Seven of the Most Popular Myths About Sex Dolls and the Truths Behind Them

Seven of the Most Popular Myths About Sex Dolls and the Truths Behind Them

Sex dolls have received various perceptions from the public ever since it was first made available for buying. Some do not accept the idea of sex dolls becoming mainstream in society. However, this factor did not stop these human-like dolls to continue proliferating in different countries. And thanks to the manufacturers, you can now customize your sex doll according to the height, hair, eyes and skin color, boob size, and body size you desire. Despite several backlashes, sex dolls continue to conquer the world of sex and a lot of men are buying their own. There are now even sex doll brothels where one can rent a room and a sex doll for their own sexual gratification.

Along with the popularity of sex dolls are some myths about them and below are some of the most popular ones.

Myth 1: There Are Only Female Sex Dolls

True enough, sex dolls started out only with female models. However, it was not long until this fact was challenged by creative manufacturers in the sex doll manufacturing industry. Nowadays, you can already find sex dolls with different genders along with female ones. And although they are not that popular yet, male sex dolls have already been making massive waves in the market. In addition, you can also now find lesbian and gay sex dolls for people who want to fulfill their sexual fantasies.

Myth 2: Sex Dolls Are Only For Single People

This myth is partly true as there are virgins who prefer to have sex with sex dolls first before they do it with actual people. But then, this factor is not enough to assume that sex dolls are only meant to be used by single people. In fact, there are now couples who use sex dolls and some sex toys to spice up their relationship inside the bedroom. The reason for this is that sex dolls and sex toys have the ability to improve one’s sexual drive. For this reason, couples are now having more interest in owning a sex doll than ever before. 

However, it is important to note that communication between couples is important in order to make such an arrangement work. 

Myth 3. Sex Dolls Will Prevent Good Relationships From Coming

This myth is actually quite the opposite of the fact. 

It is already a universal knowledge that sexual frustration is one of the causes of failed relationships. In addition, there are some couples who fail to explore each other’s sexual paths, causing them to end their relationship in the long run. What they do not know is that sex dolls can help them solve their dilemma in more ways than one.

For example, sex dolls allow couples to explore each other’s fantasies. This way, they will know the things that they should and should not keep on their sex life. In addition, sex dolls can also give you knowledge about the things about sex that you are still starting to discover, so you can communicate it better to your partner for a long relationship with sexual satisfaction. 

Myth 4: Sex Dolls Can Become Addictive

This myth is quite the truth for some people. There are some sex doll owners who love their dolls too much that they prefer them over real humans. 

Additionally, sex doll manufacturers have done an extensive and innovative job of making sex dolls look as human-like as they can be. They also make sure that the sex dolls they produce can give their customers a high level of sexual gratification whenever they use the units. 

Seven of the Most Popular Myths About Sex Dolls and the Truths Behind Them

However, one thing worth noting for sex doll users is that these dolls can never be a substitute for a real human. While sex dolls can give sexual satisfaction, they still cannot give the same feeling the humans can. Thus, there is only a very minimal chance for you to get addicted to it. It is also recommended fo sex doll owners to exercise caution whenever they use the doll id they do not want to get too comfortable with using it.

Myth 5: One Can Only Buy Sex Dolls in Sex Shops

It is very common for people to become shy when buying their very first sex doll because they find it embarrassing to walk into a shop and make a purchase.

But there are now more options in purchasing sex dolls at your disposal. There are now online shops that allow customers to order sex dolls seamlessly. They offer an extensive catalog where customers can look for the sex doll they prefer. On top of that, they can also get in touch with manufacturers if they want to have their sex dolls customized according to their preferences.

To make the deal more appealing, you can choose to have the doll delivered in inconspicuous packaging. This way, your neighbors will not have a hunch of what the package is once they see it delivered to your doorstep. 

Myth 6: Buying A Sex Doll is Expensive

This myth is influenced by the different news about sex dolls that you can find on the internet. While it is true that sex dolls can be expensive, note that the ones with high prices, like the ones you see in blog articles are high-end models used to attract the attention of potential customers.

Seven of the Most Popular Myths About Sex Dolls and the Truths Behind Them

Sex dolls are like cars, clothes, and phones. They come at different prices depending on the manufacturer as well as the model. Meaning, it is possible for you to find a sex doll that would suit both of your budget and preference.

Myth 7: People Who Use Sex Dolls are Sex-crazed

Saying that sex dolls are for sex-crazed people is like saying that those who engage in sex are sex-crazed. Needless to say, this myth is far from being true. 

It was found out that most people who want to buy sex dolls cannot do so because they are afraid to be labeled as sex-crazed. But as mentioned earlier, there are virgins who sex dolls a lot, so it is safe to say that you are not sex-crazed once you decide to buy a sex doll. In fact, there are also some people who live alone and buy sex dolls as a companion.

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