 
  • Specific places in mainland China that were severely affected by the virus have temporarily halted any business and factory operations. Hence, sex dolls that continue to be delivered amidst the intervention of this virus are certainly originated from Chinese places with less or no viral cases. 

Sex Doll Safety and Coronavirus

How Can You Maintain the Hygiene of Your Sex Dolls? 

Despite the fact that viral transmission between plastic sex dolls and human is not possible in anyways, you can still feel assured that your China-made sex doll is virus-free by adhering to the hygiene protocols enumerated below: 

  • Do not forget to wash your hand before and after you touch and open the parcel. Using some alcohol or hand sanitizer would be a plus. 
  • After you assemble the sex doll, consider wiping its entire surface using anti-septic cleaning wipes. 
  • When everything is set, sterile your hands by washing them twice with soap and water.

It is important to take note that sex dolls have no capability to keep COVID- 19 alive and contribute to the rampant transmission of the virus. However, if the user disregarded its cleanliness, orderliness, hygiene, unwanted bacterial, or fungal growth is most likely to occur and harm your health eventually. Hence, practicing good hygiene with your sex dolls can be of great help to get rid of any bacterial and fungal infections. Here are the things you start doing now: 

  • For male users, it is advisable to use condoms when penetrating to make it easier for them to clean the sex dolls. More so, it can also decrease the chance of bacterial and fungal growth among the areas involved. 
  • Consider using antibacterial cleansers when washing your sex doll. In this way, the growth of bacteria and fungi will be stopped. 
  • The use of douche, a direct water sprayer, to clean the channels around your doll can also be of the greatest help. 
  • A natural sponge soaked in warm water and soap is a good instrument to scrub the narrow openings of the doll. 
  • It is a must to remember that after cleaning your dolls, the drying up process is the next crucial step. Keep all the channels dry and get rid of any moisture. 
  • Definitely, don’t forget to practice good hygiene for yourself. 

Sex Doll Safety and Coronavirus

Sex Doll Safety and Coronavirus

Sex dolls coming from mainland China are a hundred percent safe from COVID- 19 contamination, as discussed above. Hence, there’s no room to cave in to your fears because of the senseless rumors about coronavirus and sex dolls. Still savor the beauty of sexual pleasure you can get from these sex dolls with no harm.    

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