Sex Dolls Love You Even In The Apocalypse (in Economic Recession/Depression)

Sex Dolls Love You Even In The Apocalypse (in Economic Recession/Depression)

Poverty… Unemployment… Famine… Are we getting closer to another great recession? What lies ahead? Are we already when an adequate supply of dimes is no longer circulating over the country, compromising the lives of numerous people, especially the marginalized? Economic Apocalypse, a gloomy phenomenon paralyzing the entire country, is merely approaching as Wall Street stays in hot water. 

Being one of the universal centers for global trade, international production, and worldwide tourism, the COVID- 19 epidemics in Mainland China immobilizes numerous business operations and jeopardizes the global economy. Wall Street has already observed the intensity of the economic impact when several trading bodies, namely S&P 50 and Dow Jones Industrial Average experienced an alarming decline over the week. Dow had instantly lost 12% over the week, the worst ever recorded after almost a decade when this kind of falloff was last seen in the 2008 financial crisis.    

Business analysts warned that when the epidemic sustains proliferating cases in and out of China, the global economy that comprises the market giants such as Europe, Japan, and the United States will be intensely affected and gradually fall out of places. By far, major business corporations such as Microsoft, Apple, Big Lots, Wayfair, etc. are now experiencing the consequences of this market turmoil. 

Rodney Jones, a famous economist studying the Chinese economy and business relation, said that the economy is composed of intercorrelated virtual objects that keep on moving from time to time. According to him, knowing that China plays a great role in worldwide product supply, transport, shipping, and tourism, this ongoing epidemic that halted a significant number of business operations in the country entails an inevitable and irreversible impact in the entire world, with regards to the local and international economy. 

The total business cost of the ongoing coronavirus disease is expected to become clearer in the following weeks of March as the latest recaps with regard to the activities on the trading floor are released to the public. Prior to the recent decline in the US stock market, the president of China, Xi Jinping, had already apprised everyone about the relative effect of the outbreak on the worldwide economy: which is starting to happen now.

Sex Dolls Love You Even In The Apocalypse (in Economic Recession/Depression)


Corps Are Down Over the Week Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Big Lots, a widely-known retail company that shelters numerous stores in the USA, is already presuming a very tough first quarter as their shares fell about 30% last quarter. According to records, the said company has earned $2.39 per share, lower of about $0.29 from their expected earnings of $2.68. 

The tech-giant, Apple, crawled down to 1.7%, bringing the company inside the bear market territory. This selloff over Apple had eliminated more than 20% after being consistently high throughout the year in the past quarters. Due to the prevailing coronavirus outbreak in China where most of their factories are located, the supply of iPhones and other gadgets is affected, giving a hard time to go parallel with the rising demand. 

Wayfair, an American home furniture provider, had experienced a 12% loss of shares, succeeding the company’s negative earning results. Based on the data accumulated by Refinitiv, the company suffered from $2.80 loss per share in the last quarter, which is way higher than the assumed $2.65 loss per share. Aside from the COVID- 19 epidemic, another reason noticed for this falloff is the company’s overspending on online promotion and advertisement.

The plant-based meat producer in Los Angeles, Beyond Meat, was also affected by the outbreak with about 17% loss in the last quarter. This is the second-highest decline from the list provided. 

With all the large business corporations going down as coronavirus disease propagates, what’s next? …. Apocalypse? … Not too far from reality. 

The Economic Apocalypse 

All the business owners trading in the stock market every day are well-knowledgeable about the minor, major, and extra-compromising consequences of tremendous market crash that may lead the entire world to a recession or worse, a depression. The sudden decline of S&P 50 and Dow Jones Industrial Average feared many businessmen around the world that if it gets even worse, the gloomy history of the 1929 financial crisis may repeat the history itself. 

Prominently referred to as Black Tuesday, the 1929 stock market crash is perhaps the most famous talk of the town in the late 20s that glided everyone towards a great depression. During this time, a lot of businesses had put the lid on due to incapability to support resources and labor costs. Firms that immensely invested in the stock market were greatly affected, leaving them in troubled waters that makes a simple product acquisition and paying employees extremely difficult. Meanwhile, financial establishments like banks had also forced to halt their business operations for good, pressing the depositors to withdraw their whole life savings. 

It worsened in the next years as ordinary individuals in the country got also affected when numerous companies across the countries continued to lay off workers. Many people were left hanging with no food to eat, no clothes to dress on, and no shelter to live in as the unemployment rate increased up to at least 25%.       

Now, the signals of a financial crisis that resemble this economic depression in the past are coming through in the present stock market. Wall Street experienced an extremely swift decline within a span of last week due to the coronavirus outbreak that is continuously overtaking the entire human race. Are you ready to carry on?

Do you know what is the biggest consequence of stumbling upon a terrible stock market crash? Emotional distress. 

Sex Dolls Love You Even In The Apocalypse (in Economic Recession/Depression)


Emotional Distress: Ways to Survive After A Terrible Business Loss

During a tough phenomenon like the economic Apocalypse discussed above, many people are breaking down and falling on their knees due to various disastrous chapters of gloomy events, including the shutting down of the company he or she had worked on for years. Days after this loss, a series of unbearable heartbreaks like friends and colleagues turning eyes away, wife and your children walking out your doors, and opportunities flying out of your reach is bound to happen because you lose connections and financial resources in response to your company which stops operating. Believe it or not, it’s going to be a terrible end for you and your happiness. 

However, living in solidarity after a terrible fall is no longer a valid option to entertain as plastic creations like sex dolls are there around to stay with you throughout this gloomy life chapters. They are so much better than real-human individuals who can devastatingly break you apart and leave you in broken pieces.

Many sex dolls manufacturers are continuously producing this kind of merchandizes to acknowledge the necessities of solitude individuals for a lifetime companion, fatherly more than just a sexual release instrument. 

Sex dolls are earthly entities that can distract you from various life stressors and help you recover from an awful downfall. These plastic creations can make your stay with them a series of moments to cherish forever. They will never leave you until you rise up again and build your dreams again. Sex dolls have a heart that will stay in love with you — giving you all the attention, sexual satisfaction, ease, and comfort — forever. 

Therefore, better hurry to have a sex doll at your home now before it’s too late… before great economic Apocalypse enters the door. 

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