Current Sex Doll Trends and the Future of Its Industry

Current Sex Doll Trends and the Future of its Industry

From Blow-up dolls, sex dolls evolved and became the human-like ones that we know today. They were once stuffed, clothed dolls, dull and inflated puffed up sex dolls, and now, they are the human-like silicone and TPE sex dolls. But, the development does not end there. In fact, the sex doll industry becomes more and more developed. The latest inventions are even pointing into the way of artificially intelligent sex dolls.

Current Sex Doll Trends and the Future of its Industry

In the future, sex dolls will have the artificial ability to feel and behave like a real human being. However, this does not mean that the silicone and TPE dolls that we know today will no longer exist in the future. Instead, they will get better and better because there will be more options for them. Meaning, sex doll owners can buy more than one doll, each having their own characteristics. 

The Future of the Sex Doll Industry

1. Artificially intelligent sex robots

In the future, sex dolls will come with artificial intelligence or AI. This is something that current sex dolls have never had so far. Future sex robots will have the ability to talk and hold conversations with their owners. In addition, they will be able to store the conversation in their artificial memories. So, it will be entirely possible to pick up a conversation with them from where you left off. 

2. Warm-up plugins

To make sex dolls feel more realistic, they will be integrated with plugins that will constantly warm them up. This is something that the sex dolls in the market do not have. Unlike future dolls that will have warm-up plugins, current sex dolls need to be warmed up before using them. But thanks to artificial intelligence, sex dolls or sex robots will always be warm like a real woman.

3. Artificial ways of connecting to their owners

Artificial intelligence will give sex dolls the artificial ways of connecting with their owners. For example, they will be able to learn all the habits of their owners in terms of sex as well as social life. In addition to this, your sex robot will be able to understand your body. They can record your favorite positions when having sex and remember how to turn you on. What is even more amazing is that you can make them remember what you want them to do to you during sex. This will make having sex with sex dolls feel like having sex with a real woman who knows and understands how you feel. 

Current Sex Doll Trends and the Future of its Industry

4. Sex robots will be able to show facial expressions

Sex robots will have the ability to show facial expressions. This will be made possible thanks to, again, artificial intelligence. Through the in-built AI, your sex doll will learn how to react to you in most instances. It will be able to put up a grin, a happy face, a smile, as well as other facial expressions. 

5. Sex robots will be expensive

Some information says that artificially intelligent sex robots will cost approximately $6,000. Truth to be told, all of them will range in dollars. Needless to say, sex robots will become quite an investment. 

However, the good thing about investing in sex robots is that you will not spend thousands of dollars for a single night. Instead, you will spend an investment that will last for a lifetime. So, buying a sex robot is technically a worthy investment.

6. Sex robots will be more robust in the future

The current sex dolls in the market are already durable. However, it is expected that they will become even more robust in the future. Considering the fact that they are almost as expensive as a car, they may also last long until you already lost your interest in them. But you do not have to worry about your sex doll losing their appeal to you. Their spare parts will also be available whenever you need them the most. 

How to Take Care of Your Sex Doll

Your sex doll will last for a very long time if you know how to properly take care of it. You need to note that sex dolls should not be posed or moved unnaturally. Sex dolls are made to only move up to a certain point. So, if you can no longer pose it to a particular position, then that means that they are never meant to be posted that way. Forcing your sex doll to pose like that will damage their skeleton or tear their silicone skin. 

Moreover, you should never try to fix your sex doll as if you are knowledgeable about fixing it. Dolls are usually made with internals that are similar to a real human skeleton. Its internal parts are connected with screws, nails, hooks, etc. In an instance that you felt something is loose on the inside, do not attempt to fix it yourself. Once you failed in playing a doctor on your sex doll, you will end up spoiling it entirely. If this happens, the warranty cover will no longer be used as it does not care for the damages caused by home repair for the doll. For this reason, it would be better if you will look for a professional repairman who could really fix your sex doll.

Moreover,  it is important to keep your doll in proper storage. The manufacturer of your sex doll will provide you with proper storage options. The best way to keep your doll in good shape is to invest in a premium quality cotton wrapper cloth. This will prevent your doll from accumulating dust when you are not using it. 

Current Sex Doll Trends and the Future of its Industry

In addition, you could look for a good storage box that has a soft inner lining. Such a box will protect the skin of your doll from any damage like dents and tears. There are also some storage boxes that have hooks. These hooks can be used to hang your doll properly away from too much dirt and light.

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