Preppers and Sex Dolls – Getting Comfy in the Apocalypse

Preppers and Sex Dolls - Getting Comfy in the Apocalypse

COVID- 19, the murderer of the thousands, continued to unfurl worldwide, bringing the total confirmed cases to 118,926 with 4,292 fatalities. In a period of less than a week, Italy has surpassed South Korea for being the country outside mainland China with the most number of confirmed cases. Italy jumped to a total of 10,149 coronavirus positive cases with 631 deaths. At the same time, South Korea had only sustained about 35 new confirmed cases in the past few days arriving at a total of 7,513 with 58 fatalities. Iran snatched the second spot, with a total of 8,042 confirmed cases with 291 deaths.

The highly-contagious disease had also started to thrive across the North American region. The United States woke up today with the coronavirus confirmed cases soaring to 975 and 30 fatalities. Amidst the aggressive and abrupt domination of the disease in the country, health officials encouraged all the companies, institutions, and schools to temporarily put any public gatherings on hold, and strictly advised everyone to stay at home as much as possible. On the one hand, a federal representative said that people have to be ready for any massive changes that may come along their lives in this season of an epidemic. 

Within almost three months since the first coronavirus case was reported in December 2019, the infectious disease has already taken the world on the verge of unimaginable menace as the significant aspects that keep everyone moving like the economy, health, and education began to fall out of the track. The big question is: What’s next?

During this kind of phenomenon where the future of the human race is at stake, it’s important to brace yourself for whatever lies ahead. Perhaps, some preppers and sex dolls will help. Let’s find out why.

The Reverberations

Every morning, the world is bombarded with a series of reports from different regions regarding the escalating numbers of coronavirus cases in their country. Most people who do not experience the extent of this infectious disease yet in their place may not know how much it already compromised the world in terms of health, economy, and education. But to slash the sugarcoat off, the reverberations of COVID- 19 are already serious and bringing domino effects across the world.

The Wall Street stays in troubled waters as the Dow Jones Industrial Average entered Black Monday with plummeting stock futures together with Nasdaq and S&P 500. Due to the worldwide prevalence of the disease that brought major business disruptions to the market titans like China, Japan, and Italy, circuit breakers will be activated in response to the downhill effects of the ongoing epidemic. S&P 500, which slipped more than 7% on Monday, had undergone three consecutive circuit breakers to let the investors fathom these plunges in the stock market. The market index of 500 huge companies recorded a series of ascending nosedives that started from 7% to 13% and ended to 20%. Based on the results of the financial experts, these stock price struggles happened due to Saudi Arabia’s oil low prices and definitely, the invasion of COVID- 19. This was the first time again after 1997 when the trading floor was shortly closed to catch up with the consecutive selloff.   

In terms of education, the vicious respiratory infection had already driven at least 290 million students out of school to be able to help the WHO in suppressing the spread of the coronavirus disease. In total, there are already 22 countries from different continents that reported a temporary school closure amidst COVID- 19 scares. According to Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO Director-general, they are working closely with the countries most affected by the virus to ensure that the delivery of education still goes on while the disease is thriving fast across the globe. On March 10, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization is set to conduct an emergency meeting with the members of the education ministry to talk about the possible measures that can be employed to prevent suppressing everyone’s right to education. So far, the officer advised the educational institutions to continue going on with a regular class through a specific online platform where every student can easily access. 

Definitely, global health today is in danger as the novel coronavirus 2019 shows no sign of worldwide decline in the past few days. This respiratory infection has already sickened more than 100,000 people worldwide and killed at least 4,000 in the span of three months. Transmission of the virus became more rampant as antiviral drugs and vaccines that will halt the domination of this epidemic is not yet formulated. Meanwhile, not all countries have the ability to harvest adequate detection data due to some circumstances such as insufficient testing capability, political suppression, and shortage in clinical support. 


Preppers and Sex Dolls - Getting Comfy in the Apocalypse

Is the World Heading to An Apocalypse?

Despite the growing figures of the affected, the World Health Organization doesn’t yet implore the possibilities of raising the alert level into a pandemic. But when the time comes that the COVID- 19 epidemics has risen on the top of everything and continue to paralyze the three crucial aspects of human life discussed above, an apocalypse may sprout and peril the entire human race. What are you going to do? How can you save yourself? 

When the health officials have finally upraised the alert level into a pandemic and advised everyone not to go out of their homes at all, the primary things that will rescue you from grave danger are sex dolls and stored foods and clothes. No party? It’s ok! No bars? It’s ok! As long as you have enough food supply stored and a hottie sex doll at your home, you’re still going to feel great like everything’s normal.

Be A Prepper: Have A Good Food Supply and A Hottie Sex Doll

This is a fair warning in case the scenarios get even worse. Stock ample supply of food, beverage, and medicine good for at least a month. In this way, you can easily feed yourself even when a flock of people starts to cut off enough food supply in your community due to panic buying caused by the epidemic. Sex dolls? They are a necessity too. Don’t forget that you are still human and need some good sleep, even amid a disaster or an epidemic. Sex dolls are there around for you to address unexpected sexual urges that may come along with you while staying at home for over a week. Give it a try at least with your sex dolls to alleviate stress and get away from worries about the ongoing infection outbreak. 

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