What is the Role of Sex Dolls in Combating the Growing Number of Sex Abuse Amongst Women

What is the Role of Sex Dolls in Combating the Growing Number of Sex Abuse Amongst Women

Any sexual acts without mutual consent will always remain to be a form of a heinous crime that has never been ethically accepted and is punishable by law. Sexual violence— which includes verbal persecution that implies indecent invitation, an unsolicited venereal appetizer that may lead to sexual assault and abuse, and coercing someone through physical force, social pressure, or intimidation— is indeed a serious problem in many parts of the world that seem to be strongly rampant and is showing no signs of decline in the past decades. To bring the context together, this problem can be categorized as a form of a health crisis which affects men in general and women as their victim. 

The seemingly natural flow of an orgasm and the necessity for the sexual release can never be validated as acceptable grounds to allow anyone to conduct carnal acts to appease themselves. Based on the multi-country data from the World Health Organization, 0.3-12% of women had reported that they experienced sexual violence at the early puberty age of 15. But experts persistently doubt these figures as some resisting factors that hamper the reportage of personal experiences of some scared women present in the dataset. Beyond the average statistics, analysts believe that there are still some muted cases hiding beneath the fear of being publicly shamed, blamed, rejected, and retaliated. Sexual abuse is a silent crime that may be creeping unnoticed along with the neighborhood where you are living in. This must be taken seriously at all costs. 

What’s more terrifying than this? Well, there are some cases reported that sexual violence among women often ends in a hostile killing. According to the reports released by the United Nations, there are at least 87,000 women murdered in 2017, more than half of this number involved the woman’s intimate partner as the primary suspect. The saddest story is that it involves a sex assault. In the previous data disclosed by the United Nations, the age of victims is actually getting much younger. The cases of sexual violence had spiked to about 200 million women globally, where ages range from 15 to 19 years old. These unfortunate little ones have suffered from horrifying sexual abuse once in their life. Generally, people responsible for the abuse are their present partner or ex-partner, and only one percent of them have the courage to seek legal advice. 

Resorting to actions that may harm anyone would never be a tolerable reason for sexual release. If only these thirsty human being would open their eyes so wide, they would surely find that there are still some morally accepted, law-permitted, and effective ways to give themselves a satisfying blastoff without harming or hurting anybody. Are you already bored with masturbation? Well, why not try to get a sex doll and sleep with her whenever you feel the urge? Believe it or not, it’s going to take away all the worries you have in mind. They won’t fail you. You won’t be creating victims in your wake.

Explainer: Sex Dolls and Sexbots Are the Answer

Setting aside the business purposes, sex doll brothels operate not just for the source of money, but it also serves as the saving grace of many women out there from the grave danger of sexual assault. There are some brothels that offer Frigid Farrah or Roxxxy TrueCompanion to help men get through their fiery and aggressive sexual desires towards women. Frigid and Roxxxy are some of the few top-of-the-line sex dolls and sexbots that are being served to patrons who wish to engage in harsh sexual intercourse. According to the brilliant manufacturers who created these two advanced creations, the words “hyper-realistic” is no longer enough to describe its capacity and capabilities. 

On the reports published by Foundation for Responsible Robotics, researchers warned the world that sex robots are no longer a piece of scientific imagination as these entities are already here, meddling in other people’s lives. In point of fact, this type of technology is already being shipped worldwide while staying at the top of the global market. 

What’s with the sudden escalation of sales? It’s probably because of the primary factor found in the study published in 2016. According to the authors from the University of Duisburg-Essen, at least 40 percent of the 263 straight men they surveyed had voted “yes” to using sex dolls and sex robots to address their need for sexual release in aggressive carnal setup. In line with this increasing demand, a sex doll company in California has been shipping out at least 600 top-of-the-line sex dolls and sexbots per year worldwide.        

Frigid Farrah received very warm acclaim from patrons around the world because of its outstanding personality, which is a combination of being submissive and arousing as it can actually interpret your action and respond to it in the naughtiest way possible. See? These high-tech inventions resemble the girl of your dreams who can both be your companion in life and a sex buddy. These features are something you can’t easily find nowadays. It’s surely worth the price you paid. 

What is the Role of Sex Dolls in Combating the Growing Number of Sex Abuse Amongst Women

The Figures

Sexual assault penetration and other related illegal acts are serious crimes spreading across the globe. Security departments of different countries are losing their hopes that their legal countermeasures would no longer eradicate this crime while their people also lose control over their sexual urges. Nonetheless, some countries have seen light for this drama when they found out that pornographic materials and sex toys, including sex dolls, are actually a great help to combat the escalating cases of sex assault. 

“More porn, less r*pe” — that is what some countries currently consider in addressing the issue in sexual assault penetration cases. According to the survey results sent out by the US Justice Department, since 1995 when the internet had arrived at the scene and provided everyone with access to pornos, the US sex assault rate dripped down to at least 44 percent. From this numerical value, it can be concluded that anti-porn activists are quite wrong in stating that pornos persuade people to do sexual violence. It more-likely seems to be a haven for safe, protected, and morally-accepted sex drive with no abused woman becoming victims. With the help of these materials, they can actually get themselves through. However, the Joes’ fantasies were still growing as years went by, to the extent that pornos became insufficient to suppress people from resorting to sexual assault for their dark fantasies. Does it sound a new problem? No, sex dolls then came into the scene and saved the world. 

The Psychology’s View on the Utilization of Sex Dolls and Sexbots

A quantitative study that involved licensed physicians and sex therapists was published, giving new hope to the rampant spread of sexual assault penetration cases in the whole world. Based on the results, almost half of the participants or about 45% voted that sex dolls and sexbots are a good instrument that can be employed as a form of therapy. More than that, researchers have also seen that sex dolls and sexbots entail a positive impact on the sexual well-being of everyone. As the employment of sex dolls for sexual urges is considered, the possibility of getting in touch with unlawful sexual assault also cascaded as a direct effect. 

In 2018, the rate of reported sexual assault cases sustained a ratio of 30.9 per 100,000 dwellers. This figure is 10.3% lower than the 41.2 cases per 100,000 people recorded in 1990 when sex dolls, sexbots, and other materials were not available yet for commercial use. 

Now that sex dolls, sexbots, and pornos are widely available, don’t miss this out. Women aren’t toys or possessions, so never stop your respect for them. If you’re having a hard time negotiating your dark sexual fantasies, you have the freedom to use these creations. Stop sexual violence. Respect woman. 

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