How to Dispose Of A Sex Doll?

How to Dispose A Sex Doll

It can’t be denied that having a tantalizing and enchanting sex doll at home is a great choice at some point. Aside from getting a very accessible sexual pleasure where you can have any time of the day, sleeping with her can also uplift your mood most at times you feel lonesome and solitude. Since sex dolls are plastic creations with no need for health maintenance, they can actually live with you as much as you wish them too. But getting your sex dolls to eternity comes with a lot of considerations. If not properly and seriously taken, they can’t stay forever, just like your real-human wife. 

Similar to other devices you have at home like cellphones, gas stove, tees, shorts — sex dolls won’t last a long time if you disregard to keep them safe from dangerous elements that may harm them. Over time of persistent use, sex dolls may fade from its original appearance, effectiveness, and functions, but you can still have them the way you used to. At this point, you’re going to be twisted around the corners as the old sex doll that served you for years has finally melted away and lost its charismatic spell. But if your sex doll has failed you multiple times, you can’t just throw it away to the bin as if it’s a worn-out vibrator or broken dildos. Sex dolls are quite huge to conceal inside a pit; thus, there’s a standard protocol where each owner must abide to get rid of certain confidentiality and alarm and scandal issues. You, as the owner, must be responsible for it in all scenarios that may come along the way. Stood up matured and think how to responsibly manage them from the time you first bought them up to the time they already need to get disposed of. 

You have two permittable options to address this issue. Would you rather maintain your sex doll? Or throw and replace them either when they already run out of functionality and aesthetics? It’s up to you. 

Why Does It Need to Come At This Point?

Whether you like it or not, your plastic companion also has a virtual life, and it may shorten if you won’t take good care of them. Though lifeless, sex dolls also need to have a good set of hygiene measures and proper maintenance to keep them by your side. In reality, the primary materials that composed them get weary over time and need to either abandon them or take reinforcement. 

There are numerous reasons why sex dolls fade in time. But all of them are seemingly interrelated, coming from one chief root, which is recklessness and aggressiveness.

Similar to a real-human redhead, sex dolls can’t also beat aging. Despite being made out of the most durable polymers such as TPEs and silicones, the sex dolls are still not immune from getting in contact with permanents wears and dents where they can’t be easily removed or detached from the dolls. In this case, the only thing you can do is to bid goodbye to your breathless lover, as staying with her would no longer be satisfying and happy at all. 

When the goddess of destiny finally works in your favor and finally give you the woman of your dreams, it’s probably the right time to live a separate life away from your sex doll. Time will come that you would need to settle down with your real-life partner, and definitely, you have to safely dispose of your sex dolls at this point.     

Above the reasons mentioned, the main factor that takes a sex doll into an end lies in the mind of the owner. After sexing with this sex doll for many times and trying various sex positions and activities, the owner will eventually arrive at the point where living with this sex doll would no longer be the same. At this point, he would come to realize that it’s about time to get rid of his sex doll and take her away from his life. Yes, this is going to happen soon enough. Hence, if you’re a long-time sex doll owner, you should be knowledgeable enough on how to put them properly on trash. 

Importance of Properly Getting Rid of Your Sex Dolls

Saying goodbye to your sex dolls in the most proper way possible would indeed have a great impact, especially in terms of health. If you’re not burning or burying them, make sure that it’s disinfected and well-sterilized before you hand them to others or sell them out. Don’t make these sex dolls become the reason for the outbreak of a highly contagious and infectious disease.  

Casually throwing them to the garbage pit is somewhat permittable, but it requires a greater sense of responsibility. Take extra sensitivity for this action to keep the entire community at good ease. Spend enough time wrapping your sex dolls so well before finally abandoning them in the garbage pit. 

Remember, you have to do these for the environment where you are living and for the people with whom you are living with. As much as possible, take extra precautions in dumping this type of product. 

How to Dispose A Sex Doll

Methods to Dispose of Your Sex Dolls 

There are some good ways to properly get rid of your sex dolls. Don’t have something in mind yet? Well, listed below are the most effective way to dispose of them: 

  1. Put them temporarily in the closet, take a nice picture, and sell them online. Perhaps, it’s the best way to bid goodbye to your long-time plastic lover. 
  2. Throw them to the composed site wrapped in a proper cover. Disinfect them well, or you can disassemble their movable parts to save more space. 
  3. Cannibalize your sex dolls and reuse some specific parts. There’s some good way to create a new item out of the certain sex doll parts detached from its torso. 
  4. Burying your sex dolls deep into the woods is perhaps the best thing you can do to get away from it without incurring any damages to your environment or to the community where you are living in. 

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