The Rise of Robot Sex Dolls in the UK

The Rise of Robot Sex Dolls in the UK

The sex doll industry is starting to become mainstream across many countries. Once hidden from the eyes of judgemental people, sex toys and sex doll stores are now openly available for people who are looking for things to satisfy their cravings for sex. In addition, sex dolls were once made out of inflatable plastics that give only a little sexual gratification. However, advancements in technology allowed sex dolls to become more human-like and even talk like humans. Some sex doll owners even say that having sex with a doll feels like having sex with a human. 

The very first sex doll brothel in the UK was opened earlier this year. One the other hand, one in Italy shut down its operation. The growing phenomenon of these silicone dolls bugged the minds of many. But what exactly are robot sex dolls and why are they very popular with men?

Sex Robots Defined 

Robots are already integrated into the daily manufacturing industry. They are already used to build cars, clean houses, and even prepare food. But with the constant advancements in our technology, manufacturers were able to create human-like, moving dolls that men can use for “private fun.”

These human-like dolls are called sex robots. They are hyper-realistic dolls equipped with a sophisticated ability to move, closely copying the way humans do. Some sex robots are even integrated with built-in heaters to resemble the feeling of body warmth.

Moreover, robot sex dolls also have sensors that react when they are touched by their owners.

One robot company is even developing a head that can speak, sing, and smile for its robot sex dolls. Furthermore, a sex robot named Harmony is the very first robot sex doll that can offer an emotional connection. 

According to experts, specialized robots like sex robots will begin to appear in people’s homes in the next decade as a companion for lonely humans who are looking for love. 

Samantha the Sex Robot

Samantha is a hyper-realistic sex doll who is planned o be released in the sex doll market. The designer of the love machine Samantha, Sergi Santos said that the sex android is so erotic, causing some men to actually develop real feelings for her. 

The creators of Samantha claims that she can be seduced since they have integrated sensors into her face, breasts, hands, and her female genital. For this reason, Samantha requires a more subtle approach compared to the other dolls that were made before her. Creators even said that Samantha has a moral code, allowing her to spot nice people. 

Paris, UK’s Sex Doll Brothel and the Replacement of Women with Blow-Up Dolls 

In February 2018, a sex doll brothel was established in Paris for men who prefer having sex with plastics instead of real women. The brothel has a number of rooms where customers can acquire the service of a silicone doll rather than a prostitute. 

The said brothel in Paris was opened after the very first sex doll brothel in the UK was put up. In the latter, customers were offered a try before you buy-service so they can experience what it feels to have a sex doll and encourage them to buy one. 

On the other hand, the first sex robot brothel in Italy was shut down by the police in September 2018. The said brothel was only able to operate for no more than two weeks. 

The Cost of a Robot Sex Doll

A single-sex robot, when customized based on the customer’s preferences, can cost tens of thousands of pounds. Still, much cheaper models can be bought in the market. And while technological advancements develop further, the price of sex dolls are expected to decrease significantly. 

Some People are Marrying Sex Dolls

RealDoll, a sex doll company that manufactures human-like sex robots, the lives of lonely men are actually saved by sex dolls when they get married. Although a company spokesperson noted that sexual purposes are still the most popular use of these dolls. 

Still, the company said that its customers buy sex dolls for different reasons. And while most of them enjoy the dolls for sexual gratification, some see the dolls as a domestic partner or a work of art enjoyed solely for their beauty.

RealDoll had customers who married their dolls, saying that the doll saved them from loneliness when they felt as if they had nothing to live for when their partner died or their relationship with a woman ended. 

Moreover, Rebekah Rousi, a robotics psychologist noted that people have to consider whether the robots will have their own sexual desires and what will trigger these desires. He added that if the goal is to create robots who can think and feel independently, the chances of maintaining relationships between humans and robots will be quite marginal. 

One study also found out that if robots are programmed to see sex as something beneficial, then they could seek out for sex themselves without their owners knowing, thus in a sense, could be considered as cheating.

Sex Robots Doing Chores

Chinese sex doll manufacturers have already created a robot that does not only respond to your jokes, but the robot can also even wash your dishes. Powered by artificial intelligence, the robot can also function as a sex doll. This latest robot is manufactured by EXDOLL, a firm based in Dalian, China. According to the company, the robot was designed to function like Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa, or Apple’s smart speaker Siri. 

The sex robot is equipped with built-in microphones so they could listen to what the owner says The microphone is also used so the robot will be able to identify when its owner is joking, prompting laughter as its response. 

Having the robot to perform household chores, like turning the dishwasher on, is also another goal of its manufacturer. Still, the creators emphasized that the robot’s main use is to provide physical comfort to its owners.

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