10 of the Most Popular Sex Doll Trends

10 of the Most Popular Sex Doll Trends

The technological advancements in the last couple of years allowed sex doll businesses to improve the pleasant experience of those who buy their dolls. In addition, the market made it possible for people who want to buy sex dolls to get high-quality ones without causing an arm and a leg. 

To sex doll businesses, satisfying the needs of their customers is more important. This is because more people can afford to purchase sex dolls, the more improvement there will be for the companies as well as the entire sex doll industry. In addition, the society is already more open to the idea of sex dolls as a viable pleasure tool. This gives a chance for manufacturers to refine sex dolls better. Through these improvements, they can bring more sexual gratification to customers. It also ensures that customers are getting what they paid for.

10 of the Most Popular Sex Doll Trends

Moreover, the continuous improvements of sex dolls through technological advancements paved the way for different trends in the sex doll industry. The once TPE blowup dolls are now very human-like. Some are even integrated with sensors to give them emotions.

Without further adieu, below are 10 of the top sex doll trends:

Voice Activation Feature

It is safe to say that a voice activation feature will be the first advancement that sex doll designers will integrate to sex dolls. This will happen when tactile technology becomes the norm. The voice activation feature will add an adaptable reaction during sex or during rough touching and penetration.

Tactile Sensors

Early sex robot prototypes have touch sensitivity features. Sex dolls with tactile sensors have the ability to feel. In addition, they have something that is similar to a human’s nervous system. Tactile sensors will be integrated into sex dolls in the near future. The sensors will be strapped all over the doll’s body, allowing it to react based on how and where its owner touches it. 

In addition, the sex doll will probably be more sensitive in private areas li0ke the breast, vagina, and anus. This technological integration will give sex doll users more sexual gratification. 

Design Improvements

Sex dolls began as classic blow-up dolls that you need to inflate whenever you will use them. This outdated design is still out in the market. However, there are plenty of more improved options that you can buy. 

There are now mid to high models, which manufacturers carefully created to replicate a female’s delicate features. Needless to say, they have done an amazing job doing it. Today’s sex dolls are impressively human-like although they still lack some details to make them more human. 

Improved Articulation 

Sex dolls are now at the point where they can hold poses realistically. Their metal skeletons are booth impressive and reliable. Still, there is a huge room for improvem0ents in order to make these metal skeletons as stiff as possible. 

10 of the Most Popular Sex Doll Trends


One common complaint from every sex doll owner is that the skeletons of mid-range sex dolls become loose after a couple of months. It would be very great if manufacturers would find a way to improve future models’ skeleton.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence

The sex doll industry is still very far from the point where they can consider modern sex dolls as fully functional sexual companion. It is far from being something that responds to stimuli. In addition, sex dolls cannot express themselves even in simple ways.

Fortunately, artificial intelligence is moving at a fast phase over the years that have passed. Sex doll manufacturers are now coming up with ways as to how they could add AI to the dolls. Once they have successfully innovated silicone dolls using AI, the final products would have more interactivity and efficiency.

Moreover, AI is the future of things to become more realistic. As sex robots and AI continue to improve, there is a great chance that new generation sex dolls will become more realistic than today.

Real-looking Skin

High-quality materials are a must in achieving the realistic look of sex dolls. Manufacturers use either silicone or TPE as the main material for the dolls’ skin. Either of the two is great options as they both can replicate a human’s skin pretty well. 

Modern sex dolls still have some quirks in the way how their skin should be maintained. For instance, there are some types of clothing that you cannot put on sex dolls because dyes can damage their skin. Additionally, sex dolls have disfigurement issues after being used for a long time. 

However, with continuous developments, such common problems not take place in future modern dolls.

Sex Dolls That Look Like Celebrities

Using the face of popular celebrities in making sex dolls seems to be a trend these days. For this reason, people who have celebrity crushes can now have sex dolls that look like their idols.


People have different tastes as well as definitions of “attractive.” Some people like Asians while some like African-Americans. But regardless of anyone’s preferences, sex doll manufacturers have now expanded their lines and created dolls with different ethnicities.

10 of the Most Popular Sex Doll Trends


Investing in sex dolls can be expensive. Of course, the better the model is, the higher the price would be. The option of mixing and matching the different sex doll parts helps in prolonging the value of the doll to its owners. You can buy a couple of accessories, integrate them into the doll, and then you are good to go for the coming years. 

Better Monetary Value

The continuous advancements in technology will make sex dolls more robust. As technology becomes better and better, the features of sex dolls will become better as well. For this reason, they will be able to bring more sexual gratification as well as pleasure.  

Moreover, the acceptance of sex dolls has been more open over the years. However, the industry itself is still very small. But as sex dolls continue to improve and develop, people will become more hooked to it and will get one for themselves.

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