Slade Fiero on How He Became a Sex Doll Repairman

Slade Fiero on How He Became a Sex Doll Repairman

Slade Fiero, a former professional repairman of sex dolls said that he fixed more than 100 expensive sex aids throughout his 10-year career. Fiero also claimed that overuse is not the reason for sex dolls to break. Rather, the reason is bad storage. 

Fiero explained that if an owner takes good care of his sex doll, the sex doll will last long even with regular use. However, improper storage of the sex doll can acquire pressure creases, which, in the long run, will become big tears and irreparable rips. Areas, where most of the damage occurs, are on the moving joints such as under the arms, at the crotch, behind the knees, as well as the elbow armpit. He also added that not every repair is as easy as using some latex glue or replacing the part that was damaged.

According to Fiero, there were times when he was sent with overly damaged dolls– too damaged that he refused to repair the customer’s doll again after repairing it once. He also recalled that he had a sexually violent customer who purposefully ripped the left leg off of his sex doll. He also added that he thinks that his sexually violent customer is not worth any respect as he treats real women like how he treated his sex doll. 

But that is not the only doll that was badly treated when brought to Fiero. He also noted that he have seen a lot of dolls that are badly treated and not properly taken care of. 

The Beginning of Fiero’s Professional Doll Repair

Fiero understands dealing with other people’s sexuality is an experience that many people want to try, including himself. Having respect is important even to sex dolls, especially because these dolls represent women. 

Fiero has now retired repairing sex dolls. But he started his career as a repairman when he searched for a realistic mannequin that he can elaborately dress. His search led him to RealDolls where he was offered with silicone dolls with boobs and vagina.

The now-retired repairman bought a secondhand sex doll on eBay. He then contacted the US company so he could get a repair kit. That moment was when he started having a good work relationship with the company. Fiero had extensive anatomical experience as he worked along with a pathologist pal at a local morgue. For this reason, the doll surgery that he posted on his website SladesWorld looked extremely realistic.

How Fiero Was Able to Do Human-Like Surgery to a Doll

According to Fiero, he had a friend who worked at the County Coroner. This allowed him to participate in several autopsies, which led him to cut his first-ever doll as if he was doing surgery to a person. The doll that Fiero used had a broken head because the company that created it used brittle materials as an attachment. Fiero took a video of himself attaching the head back and posted it on his website. He used a lot of surgical tools around the sex doll’s head to add a more realistic look– as if he was really doing surgery to a human. 

Slade Fiero on How He Became a Sex Doll Repairman

Due to Fiero’s past experience in a morgue, his photo became very famous online. Apart from that, he was also featured in Hustler magazine way back in 2006. This popularity led him to think that he must be someone who fixes and finishes out parts of sex dolls owned by other people. 

Fiero is not afraid of any body fluids left inside the sex dolls he repair. His past job involved cutting open an actual human body and sticking his hands into its insides. His mindset is that a little number of bacteria left over his hands can be removed with soap and water.

Furthermore, Fiero put the doll up on eBay with good as new quality when he needed some cash to fund a painting. This allowed him to get the amount of money he needed. 

Over the time that Fiero had the doll in his care, he was able to establish a good relationship with RealDolls. There was even a time when a customer contacted the company, wanting to sell his doll back, and RealDolls gave Fiero’s contact number instead because they do not accept returns. 

The Rise of

Fiero started to put up his own website called Not long enough, he started receiving injured sex dolls for repair all over the U.S. He repaired them for a few hundred dollars each, depending on how injured the doll is. 

The now-retired repairman’s kit was pretty basic. It was composed of liquid silicone, vinyl strips, and a catalyst fluid. But if the doll is internally injured, he would cut it open with a knife and replace whatever hardware part has to be fixed. 

During the course of his career, Fiero never had a customer who asked him to alter a doll physically, like giving them a boob job or reduction for instance. All the sex dolls he repaired were wear and tear repairs. 

He also hints that a single sex doll could cost as much as a small car or a motorcycle. Fiero never did experience having an unhappy or hysterical customer but he had one client who brought him to Las Vegas twice just to fix his sex dolls.

Fiero never had any romantic issues with the women he dated, considering the type of job that he had. He also claimed that having a house full of sex dolls made him even more popular with ladies. 

Furthermore, Fiero said that a sex doll could weigh as much as a real woman. So, every time that he had to bring one from one place in his house to his repair office, it has to be transported using a chair with wheels. He was also asked by RealDolls to design the company’s very first sex doll, which he gladly did. However, he also admitted that the clientele for such is very limited.

According to Fiero, dolls serve a purpose. However, he does not think that sex dolls or robot is an ideal sexual partner and that nothing can or will ever replace a human touch.

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