Survive the 14-day Quarantine Period With the Help of Your Sex Doll

Survive the 14-day Quarantine Period With the Help of Your Sex Doll

Who would’ve thought that a singular non-living molecule composed of an extremely tiny strand of ribonucleic acid-coated in protein minerals will throw the whole wide world in great chaos? The serial killer named COVID- 19, the newly-discovered strain of coronaviruses that is more contagious than SARS and MERS-CoV, has already taken the world at stake as its dissemination continues to roll out all over the world.

The highly-communicable viral disease was first observed in the City of Wuhan in China when several local residents began to complain of a type of pneumonia infection where the cause was apparently new and untraceable. It was too late when the nature of the disease was discovered because the virus had already gone far across the entire Hubei province, and now, to the entire world. The World Health Organization declared the COVID- 19 outbreak as a pandemic with death toll rises to 4,633 and have total positive cases of 126,367 worldwide. 

The majority of the confirmed cases came from China, the outbreak’s epicenter, jumping to a total of 80,796 with 3,169 deaths. After South Korea remained on the second top of the list in February, the progress of the virus in the country seemed to slow down in March, sustaining a total of 7,869 confirmed cases with 66 deaths. Meanwhile, Italy paved its way to the top, bringing South Korea down to 3rd with the most number of positive coronavirus cases outside mainland China.

Currently, Italy holds the second spot next to China, with a total of 12,462 confirmed cases with 827 fatalities. In the Middle East, Iran sat on top with 9000 confirmed cases and 354 deaths. Due to the rapid spread of the disease worldwide, especially to the most devastated countries mentioned above, certain preventive measures were imposed to contain the spread of the disease. China, Italy, Denmark, and Mongolia were some of the countries that already dropped a lockdown order to contain the domination of the disease in their area, bringing at least a hundred million people in quarantine. 

As the disease continues to progress in the next couple of weeks, there’s a high possibility that even you can be subjected to a 14-day quarantine as the world outside your home is no longer safe. The big question is: will you survive the quarantine period?

How does It feel to Be Quarantined?

Since day one, the word quarantine has been the talk of the town amidst the domination of the coronavirus in the entire world. But not everyone does not fully understand the meaning of this term, its extent and consequences, and its importance to this season of a viral outbreak. In a brief description, quarantine is a preventive measure that includes self-isolation for a short period of time. In the case of COVID- 19, the quarantine period lasts for about 14 days because the virus is seen to incubate within two weeks. 

Under this order, the person involved is restricted from doing the normal things he or she usually does. The patient is confined only in an isolated place where contact with other people is extremely limited. He or she is also prohibited to leave and roam around outside the confinement facility. Within 14 days, medical experts will track down the health condition of the patient and see if there are any traces of the disease within the patient. If he or she tests negative, the officials will immediately drop the order and flee the patient. But if not, the patient will bring to the accredited medical facility that has the capability to manage the health situation. 

It’s better to be sure than blame yourself in the end; hence self-preparation is indeed important in this matter. Before it’s too late, get ready for the worst scenario to keep things in the right places. 

Survival Checklist to Prepare for A Mandatory 14-day Quarantine

No idea yet about how to prepare for a mandatory 14-day quarantine that is possible to happen anytime as COVID- 19 continues to run in circles? Well, here are the things you need to prepare to survive the temporary self-isolation that may last up to two weeks: 

  1. Cleaning wipes and spray to disinfect the surface of the facility 
  2. Hand soap that can kill germs 
  3. Hand disinfectant with at least 70 percent alcohol content 
  4. Tissue and toilet papers
  5. (For female) Feminine wash and other products
  6. Detergent and dishwashing soap
  7. (If necessary) Diapers, milk, and other baby products 
  8. Non-perishable supply of food, water, and snacks  
  9. (If necessary) Prescribed medication 
  10.  Vitamins and other necessary supplements
  11. Batteries 
  12. (A must) Sex dolls 

Believe it or not, you need a sex doll to help you get through these trying times. It’s going to help you a lot in carrying the situation on. 

Survive the 14-day Quarantine Period With the Help of Your Sex Doll

Sex Doll? Yes, You Need It to Survive the Quarantine!

One thing that is extremely inevitable despite staying around a challenging situation, whether in terms of health, finance, education, etc. — sexual urges. It can come at any time of the day and would not go away unless fulfilled. Furthermore, it’s a natural bodily reaction that seeks a pleasurable response from you. It lingers around while you’re trying to resist. No place to go? Sex dolls will be there for you. 

Plastic creations like sex dolls are a good companion during the trying times as such. They can be your best friend who can watch your favorite movies with you. Dinner date? They can also be your long-lost partner whom you can share your favorite cuisine with. Most importantly, sex dolls can answer your disrupted desire to have sex on a regular basis. Not to mention, they are always readily available to take you up to heavenly pleasure. 

Aside from the natural effect of testosterone, the sex hormone, overstress due to certain circumstances like getting in contact with a disease that has no cure yet, can also be the reason for an increased sex drive. So while you’re in quarantine, there’s no assurance that your sexual urges will temporarily stop as well, just like how the world suddenly stops spinning due to the virus. But if you have your sex doll with you, the management of the situation is going to be fine just like that. So for assurance, it’s better to bring a sex doll with you because it can surely help you get through.     

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