Get Unlimited Health Benefits of Sex Even if You Are Single and Don’t Want to Do It

Get Unlimited Health Benefits of Sex Even if You Are Single and Don’t Want to Do It

“Sexually active people take fewer sick days,” says Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D., a sexual health expert. 

People are all about boosting their immune systems today. Yes, sex can help you boost your immune system along with other health benefits from it. It is not just about eating your greens, taking vitamins, and exercising. Steamy nights with someone or more than one  (Why not?) can be the way to a stronger immunity too. 

According to a study in the immunity of people, immunoglobulin A (IgA) is higher in sexually active people. IgA is the antibody that shields the body from illnesses. So, for those with active sex life, chances are, they will live a longer life. Sex can be a prescription for a longer life. Not to mention, it can be fun. Hitting two birds with one stone!

Get Unlimited Health Benefits of Sex Even if You Are Single and Don’t Want to Do It

Even so, how can you gain the benefits of sex if you do not have someone to do the deed with? Maybe you just do not want to be physically intimate with anyone right now. Maybe you just don’t want to deal with putting time and effort into finding a sex buddy or buddies, perhaps. Whatever your reason for abstaining sex, rest assured it will not kill you. But who says, not having a partner is a problem? No one.

The Benefits of Masturbation

Masturbation is the key. Although masturbation and sexual relationships are two different cases, both can give an orgasm, and sexual gratification. It may sound like a taboo topic for a handful of people, but do not fear, it is completely normal and healthy for a young individual such as yourself. Sexual intercourse alone brings bliss, calm, and excitement. It is proven to cause the body to produce happy hormones, dopamine. Having the right amount of happy hormones is beneficial to your health. It is found to be good for heart health and brain health. It helps you stay alert, motivated, and happy. You are definitely in for a treat!

Masturbation can help you manage chronic pains that add to your stress levels. The body releases endorphins during orgasm that are proven to contain painkilling properties. 

Sex Toys and their Role to One’s Sex Life

So, why are we really talking about masturbation and stressing its health benefits and properties? Well, it is because of the wide variety of available sex toys and dolls to spice up and elevate your special playtime. Sometimes, playtime can be too dull and mundane. It is just not as exciting as it was since you first discovered it. Maybe it is time to bring some fun and creativity. And again, another taboo topic is coming your way but do not worry, the use of the accessories during your alone times is normal. In fact, it will not bring any risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease or unwanted pregnancies. It is a safe way to scratch the itch!

Come to think of it, you will be able to experience intense pleasure, and feel a different and better kind of orgasm without the risks that sex comes with. It is also a good way to be connected with your sensuality. Get to know yourself when it comes to sex; know what you like and what you don’t like. Unleash your inner sex goddess even you are alone. Explore a whole new side of self-stimulation. No more lonely and mundane nights for you. Plus, masturbation is important for your overall sexual health. It is beneficial to your wellness too; to your mind and body. Allow yourself to experience this. Make it part of your self-care routine. 

Get Unlimited Health Benefits of Sex Even if You Are Single and Don’t Want to Do It

Finding the perfect toy for your playtime is easy. If you are someone who is not very confident in stepping inside a sex toy store. Don’t worry there are lots of sex toys and dolls to choose from online. You just have to pick the best one for you. But if you are someone who likes to examine things in the flesh, there are lots of sex stores out there! 

78 % of women currently use sex toys or have had used it in the past. A vibrator is the commonly used sex toy according to these women. While there is 22 % percent of men who own one and have had one. 

A vibrator is the most commonly used among women. Maybe because it is very compact and easy to hide. But if you are looking for something that is easy to store, that is not a problem. There are many sex toys with a discreet design and easy to hide. There is even a male simulator that is disguised as an egg. Smart right! A company called Crave makes wearable sex toys for the ladies. Not to mention, their designs are sleek and elegant. You would want to own one for wearing or for some fun. So, if you want a toy that is discreet looking, not a problem. 

Make your experience “too real”. If you are someone who is a visualizer. Someone who likes to see and feel. Maybe you want to fulfill a fantasy. A sex doll may be for you. Sex Doll Geniee is a company that manufactures realistic looking sex dolls. And when we say realistic, we really mean it. Sex Doll Genie makes dolls that smile, moan, talk, and even converse. Plus, you can 1customize your doll according to your preference. So, men, if you want the most realistic one, go for sex dolls. 

Get Unlimited Health Benefits of Sex Even if You Are Single and Don’t Want to Do It

What about the ladies who are into “real” too. Maybe you are thinking there are no male sex dolls. Well, we thought so too, but we are wrong. Sinthetics is the world’s first company that manufactured male sex dolls. It looks so real too that it takes 6 months to produce a doll. The company does not mass produce, every doll is made to order. If you are willing to wait, why not.

So, even if you are single and feeling “itchy”, you can still scratch it on your own. You can have fun and satisfy your needs by yourself. Especially now that we are in a pandemic. Boosting your immunity through masturbation is just another exciting way. Masturbate to keep the doctor away! Have fun, and stay healthy! 

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