How You Can Introduce Your Sex Doll to Your Girlfriend

How You Can Introduce Your Sex Doll to Your Girlfriend

It is quite difficult to make your girlfriend like sex dolls. Despite the fact that sex dolls carry a lot of benefits with them, they are also a subject that must be cautiously talked about. And while it can be tricky to have your girlfriend accept sex dolls, following the right steps would help you make the talk smooth and easy. 

The perception of sex dolls differ from one person to another. Some people accept them, others become awkward when talking about them, while others do not  accept the idea of sex dolls becoming mainstream in society. For this reason, you need to be very cautious when you are introducing a sex doll to your loved one. 

To help you introduce your sex doll properly, below are some effective steps that you can follow: 

Make Sure to Select the Right Timing

Choosing the perfect timing when introducing your sex doll to your girlfriend for the first time is definitely a must. There is really no fixed time that you can consider as the right time. However, it is important that you pick the time when you think that the idea of having a sex doll can be absorbed and accepted by your girlfriend. Surely, you would not want to do it on the first few dates as it can turn off the woman you are dating. But it is also worth noting that you should not wait for a long time before introducing your sex doll to your girlfriend. This is because having a sex doll is not something that you should hide from her. 

How You Can Introduce Your Sex Doll to Your Girlfriend

After getting to know her for some time or after a few sex sessions, and  when you know that you have already gained her trust inside and outside the bedroom, then you can already try opening up the topic to her.

Break the Ice

Once yoou have already chosen the perfect time, the next step to introducing your sex doll to your girlfriend is to break the ice. You can do this by having some sense of humor about the topic. You cannot just go ahead and blurt out to your girlfriend that you own a sex doll as it might shock her. Instead, you can start a decent conversation about sex and open up the topic once you are both comfortable. 

Going straight to the point and telling her directly about your sex doll can possibly put her off. It is also important that you do not tense when she gets shocked about your confession as it will only add up to the heat of the moment. In addition, do not rush your girlfriend to see your sex doll unless she asks about it.

Do Not Be Creepy and Weird

Having a sex doll is never a bad thing especially if you are a cool guy. However, the problem arises when you begin to become weird and creepy and talk about your sex doll at all times even when your girlfriend shows that she is not interested. 

If your girlfriend asks questions about your sex doll, give her short replies. Lingering too long on the topic will make you look like a freak and creep. In addition, always make sure that your girlfriend is having fun about the conversation. 

Also, be confident when you are telling things about your sex doll, so it will not be hard for your girlfriend to like it.

Give Your Girlfriend Reassurance

You need to have a good reason when your girlfriend asks you why you have a sex doll. Of course, having a sex doll means that you want to have sex. However, such a reason might not be enough for your girlfriend. 

How You Can Introduce Your Sex Doll to Your Girlfriend

It is also important to reassure your girlfriend so that she will not feel threatened. When she asks you your reason for having a sex doll, remember to not use strange reasons and be as realistic as possible. You can tell her that you are always busy and you needed something more than a handjob to let off some steam. Your girlfriend may take some time but she will eventually accept it.

Do Not Pressure Her to Like Your Sex Doll Immediately

Never pressure your girlfriend to immediately like your sex doll the moment you introduce it to her. One great way to avoid pressuring her is by making fun of the topic of sex dolls. Also, overthinking the whole situation will not do any good. Instead, it can even result in a more awkward moment when you finally confess about having a sex doll. 

A lot of people are now already using sex dolls and sex toys. So, you do not have to overthink it. Once you have opened the sex doll topic to your girlfriend, explain your side and then move on. Being casual will help you make your girlfriend understand you better and she will eventually accept the fact that you own a sex doll. In addition, remember that everyone has something weird about them, so you are completely normal.

Introduce Your Collection to Her

Now here comes the hard part because you are going to show your girlfriend something that she has not seen before. It is important to wait until she willingly asks you to show her your sex doll. If she has not asked you yet, then do not push her to do so. But the moment she asks for it, then you have no other choice but to show it to her. 

How You Can Introduce Your Sex Doll to Your Girlfriend

Shop For Sex Dolls With Her

When she finally met and accepted your doll, you can now ask her if she wants to help you in customizing your sex doll. However, it is important to note that you have to respect whether or not she agrees with you. If she does, you can let her choose the clothes and accessories for your sex doll. You can also take advantage of this situation. Take note of the things that she chooses as those might be her favorites and then buy her with better ones.

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