A Sneak Peek Inside Dummy: The Show About a Popular Hollywood Boyfriend’s Sex Doll

A Sneak Peek Inside Dummy: The Show About a Popular Hollywood Boyfriend’s Sex Doll

Dummy is about a writer who’s boyfriend owns a sex doll. During the course of their relationship, the woman thinks of the doll as an actual person who is better than her and who makes her jealous all the time. And because her boyfriend already has a sex doll he could have sex with, the woman thought that there is nothing her boyfriend would need her for. 

Cody Heller met Dan Harmon, the outre creator of the two television shows namely Rick and Morty and Community. Heller and Harmon made a pact that this time would be different. Committed to the idea of total honesty, especially when it is about sex, the new couple watched and critiqued porn together. They also shared with each other their deepest and darkest sexual kinks, causing Heller to know that Dan owns a sex doll– aq doll she never knew she could give life to.  

Being an open-minded and sexually curious individual, Heller brushed off her shock about what she found out. But despite his fact, Heller is still haunted by the thought of the doll. While Dan thinks of the doll as an object, she thinks of it as a person. In some days, she finds herself applying a personality to the sex doll, humanizing it, and worse, feeling jealous of it. Heller asked herself whether she lives up to the doll and even compared who is prettier among them. She became very obsessed with the doll that it took up a lot of her mental space. 

A Sneak Peek Inside Dummy: The Show About a Popular Hollywood Boyfriend’s Sex Doll

One day, Heller noticed some sprinkling of glitters on Dan’s shirt. Asking him where the glitters came from, she found out that it was from the sex doll. For this reason, another batch of questions filled Heller’s mind. She suspected that Dan sleeps with the doll beside him, causing her to question herself about what she has to offer. Heller idolized Dan at the beginning of their relationship. He was more successful compared to her and having a sex doll means that Dan does not need her for sex. For this reason, Heller wondered whether she was smart enough or good enough to be his partner.

The Beginning of Dummy

Heller’s haywire of emotions provided her an idea– a spec script where the doll can talk. She befriended Dan’s doll and it eventually became her conscience, confidante, as well as writing partner. According to Heller, the doll was the voice in her head that tells her she is not good enough. 

Heller ended up digging the script she has written thoroughly. After that, she presented the finalized script to Dan, who loved the outcome of it and was so supportive of her. She also said that Dan eventually got rid of the doll when the two of them started living together. 

A Sneak Peek Inside Dummy: The Show About a Popular Hollywood Boyfriend’s Sex Doll

The couple received a go signal from Quibi, the $2 billion quick bites video app that shows content in 10-minute bursts. Now, the next step is to find the perfect actors to play the role of Cody and Dan in the show that they titled Dummy. Anna Kendrick, a star on both stage and screen, who also won the Oscars showed interest in the script. The actor then had a dinner meeting with Heller. Their four hours and a half meeting became an exchange of meaningful thoughts about the script and how they could make it better. The dinner turned out more than fine, with Kendrick not only bringing the character to life but also becoming the project’s producing partner. Now the only characters they need to find are Dan and someone who would voice the doll. Donal Logue became “Dan,” Meredith Hagner became the voice of the sex doll, while Rob Corddry, Joel McHale, and Chris Parnell played the role of three douchey Hollywood agents. 

Heller decided that she wants Donal Logue to play the role of Dan when one night, she dozed off while watching Law & Order: SUV. She suddenly woke up from her sleep in the middle of the night and saw Donal on the TV screen since he was a part of SUV. Right there and then, Heller knew that he was the one that she was looking for. 

The Making of the Show

Dummy explored the life of a young woman who is coming to terms with her very own personal and professional insecurities. For this reason, Heller made sure that most of her department heads on set were women. This includes Tricia Brock, the director, Catherine Goldschmidt, the cinematographer, Beauchamp Fontaine, the production designer, and Mandy Hoffman, the composer.

In addition, the sex dolls provided a lot of entertainment on their set. Heller said that it was fun to make the show and have meetings where they make fun of their silicone vagina props. She even emphasized that the shoot was the best 18 days of her life.

A Sneak Peek Inside Dummy: The Show About a Popular Hollywood Boyfriend’s Sex Doll

The show premiered on April 20 and it begs the question of why the real-life Dan Harmon has a sex doll and what happened to it. 

According to Heller, Dan has a mannequin leg but his pet dog chewed it up. So, during the shoot, they no longer have the mannequin leg that Dan liked, so Dan looked for a sex doll online and looked for one that they could use. In real life, Dan did not use the sex doll to do the act of sex. However, Heller fictionalized that part in the show to make it more dramatic and fun.

When dan and Heller got engaged and moved in together, Dan removed the sex doll out of their life. He had an assistant who he asked to bring the sex doll into a garbage dump and get rid of it. So now, the sex doll is somewhere in a garbage dump inside its coffin box. And Hellen said that although she had never seen the sex doll, a part of her is still going to mis it.

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