CBS Soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” to Use a Blowup Sex Doll on Upcoming Sex Scenes

CBS Soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” to Use a Blowup Sex Doll on Upcoming Sex Scenes

The Bold and the Beautiful announced that they will be using a female blowup sex doll as well as actors’ significant others in shooting sex scenes in its comeback episode after the coronavirus pandemic forced them to delay the shoot in mid-March.

Notably, The Bold and the Beautiful is the first broadcast series in the US that will resume its production at Television City in Los Angeles. This quirky and imaginative moves will be done in order to abide by the state, county, and industry protocols for the coronavirus.

CBS Soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” to Use a Blowup Sex Doll on Upcoming Sex Scenes

According to Bradley Bell, the executive producer and head writer of the show, they started taking out all the romantic scenes when they were reviewing the script. As a result, the story felt flat. For this reason, they brainstormed and tried to think of a way to make the romantic scenes work without breaking the social distancing rule. That was when they thought of the doll that they used as a corpse years ago.

Bell added that they posed the doll and it looked very convincing. So, they decided that they will use the doll with hair and makeup as a replacement to some of their leading ladies during love scenes. Moreover, Bell said that the production only has one doll. But they intend to add more female sex dolls depending on how the shoot will turn out.

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Production Plans to Invest On More Dolls

Bell said that they are going to see how the blowup doll will work on the scenes. If it works good enough, they intend to invest in more female dolls as well as male dolls. As of now, they are searching for websites and are looking at Hollywood in order to find out what is available. 

The Bold and the Beautiful is popular for its daytime more racy scenes. According to Bell, they are planning to use the spouses of some actors in the show in order to create some scenes. He said that they had an idea that it will be a real problem if the cast of the show cannot touch and embrace each other in the scenes. For this reason, they reached out to some of the partners of the actors and requested them to be the body doubles during the kissing scenes. Some of the actors’ partners were interested. Bell also admitted that while they had stunt doubles before, it was the first time that they had kissing doubles.

CBS Soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” to Use a Blowup Sex Doll on Upcoming Sex Scenes

The kissing doubles will be tested to make sure that they are not COVID-19 carriers. The production will also make sure that the husband and wife are comfortable with kissing in front of the camera. Bell also added that there will be some very hot kissing scenes on the show. To make the kissing doubles appear like they are the real leading men or ladies, they will be using some camera tricks and editing. 

Members of the Show Had No Idea When the Shoot Will Resume When They Stopped Due to the Pandemic

According to Bell, the last time that they filmed for the show was on March 13. Back then, they thought that shooting for the show will only happen for a few weeks. Bell said that they had no idea that it will last for months. He was always in contact with the production team and cast, trying to come up with the plan on how they could resume the show’s filming amid the pandemic. 

Bell said that during their meetings, he was writing memos and saying that he thinks they could go back to filming on May 1, and then it was adjusted to May 15 and June 15. Finally, they were able to come up with a solid plan that will allow them to resume filming without reaching the lockdown protocols. 

The production team and cast for The Bold and the Beautiful are all taking the proper precautionary measures. They are also making sure that they are abiding by the guidelines given by the state, the county, as well as the industry union such as DGA and SAG-AFTRA. 

Bell said that they will have a limited number of individuals every time that there is a shoot. The team has also reconfigured its control booth. They have separated the directors, who are all set to sit six feet apart with a plexiglass partition between each of them. The lighting crew, on the other hand, were moved into an auxiliary room which also has plexiglass separating each of them.

The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Effect On the Film Industry

It seems as if the whole team of The Bold and the Beautiful thoroughly planned all the safety measures before they set a date to start filming again. 

The film industry was gravely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. While some industries can have their workers work from home, the film industry is different  They have no choice but to stop all the filmings and upcoming movies until the coronavirus pandemic is already over. 

CBS Soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” to Use a Blowup Sex Doll on Upcoming Sex Scenes

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, it caused havoc to films’ production schedules and many dominant franchises on the film industry. Fantastic Beasts 3, Jurassic World Dominion, The Matrix 4, The Batman, and Mission Impossible 7 were only some of the films that have been delayed or halted production because of the coronavirus pandemic.

It is not only the giant productions that are affected by this pandemic. Indie releases that are dependent to film festivals in order to become known by the public are also under a real threat. But despite the struggle that it is facing, Cannes is still yet to be canceled officially. However, with the lockdown implementations in France, it seems that it is only a matter of time before it is finally canceled. 

For this reason, it is vital to think of ways on how productions and filming can resume in the middle of this pandemic.

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